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The best travel pants for women don’t have to be bulky and boring. Find out the pair female travelers all over the world are raving about!


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Best Travel Pants for Women


Anatomie gave me a selection of their new travel clothing collection and I was able to create a variety of travel outfits. There was one item that stood out in particular: the Skyler. These are incredible travel pants! Women can finally have fashionable travel trousers!

  • I’ve worn them comfortably on long flights and transportation journeys with trainers and stylishly in big cities like London and Madrid with my beloved combat boots.
  • I used them in Thailand on the beach with my flip flops.
  • I played in the snow with them in the UK.
  • For the final stamp of approval, I paired them with heels for drinks with the girls in LA and they loved them.



When I first saw the Skylers, they looked like a pair of standard trousers; they didn’t stand out as anything special. I assessed them with other female travelers to gauge their opinion and it wasn’t until they saw their potential that I did, too. I gave them a chance and I’m so glad I did.

I finally found the best travel pants for women! I love them and I know you will, too. Keep reading to find out why!


10 Reasons These are the Best Travel Pants for Women



Skyler Slim Fit Travel Pants for Women




These women’s travel pants have a slim, classic cut making them a basic that you can wear anywhere. Although they are labeled as “skinny” fit, they have more of a slim fit and aren’t as tapered at the calves or ankles as your average skinny jean.

They have a high-quality, chic design so you can wear them for business and look professional, wear them in a European city without looking like a tourist, and even wear them in a village without having a sloppy appearance. As an added bonus, you still look classy even while trekking.



Car camping trip in Utah’s National Parks


Thin Fabric


Unlike my old convertible travel pants, these have ultra-thin fabric and take up a quarter of the space. It’s not sheer, though, and hides dimply skin imperfections that some light fabrics don’t hide. They’re feather light, which feels nice against your skin, too.

They’re the best travel pants for women who want to travel light in size and weight. They fit easily into a slim packing cube and hardly weigh anything at all.



 City travel in Madrid, Spain




They offer classic colors like black, gray, khaki, and navy that can work well with any color scheme. I particularly like the gray color because the fabric won’t look dirty even if you’ve worn the pants for seven days straight as I did when I went to remote Raja Ampat in Indonesia.

Having the ability to re-wear your clothing is key to packing light, and it’s one of the top reasons I consider these to be the very best travel pants.

They also have several vibrant blue hues if you prefer a brighter wardrobe. I enjoy having these pants in a neutral color to mix and match with everything.



Enjoying the English countryside




These pants totally rocked the comfort factor when I wore them on a plane and on long train rides in Europe. The fabric has an awesome amount of stretch which allows breathability and gives you plenty of room to move around with ease.

I didn’t look like I was going to the gym but felt like I could have worn them to work out if I wanted to. I love my denim, but I don’t like long transportation rides in them since skinny jeans aren’t very generous with blood circulation.

I’m big on wearing leggings or long dresses so I can sit a pretzel-like position or stretch out if I need to. I can totally stretch with the cozy Skylers!



 Making snow angels in the English winter




The ultimate test for a pair of travel pants is how they hold up in diverse weather conditions. As the UK froze (and I did, too) I was eager to get out and play in the snow! I made a snow man, went sledding, and even made snow angels all while wearing the Skyler trousers.

I thought I was going to be miserably cold and the snow would seep through the seams, but to my surprise, the fabric was hardly even damp! Even my under layer of thermal leggings stayed dry! Effective water resistant fabric is a MAJOR plus in my book.



 Unsuccessfully making snow angels in England two years later




There comes a time in every traveler’s journey where we need clothing that’s a bit more polished, whether we’re meeting important people, flying first class, or doing business. These are the best travel pants for women who need to look professional at a moment’s notice.

I’ve attended several trade shows with these trousers and also gave a presentation on packing carryon online while wearing them at the Women in Travel Summit in Chicago.



Showcasing my tips on packing light at WITS in Chicago


Length and Fit


I’m vertically challenged at 5’2” and have the worst time finding pants that fit me properly. Pants always fit my waist but are too baggy on my thighs or fit my thighs and hips and don’t zip up in the waist.

These pants not only fit my hips and thighs but they also fit perfectly in length with just a quick fold! The fabric stays in place so I don’t even feel the need to get them tailored. Please note that they’re actually two inches longer than they look on me because I’ve folded them in.



 Beach living in Koh Samui, Thailand


Quick Dry


I love testing out fabrics to see how they handle the woes of long-term travel. It takes forever to dry clothing in England because we don’t use a dryer and it is beyond cold inside the house.

Instead of drying the pants by the heaters like the rest of my clothes, I hung these up to dry over the shower door in the bathroom without heating. After a few hours they were dry (even before the clothing that was on the heater)!

In Thailand, it dried in about two seconds with the blaring November heat–impressive in both scenarios. As a bonus, the fabric always bounces right back to the original shape when washed without getting stretched out like other fabrics!

Read this post on Choosing the Best Fabrics for Travel!



 Airing them out while roughing it in Raja Ampat




To keep my travel wardrobe versatile, I opted against buying the genie-style harem pants many travelers wear when traveling to conservative areas, like the Middle East.

For my trip to Egypt, I decided to wear these travel pants instead, which not only helped me blend in with the locals and expats but ended up being extremely comfortable in the extreme 104°F heat. They even felt like like loungewear on days when I just chilled out and worked on the blog.



 rolled up as capris in Dahab, Egypt




When it comes down to it, every item in your travel wardrobe must be multi-use. It shouldn’t be all fashion and no function, especially when you have a long journey ahead.

I felt good wearing the Skylers in just about any setting, even with heels and a nice top for an evening out. I even turned them into casual capris by folding them up as shown above.

For these and so many other reasons, they continue to be the best travel pants for women, four years after I initially wrote this blog post!



 Paired with heels for drinks with the girls at home in LA


TFG recommends:


The Skyler travel pants from Anatomie are available in sizes XS-XL and are available in various colors. Because they’re top-of-the-line quality and you can wear them on the road, for work, and at home, they have a great cost-per-wear value.

I’m 5’2″, weigh 110lb and wear a size small or 4-6 in other clothing brands and fabrics with stretch. Their size small fits me very comfortably and is not too tight or too loose. Because of my height, I fold them in two inches, which is why the length fits well in the pictures.


Anatomie has a body type guide and a fit and style guide here: Anatomie Travel Clothes For Women!


Anatomie Also Offers More Travel Pants for Women


If slim fit pants aren’t your thing but you still want a quality pair of travel pants, Anatomie has a wide selection of trousers that you may like.


  • Paola: Straight leg pants with flared legs are known to be universally flattering on a majority of body types. Learn more about the Paola Travel Pants.
  • Tania: For those looking for travel attire for business, the Tania pant offer an elegant slack style that can take you from work to fun in no time. Learn more about the Tania Travel Pants.
  • Susan: Similar to the Skyler, these pants have a slim fit but are jazzed up with some dashes of flare, including zippers at the ankles and back pockets for a little flavor. Learn about the Susan Travel Pants.


You can browse their entire collection here or check out my ultimate guide to women’s travel pants.



Have you tried the best travel pants for women on your adventures around the world? Comment and share below!


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I received complimentary clothing from Anatomie but I genuinely think these are the best travel pants for women in the entire world! Don’t miss out!

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