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I just got back from 3 weeks in Thailand traveling carry-on only. As a former overpacker, I’m still surprised at how easy it’s become to pack light. My secret weapon on this trip was Vacay Style’s 2-piece sets. Find out how I managed to travel carry-on only!


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Traveling Carry-on Only with Vacay



Even though I’ve spent an extensive amount of time in Thailand over the past few years, this time was particularly impressive to me because I felt that my capsule wardrobe was perfect.

I took eleven pieces of clothing on this trip, plus my pajamas and a jacket. I could’ve skipped the eleventh clothing item (a blue dress) but I’m still happy with the end result.

My trip was three weeks, including ten days in Bangkok and ten days in Koh Samui. My time in Bangkok included sightseeing and attending a casual business conference, while my time in Koh Samui included a three-night detox and lounging (working) by the beach.


The secret to traveling light is to create a functional but minimalist capsule wardrobe. Learn more in my guide!


Arriving to the Conrad Hotel in Bangkok in the St. Kitts 2-Piece Jumpsuit


The conference was held in the Conrad Hotel in Bangkok. (Tip: top hotels in Thailand cost a fraction of what they would in other parts of the world!)

My plan for the conference was to wear clothing that made me feel comfortable yet polished. In addition, I was also conscious that the air conditioner would be on full blast, so even if it was hot outside, it would be cold indoors.

I packed a jacket (outerwear), merino wool pullover from J Crew, a 100% cotton scarf, and my Superga sneakers to keep me warm indoors. I also used these items as my plane outfit so I could stay warm on the plane, too!


Use packing cubes to help you organize and even compress your belongings to maximize your space.


St. Martin 2-piece Wrap Dress


The most game-changing pieces I took were two 2-piece sets by Vacay Style. WOW. I can’t believe I’ve waited to long to get these items!

I have to be honest with you. I was hesitant to get these items because I wasn’t sure they would be the right fit for my trip. However, they were GENIUS. I don’t know why no one’s ever thought of items like these. They were fantastic!


St. Martin 2-piece Wrap Dress


Vacay Style offers 2-piece dresses, including 2-piece rompers, 2-piece playsuits, 2-piece maxi dress, and 2-piece knee-length dresses (including a skort style). They cleverly create the illusion of a dress or one-piece romper but they can also be worn as separates, making them incredibly versatile.


The great thing about Vacay Style is that their fabrics are spot on. The fabric is:


  • wrinkle-resistant
  • breathable
  • packable
  • light
  • comfortable


Their fabric ticks off so many boxes yet the clothing looks pretty! Their prints are beautiful, they’re available in perfect neutrals, and they have trendy designs, too.


St. Kitts 2-Piece Jumpsuit (Top)


They have several types of convertible pieces. What I like about this line is that they not only offer convertible dresses that can be worn strapless but they also have pieces you can wear with a bra.


While I can wear strapless pieces, I prefer clothes where I can wear a regular bra. Learn more!


St. Kitts 2-Piece Jumpsuit


St. Kitts 2-Piece Jumpsuit


The St. Kitts 2-piece Jumpsuit is one of Vacay’s two pieces that I took on my trip. At first, I was concerned about the woven fabric for the hot Thailand weather. Because the playsuit isn’t 100% cotton, rayon, or linen, I thought it might be too hot to wear in the heat.

It was the exact opposite – the playsuit was perfect! Not only is the print super cute, I loved the fit, too. The top is bra-friendly and has a (non-plunge) v-neck style.

This is navy instead of black, which is a great neutral for summer or hot weather trips instead of taking black. If you’re tired of wearing black, navy is the perfect alternative.


St. Kitts 2-Piece Jumpsuit (Bottom)


I couldn’t believe that the pants were so comfortable! When I saw them online, I thought they were going to roast my legs but I couldn’t have been more wrong.

When joggers were popular a few years ago, many styles were made in polyester fabrics, so while they were loose and seemed comfortable for hot, humid climates, they weren’t breathable. Because the St. Kitts fabric is featherlight like a crepe-type fabric, the clothing was incredibly comfortable to wear in the humidity.


