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Wandering in the wilderness is absolute bliss—when you don’t have blis-ters!! Save your tootsies from pain and abrasions by preparing your feet with the best wool hiking socks as recommended by our intrepid TFG readers!


The Best Socks for Hiking

Written By: Laura Pulling



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Travel Girl Fashion help! A reader asks:


Any recommendations for the best summer hiking socks for a woman?


If you know that feeling of reaching the summit of a peak and seeing the expansive vista of lakes, forest, and ethereal landscape below, then like me, you probably love a satisfying hike! 

But a long hike, no matter how beautiful the views may be, can turn sour when your feet begin to complain of blisters and rubbing shoes. Even the best hiking boots in the world won’t save your tootsies if you haven’t got the right walking socks underneath! (Just like you can’t pull off the perfect dress without great underwear!) It’s all about the preparation, and socks shouldn’t be overlooked!

Hiking socks are designed to be cushioned in the right places, stopping the rubbing and helping to relieve pressure from all those hours of walking. Most often, they are made of merino wool for their great temperature regulation properties and sweat-wicking abilities too, meaning they are a winner, no matter the season.

Also, if you get a decent pair, they will last longer between washes. Realistically you can’t take eight pairs of thick wool hiker socks on a week-long hiking trip (that’s half of your backpack space already taken up!).


Here at TFG, our readers have offered their hiking wisdom and sharing their best wool socks picks for a trek in the great outdoors!



Best Moisture Wicking Socks for Hiking




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Darn Tough Hiking Socks


When we asked our readers about the best women’s hiking socks, one brand stood out and it was Darn Tough socks! As their pun-ny name suggests, they’re knitted to perfection, with durability to last as long as you do, and that’s backed by the “darn tough warranty” 

They’re made of merino wool and have thermoregulating properties to keep you hot or cool as you need, plus these socks are seamless for a smooth ‘forget-they-are-on’ feel.

Reviews rave about the quality of these Darn Tough hiker socks, which can seem pricey at over $20 for a pair, but for a trepid outdoorswoman, they seem to be worth it. One reviewer shares, “Honestly, these socks (so far) have outperformed all other brands I’ve tried. I’m very hard on socks, wearing them out in the heel in no time.” While another adds, “ They’re comfortable and so soft! The thickness doesn’t make my feet sweat at all and they’re perfect for wearing with my hiking boots. Worth the money and I’ll be buying more pairs.”

You can also get the Darn Tough socks Amazon sells as a low rise sock and as a no-show sock.




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YUEDGE Women’s Performance Hiking Socks


Another value multi-pack option is these rainbow-colored YUEDGE backpacking socks. These hiking socks for summer focus on support and structure; with support for your arch and padding in the toe and heel. They last all day and are breathable to keep your feet cool and dry. 

Reviews recount how these lightweight hiking socks hold up, even in harsh conditions. One hiker explains, “I bought these socks for a camping/hiking trip to Iceland to wear with my Merrell shoes. I ALWAYS get blisters and did not get one the entire trip which included over 50 miles of hiking. The socks held up even in wet weather and weren’t too thick making your feet overheat.”

Another shares,  “Awesome socks! Purchased these for a 10-day camping trip with a lot of hiking. Good thickness hugged my foot well and didn’t slip in my boot. I wear above ankle boots and the socks came up above the boot just enough. It was over 100 degrees out on hikes and I felt the moisture was well controlled in my boots. Bonus for fun colors!”




Shop: Amazon 


FEIDEER Multi-Pack Hiking Socks Women


For a low rise, quarter height ankle sock, try these vibrant ones from FEIDEER. Fully cushioned with a mesh ventilation, they have thicker toes and heels to ease the impact of a long day on the trails. They are moisture wicking and breathable too. 

One review shares “I wore these breathable socks for a 10-mile hike (plus hiking shoes). Normally, I get blisters on my toes or the back of my heel but these socks prevented all of that. Socks are snug but it helps prevent them from moving around in your shoes.”




Shop: AmazonBackcountry


Icebreaker Women’s Merino Wool Hiking Sock


Icebreaker is a TFG favorite for undergarments, so of course, readers also love their socks too. These womens hiking socks have a higher than normal percentage of merino wool and also have a reinforced heel and instep to cradle your foot during the longest of hikes. The fabric helps to regulate your temperature and wicks away the sweat if you get too warm. 

