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When I helped co-launch the New Pack Gear organizer, one of my readers asked how it worked with my packing cube system. My answer to this: it’s not supposed to. There are a variety of packing organizers out there but each one serves a different purpose. Not all travel types are the same and not all travelers have the same needs.

To find out which is the best luggage organizer for your next trip, take a look as I compare four!


How to Choose the Best Luggage Organizer




Pack Gear Organizer


Backpack and Suitcase Organizer


What: Portable closet for travel featuring four drawers and hanging hooks
Who: Backpackers (travel not hiking), tour group travel, road trippers, frequent flyers


The Pack Gear Organizer was originally meant for backpackers. The hooks and drawers help hostel hoppers make use of limited dorm room space by giving them the opportunity to conveniently hang their belongings on the hostel bed. It is no doubt the best luggage organizer for top loading backpacks. It also maximizes the awkward space making it easy to locate things without making a mess every time you need to find something.


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I saw the potential in this product not only to help backpackers, but to help frequent flyers too. The idea works just as well in a carry-on suitcase and it means that travelers can pack and unpack in seconds especially if they’re changing hotels every other night.

If you’re planning to take a group tour one thing to realize is that you will be whizzing through your destinations (and hotels) and will be so tired by the end of the day the last thing you want to think about is unpacking and repacking your luggage for the fifth time in one week. You’ll wish all you had was two outfits, one for every other day, to avoid having to carry a suitcase in and out of the tour bus every day.

The same idea can also apply road trippers that want easy access to their belongings in limited vehicle space. They can take their traveling closet anywhere they go as they cross the country.

With The Pack Gear organizer conveniently remove from your suitcase and hang in your hotel closet. Easy and simple plus it fits a 30L bag, which means: it fits a carry-on!


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If you’re an overpacker, I’d suggest you consider using the following option instead: packing cubes.




Compass Rose Compression Packing Cubes


Packing Cubes


What: Packing cubes help you organize and compress your clothing maximizing limited luggage space
Who: everyone (makes carry-on travel a breeze)


Packing cubes are fantastic for all types of travel especially if you overpack, want simple organization, and want to travel carry-on. This has been the best luggage organizer during my long term travels and helped me accomplish my goal to travel carry-on only.

Watch my tutorial on how to use them to make the most of limited space. Here are also some ideas on different ways to organize your clothing for trips of any length.

The best packing cubes are smaller ones such as this slim style because you can roll your clothing and squeeze items in. This doesn’t mean you could pack more it just means you can pack less cubes and fit more clothing in one. For bulky outerwear, you may want to consider the last option: compression sacks.


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And, if you don’t need to pack much clothing for a trip and find that you have a half empty packing cube, try the next organizer instead: a packing folder.




Dot&Dot Packing Folder


Packing Folder


What: Serves two purposes: organization and to avoid wrinkles
Who: Business travelers, weekend trips, and minimalist vacations.


packing folder is the best luggage organizer for people that appreciate the wrinkle-resistant benefits especially business travelers that use dressy and button up tops.

On one-four day trips in warm weather you may not need much clothing so a folder would work easily in a small bag. However, if you are in a colder climate then the packing cubes mentioned above may help you compress your clothing more efficiently.

For a beach vacation you may only need a selection of summer dresses and kaftans to lounge and relax by the sea. Usually these types of items are made in thin fabrics (recommended) so this won’t necessarily take up to much space in your bag anyway. You may not need to use packing cubes unless you find the need to compress your beachwear such denim shorts and maxi dresses.

For minimalist one-week trips in transitional seasons you might decide to save space by packing only one pair of bottoms such as jeans and taking a different top for each day of the week. This would easily fit into a folder, as you’d only have six tops in there at once.


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To minimize bulky travel gear, you’re better off choosing the compression sacks below.




Nelson-Rigg Compression Bag


Compression Sacks


What: Small pouches that zip tight to compress bulky items
Who: Adventure travelers, hikers, camping


Compression sacks are definitely not to be used on clothing you want wrinkle-free. They’re also called “stuff sacks” which is just that: stuffing as much stuff and squishing it to make it fit. Sort of like a space pouch (which isn’t mentioned in here because I haven’t found one that works well for regular size clothing. Maybe for underwear.)

Down jackets, socks, underwear, or sleeping bags would be idea in a compress sack. They tend to be light, just bulky.


As you can see from the comparison above, the best luggage organizer is based on your specific trip. Each travel experience varies and your packing should, too!

What do you think is the best luggage organizer? Share your packing strategy in the comments!

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