St. Kitts 2-Piece Jumpsuit (Top)


This set was comfortable, classy, and felt so fresh. I even wore the pants to do yoga during my detox retreat in Koh Samui! I also got a lot of compliments at the conference. So many girls said they couldn’t even tell it was a 2-piece set.

Because I could also wear the items separately, in addition to wearing the top with a pair of versatile denim shorts, I was also able to pair it with the skirt from the St. Martin dress, shown below.

You can easily pair the print pants with a solid white or black top for more options.


St. Kitts 2-Piece Jumpsuit (Top) | St. Martin 2-piece Wrap Dress (Bottom)


One of the best parts of the clothing is that I was able to re-wear it several times without washing, even though the weather was hot. I wore the St. Kitts top with the denim shorts repeatedly in Koh Samui since it was a chilled out beach vibe.

I highly recommend this set for a tropical destination like Southeast Asia. If you’re not a fan of wearing shorts, these are perfect for hot destinations!


St. Kitts 2-Piece Jumpsuit (Top) | St. Martin 2-piece Wrap Dress (Bottom)


St Martin Navy 2-Piece Dress


I was lusting over this 2-piece dress forever but I didn’t order it because the fabric looked like it could be too thick and heavy. I’m kicking myself for waiting so long and not taking this on my anniversary trip to the Galapagos.

The St Martin 2-piece dress features faux wrap styling in a soft navy lightweight fabric. It has a flattering drape in the abdomen area. The back of the skirt features a clever ruching, which discreetly disguises any lumps and bumps we might feel conscious about. As a plus, it’s also double-lined.

It wasn’t too fitted, which I appreciated. I felt amazing!


St. Martin 2-piece Wrap Dress


The top includes a detachable tube top to wear underneath for extra coverage. However, I didn’t want to wear double fabric in the heat so I left the tube top at home and added a safety pin to the opening in the front as it was a bit too exposed for my comfort level without the pin.

The neckline of the top also features a lightweight gold detail, which makes it feel dressy, while the fabric feels like you’re wearing your favorite soft t-shirt.

I don’t think it’s meant to be worn backwards, and the neckline was a bit too high, but for an additional look I wore the top backwards so it looked like a basic sleeveless top. I paired it casually with the denim shorts on one day and with my jeans on another.


St. Martin 2-piece Wrap Dress (Top)


The conference had three evening events, so I wore the St Martin skirt for two of the nights! Because it’s a solid navy, it acts as a neutral easily mixing and matching with a variety of colors and prints. I just wore a different top for each event.

For the first night, I wore the matching St Martin top, while for the second night I wore it with the St. Kitts print top. I paired all the evening outfits with the same pair of nude heels, which I wore both nights. I felt great!

On the contrary, the conference itself was pretty casual so I just wore the same pair of jeans the entire time. Once I was in Koh Samui, I replaced the jeans with denim shorts.


Vacay Soft Stripe Caftan


Soft Stripe Caftan


As I shared with you in my honeymoon packing list, Vacay’s caftans are incredible! They’re light, airy, and comfortable to wear in the heat. You can place them over a bathing suit as a cover-up and you can also tuck them into shorts or trousers to use them as a top.



Because I traveled to Koh Samui to have a relaxing place to work for a week after the conference, the caftan was the ideal cover-up to lounge at the resort and work on the blog.


Vacay Soft Stripe Caftan


I loved these two 2-piece sets for my trip to Thailand, but they’d easily make ideal clothing items for a variety of other trips. The Santorini could even be a great New Years Eve outfit if you’re looking for a versatile yet dressy look.




This is definitely not the first time Vacay has been featured on the blog. Their clever 5-6 piece capsule wardrobes are genius, making it easy to pack for your vacation.

Don’t have time to plan a wardrobe? Just buy one of their pre-set collections and you’re good to go! (Or shop Travel Fashion Girl’s Minimalista Vacay Capsule)!

One of my favorite things about Vacay is their commitment to choosing only the best travel-friendly fabrics. This is absolutely essential for vacation wear.

As a bonus, they’re manufactured in San Francisco and offer free shipping and returns within the US. International customers get low, flat-rate shipping anywhere in the world!


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Do you have any tips on how to pack for 3 weeks in Thailand? Share and comment below!





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