10 Step Packing Guide for Southeast Asia

I’m Going to South East Asia and Have No Idea What to Pack!?



This is a common packing question and we can help you by breaking it down in the following steps. Click on each of the below items to learn more about each one.


Step 1


When packing for Southeast Asia it’s important to keep in mind several factors:

  • Will you be visiting temples? You’ll need to cover your shoulders and knees.
  • Will you be traveling in rainy season? You’ll need to choose fabrics that can dry quickly.
  • Will you be climbing volcanos in Indonesia or trekking in Nepal? You’ll need the appropriate gear.

Begin by researching your trip, determining the weather, and deciding on the best travel gear. Read this packing ebook to help you create the perfect travel wardrobe for your trip.

Step 2


Once you’ve done a bit of panning read this ultimate packing guide to South East Asia. For the most part, packing for this region is relatively easy and your clothing will mostly consist of lightweight breathable clothing because the temperature tends to be hot year round.

Read this post on choosing the best fabrics to pack accordingly as well as these ideas to stay cool in the heat.

Use one of these Asia packing lists for clothing inspiration for your specific destination.

Step 3


You can find just about anything you need in Southeast Asia. Shopping in Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, and Singapore is particularly exceptional and you’ll find clothing and beauty products from home . With the exception of Indonesia, tampons are readily available but you may want to consider a menstrual cup for convenience.

Step 4


The majority of locals and travelers in this part of the world wear flip flops on an every day basis. You can buy them here for $1-$5.

In addition to these types of shoes you also want to bring comfortable sandals. I can’t stress this enough. It’s hot, your feet swell, and sweat and they do need to breathe. If traditional walking sandals aren’t your thing, these are currently popular travel shoes for travel in Southeast Asia.

If you plan on climbing or participating in adventure activities, bring a pair of trainers or appropriate outdoor shoes.

For more details, read this guide on choosing travel shoes.

Step 5


If it’s your first time traveling or you struggle with overpacking, review this packing course which shows you specific techniques to plan for an efficient and highly functional travel wardrobe for any trip. If you have a complicated itinerary or a trip with to varying weather, you might particularly benefit from reading the course.

Step 6


If you haven’t already purchased your luggage, take a look at the top recommendations for:

Read about how to choose luggage and the best travel backpack. If you’re not staying at a resort your whole trip a backpack is the suggested type of luggage for Southeast Asia due to broken pavement, sandy beaches, and less than functional sidewalks.

Step 7


One of the most important aspects about packing efficiently is using travel organizers. Watch this packing video to learn how to use packing cubes to maximize space and never check a bag again. These are the top 12 reasons why I preferpacking cubes to other organizers.

Step 8


For useful tips such as downsizing toiletries and choosing the best travel makeup, visit our Travel Beauty section. Choose weather-proof makeup or be prepared to go all natural.

Don’t pack full size toiletries as you can easily replenish as you go. The most common drug store brands include Nivea, Oil of Olay, Loreal, and Dove.

Indulge in the cheap massages and nail salons!

Step 9


Travelers in Southeast Asia have distinct wardrobe choices. Here are a few articles that will help set the tone:

Step 10

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