What to Wear in Paris E-Book

The first in a new series of Travel Fashion Girl destination travel guides that focus on packing tips for the everyday woman.

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Have you always dreamed of laying on the grass, staring up at the Eiffel Tower while feeling and looking on top of the world? It doesn’t have to be a dream!

Demystifying French fashion can be tricky for anyone – but when you’re trying to backpack it can be especially tricky preparing to walk the streets with some of the most stylish people in Europe.

Get the Scoop from Local Fashion Experts


Alex has interviewed both locals and expats to get first hand fashion advice from those who live and breathe Paris. If anyone knows the ins and outs of the perfect Parisian wardrobe it’s these ladies!

Learn the secrets that make Parisian women famous worldwide for their smoldering and sensual style – most importantly you will learn how to make it yours.

Don’t worry that you will feel like you’re playing dress up; one of their big secrets is comfort and fashion coming together to leave you feeling confident.

Accessories are Important but Should be Understated


Once you’ve got the building blocks down, you’ll begin to learn what accessories to pack, and which ones to leave for another vacation.

Learn tricks to look gorgeous instead of gaudy — a hint: big, bejewelled earrings are a no-no in Paris — feel feminine no matter which version of the packing lists you decide to go with.


What You Will Learn From This E-Book

    Determine the essentials for your trip using the Workbook prompts

    Discover how to dress like a Parisian woman.

    Learn exactly what shoes to pack for your trip to Paris.

    An explanation of European vs American carry-on options and recommendations.

    Follow these guidelines to determine what type of clothing you should pack for your trip and create your own capsule wardrobe

    Gain insider travel tips on transportation, accommodation deals, voltage requirements, safety, and more!

Get back to the fun planning of where you’d like to visit in Paris, not worrying about what to wear while you’re there!

The workbook style will help you step-by-step to plan out the right outfits for YOU, eliminating what won’t work for this trip and focusing on only the essential items.

Not sure you’re ready for an eBook all about packing for Paris? Don’t worry, this is lightweight reading, full of beautiful images that give you a visual picture and help you implement these tools right away.


Here’s a Sneak Peek

Packing List


This packing list is ideal during periods of transitional weather in Paris or when you’re traveling to both warm and cold countries on the same trip. Add one jacket and one additional layer if you’re going to a much colder destination in addition to Paris.

It’s not uncommon for women to wear thin black tights or stocking with their dresses or skirts in Paris or the rest of Europe. Add a pair to any of these packing lists if the forecast shows fluctuating weather.

Top Parisian Shoe Trends

Trends: Leather tan sandals + navy wedges + white Superga sneakers + black ankle boots + ballet flats black and ivory + tan brogues


The shoes above are similar options to the footwear trends that were most prevalent on the streets of Paris during my recent summer trip. Plan your clothing using the below packing list suggestions and then choose the best Parisian shoes inspired styles to complement your travel outfits. Remember, three pairs of shoes is the magic number to pack when it comes to travel!

What to Wear in Paris in Summer


Chloe says:

Weather: Summers in Paris can get very hot, but the weather is unpredictable and it can turn chilly. You will find the hottest time of the day is usually the mid to late afternoon.

Packing for Paris: For the cooler days in May and June, you’ll need a good pair of jeans in a darker shade, which you can wear tucked into your comfortable ankle booties. However, summer is also the time to make use of your wedge sandals, which will instantly transform your wardrobe into a summery one.

Safety Tips


Always be aware of your surroundings. Scan the area around you and occasionally watch your back and sides.

Don’t ever be afraid of insulting someone if you feel uncomfortable in a situation. If your gut winces then give the suspected person or people the dirtiest, meanest look you can conjure and walk away quickly.

Avoid appearing lost. Walk with a purpose. If you do get lost, walk into a well-lit area or preferably a shop or restaurant where you can review your map privately.

This 77 page book is easy to read but impossible to forget. Invest one hour in looking your best, and read this book now!

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