One review shares, “Purchased these for my daughter and she loves them. She has already requested more. I’m on my feet 8 to 10 hours a day, my feet love these and keep them dry.”




Shop: AmazonBackcountry 


SEALSKINZ 100% Waterproof Hiking Socks


If you’re trekking during turbulent weather conditions, or maybe in areas traversing streams and gullies, keeping your feet dry needs to be a priority for a comfortable hike. Even the best boots can’t keep out all of the moisture (unless they’re rubber Wellingtons—and they aren’t a hikers friend!) so grab a pair of water-resistant socks that can keep the moisture out too. 

SEALSKINZ socks are designed to be 100% waterproof, while remaining breathable and comfortable on warm wet days, making them the best wool socks for winter when there’s more moisture on the ground. They’re padded at the heel and toe with flat seams to protect you from chafing. The inner layer is merino wool lined with sweat-wicking technology to keep your feet cool and dry. 




Shop: Unbound Merino


Unbound Merino Merino Wool Moisture Wicking Socks


Ditch the aches and blisters during your hiking trip with these Unbound Merino’s merino wool hiking socks! These are ultra-light, have excellent odor control (good-bye stinky feet!), and dry quickly.

Added features include venting material for the top of your foot, and impact absorption, plus it doesn’t wrinkle, It’s antimicrobial too, so will stay clean for a while!

An elated user says, “I took three pairs of these socks on a ten day trip. They lasted me the whole trip! They never smelled and kept their shape perfectly. I’m throwing out my cotton socks!”




Shop: Amazon


Randy Sun Bamboo Hiking Socks


Randy Sun camping socks have a bamboo mix that’s perfect for hiking, fishing, and other outdoor activities. They have a great thickness and three-layer construction, which is still breathable and 100% waterproof, keeping feet from getting wet. 

People love these socks! One wearer explains, “I have already worn them hiking on a pretty hard mountain trail. They were so comfortable, no rubbing or bunching. I love the way they hug my feet, lots of support. Nice cushioning on the bottom.”


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EnerWear Women’s Merino Wool Hiking Socks


For a more budget option, try these EnerWear quick dry socks, they come in multi-pack bundles and are priced similarly to other socks that only sell one pair. They come in a range of colors and designs, made from a high-quality merino wool blend for 72-hour odor control. The footbed is cushioned with a reinforced heel and toe box and a seamless toe finish. 

Reviews are positive for these sweat-resistant socks, with users putting them through testing conditions. One shares, “I wore these on heavy rotation during a three-week cold-weather vacation. Even when my feet were sweating, they didn’t get cold. When I peeled the sweaty wet socks off at the end of long walking days, they didn’t even smell!” Another shares, “These socks are just the best. They keep my feet totally warm and dry. They don’t get stinky at all and they don’t shrink. Best of all, they’re oh-so-soft.”




Shop: Amazon 


Dickies Dritech Advanced Moisture Wicking Crew


For a little more warmth and coverage, these Dickies Dritech Advanced socks are longer and come up to your knee. They have a triple layer design, that keeps them waterproof but still breathable, for hikes of the toughest conditions. (but are also great for watersports, kayaking or extreme wear too!). The seamless fit has an elasticated ankle for extra support too.

Reviewers “highly recommend” these longest lasting socks, saying that they’re “worth the money”. One shares, “Worked like a charm. Spent a rainy weekend on a backcountry canoe trip. My feet were perfectly dry the whole time. And the best part? They didn’t get stinky after being in boots for eight hours per day!”

Though users say they take a while to dry, it may be worth having two pairs so you always have a dry set.




Shop: Amazon | Smartwool


Smartwool Hiking Socks


Smartwool is another brand highly rated by TFG readers, and these socks get you prepared for the trails in comfort. These Smart wool socks Amazon carries are lightly padded, but comfortable, with a flexible ankle zone and seamless toe area. Like other Smartwool products, it can be used for three or more days before changing to a new pair of socks and won’t smell!

Reviews agree that these socks, albeit pricey, are worth the cost for seasoned hikers, one shares, “If you are going to hike along a trail I recommend taking a few pairs of these. They’re comfortable, do a good job of reducing blisters, warm and don’t get smelly easily.” While another comments, “Smartwool socks are well worth the extra cost because they last longer and hold up in the wash. They keep feet cushioned, dry, cool, and have good arch support that helps if you struggle with plantar fasciitis.”


