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There are many travel toiletry bags available but when you’re backpacking, staying at hostels, or opting for budget accommodation you may not have as much counter space as you would like.

Even if you’re staying at a five star resort you may prefer to keep your belongings all in one place for easy packing and re-packing.


Best Hanging Toiletry Bag for Women


The solution for backpackers and travelers that are constantly on the go are toiletry bags with a hook! You never have to worry about where to place your belongings and you can easily re-pack in a moment’s notice.



So, what’s the best hanging toiletry bag for women? Here are our top five picks!



TravellingLight Hanging Toiletry Bag


Sea to Summit


The Sea to Summit TravellingLight kit has zippered compartments at the top of the bag and has space near the bottom for bigger items.  It lies flat, depending on the size of the bulkier toiletries.

If you have a lot of toiletries in disposable wipe form, the zippered compartments are perfect for organizing your various products. Some travelers would probably say that this is the best hanging toiletry kit for women available.




AmazonBasics Hanging Toiletry Kit




The AmazonBasics hanging toiletry kit makes a great choice when packing for business trips, summer vacations, or out-of-town family holidays–or for dorm rooms or simply heading to the gym.

The slim toiletry kit offers ample space like with a large-size dopp kit, yet it folds flat, taking up about the same amount of space as a pair of jeans, perfect for space-saving placement in any suitcase or travel bag.




NeatPack Compact Toiletry Kit




This compact, lightweight bag simplifies travel by keeping toiletries organized & at your fingertips! Hang in your hotel room for fast access to personal items—no more rummaging to find what you need.

Hate having to scour through your suitcase to find your toothbrush or razor? Take the hassle out of travel with the Neatpack Toiletry Bag.




Personal Organizer Toiletry Bag


L.L. Bean


The L.L. Bean Personal Organizer Toiletry Bag,  is full of compartments not only for your toiletries, but other extras you might need for getting ready.  This bag is perfect for the traveler that needs more products to stay comfortable.

At the top of the bag is a removable mirror, which is useful when you’re putting makeup on.  With additional pockets on the outside and side of the bag, it allows you to keep your different toiletry needs organized through your whole adventure!




Hanging Toiletry Travel Bag


Household Essentials


Make traveling a little less chaotic with this Travel Companion. 10 see-through compartments let you store all your toiletry needs in one location without having to rifle through dark side pockets or cavernous single pocket totes. With small, medium, large, and long pockets, everything is easy to find!

Hang it in a garment bag (or on the towel bar) or fold it flat to stow easily in your suitcase. With a secure closure and easy-to-clean lining and pockets, you are always ready to go and to look your best. So keep it together and get going!



More Options:

Lewis and ClarkHanging Toiletry Kit


While these bags help minimize the bulk, remember to consolidate your toiletries into smaller containers so that it takes up less space. Multiuse items are an essential space saver! Read these travel beauty hacks for more details.

What do you think is the best hanging toiletry bag for women?  Please comment below!


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