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Saucony Women’s Athletic Hiking Socks


The Saucony synthetic socks are a low rise athletic fit, that comes just higher than a sneaker would on your ankle. They have targeted cushioning for high impact areas and air mesh venting to keep your feet cool.

They’re an Amazon best seller for women’s athletic socks, so will benefit your wardrobe on non-trekking days too, with one review sharing “I bought these for a hiking trip because of the tab at the back. They do not slip down your foot at all are very soft and have great cushion. Very happy with them while hiking 7+ miles a day and still continue to wear them often.”




Shop: Amazon


Farm to Feet Lightweight Wool Socks


This 100% American brand prides itself on making the best walking socks. Made from US merino wool, these Farm to Feet beauties are odor and bacteria-resistant and have hidden nylon plaiting for comfortable compression and a perfect fit. The seamless lining is cushioned for impact reduction with each step and has rapid moisture absorption to keep your skin cool and dry. 

One Farm to Feet socks review reports, “I have been hiking in these socks for the past month getting ready to hike the AT. They are very comfortable, have lots of cushioning where it’s needed, with compression support on the calves, and NO BLISTERS. I hardly wash them and they do not stink after multiple uses. Definitely worth it!”


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Shop: Amazon 


DANISH ENDURANCE Merino Wool Hiking Boot Socks


Another highly recommended brand of best backpacking socks is Danish Endurance. These durable socks are made with merino wool for warmth in winter and keep cool in summer. The vented mesh is sweat-wicking and has spongy cushions and padded areas to stop any nasty blisters from spoiling your hike. 

Reviews sing praises for these pillow sole socks. With users rating them for both “durability and comfort,” and others sharing “These are the only socks I will buy from now on.” But be warned they do run larger than expected, so you might need to size down.




Shop: Amazon  


Bluemaple Copper Compression Socks for Hiking 


For high-performance compression hiking socks, look at these BlueMaple rainbow colored varieties. These socks are copper infused to pull the electricity from your body to relieve your pain’, they also have a mild compression effect to enhance blood flow. The breathable material keeps your feet dry and minimizes rubbing and blisters.

People rave about wearing them, not just for hiking, but for occupations where they are on their feet for long hours. One shares, “I was hesitant to buy because of the low, affordable price! I work in surgery and am on my feet for 8 hours! They help my legs SO much! I HIGHLY recommend these great socks! I’ve had now them for 6 months and the quality is the same as when I bought it!” While walkers share that they “won’t hike without them!”




Shop: Amazon


Thorlos Hiker Socks


Thorlos hiking socks are a brand recommended by TFG readers as the best socks for walking due to their light and breathable fit. Engineered for womens feet, they have a smaller heel pocket and comfort toe box with a low profile seam that won’t rub. The unique padding patterns are designed for light hiking and are clinically shown to reduce blisters and pressure.

There is nothing but praise for these Throlo walking socks, with one review even calling them “socks sent from heaven!” Another explains, “I have never experienced such comfort in a pair of socks! I ordered these spectacular socks to wear with my hiking boots in Afghanistan where I am deployed. I needed: cushioning, long-lasting support, high quality, odor, and moisture-absorbent socks, and these definitely fit all the criteria!”




Shop: Amazon 


Falke TK5 Wool Hiking Socks Womens


While $25 on a pair of socks might seem steep, these Falke hiking socks Amazon sells are highly rated. They have a light cushioned merino wool mix which gives cozy warmth for your trekking trip. The fast moisture-wicking action and the optimized shape ensure perfect temperature regulation and comfort. 

As well as being recommended by TFG readers, a reviewer shares, “Best socks for walking long distances and for a long time. They are light wool, which makes them breathable.”


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Shop: Amazon


Alvada Merino Wool Hiking Socks


Thick and SO cozy, the Alvada merino wool hiker socks are so comfortable! They have a cushioned footbed and a reinforced heel and toe to support your feet during your winter treks, plus they’re itch-free! These warm socks will give you total support and comfort during your trips, no matter the weather, and will last all season long!

A traveler shares, “I bought these for a multi-day backpacking trip. They performed very well! They didn’t slide down my leg at all, provided additional cushioning to my feet, and helped reduce foot fatigue.”



Hiking Socks Product Comparison Chart


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What do you think are the best wool hiking socks? Share in the comments below!


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