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Wondering if you should pack in a pair of Sorels on your next trip? Find out why readers vote Sorel shoes for women as one of the best travel footwear brands, and take a look at their top picks!


Sorel Women’s Shoes Reviews



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Sorel shoes is well-known for producing reliable winter boots, but nowadays, their range of shoes offers plenty of function and style. In fact, Sorel is a must-pack for so many TFG readers due to their shoes being mostly waterproof, and their ankle boots, sandals, and sneakers are all well-constructed and stylish. 


Review their best features, as well as our readers’ absolute fave Sorel shoes womens styles!



Best Features of Sorel Womens Shoes




The Emelie Chelsea Boot is popular with readers for fall and winter, especially in Europe!


They’re Comfortable and Supportive


While style is a major attraction, the #1 reason readers love Sorel is its comfort! TFGs confirm that they make the best travel shoes, as it keeps your feet comfy yet supported throughout miles and miles of walking.

One reader says, “I have several womens Sorel boots, lower wedges, and sandals. I love them all and can seriously walk all day long in them and they don’t hurt my feet!” Another comments, “I practically live in Sorels—all so comfy!”

Shop Emelie Chelsea Boot on Zappos, Sorel, or Amazon.


Here are the best sandals for women that love to explore at home or abroad!




The Cameron Wedges have easy velcro straps and a cushioned footbed, and look chic!


Sorel footbeds are cushioned and molded to comfortably fit your foot, which offers lasting support when you’re on your feet for hours. The rubber outsoles are super sturdy and have excellent traction for cobblestones, uneven roads, and rainy or snowy streets.

A reader agrees, saying, “I wore Sorel waterproof boots every day on our trip to Scotland and other than general tiredness, my feet never hurt a bit and were fantastic in the rain, cold, and cobblestones. I am now a Sorel convert.”

Shop Cameron Wedge Sandal on Zappos, Sorel, or Amazon.




The Ella II Sandals have become a new summer reader fave. They’re stylish and comfy!


They’re Stylish and Versatile


Womens Sorel sandals, shoes, and boots are simple yet have a stylish edge. Even their more athletic pairs are cute and fashion-forward. Readers love the versatility of their sandals which can take them from the beach to brunch or straight from a hike to a night out! 

A reader says that her Cameron platform sandals, “Are amazing!! I can walk all day in them with no rubbing and my feet feel great! So excited that I found a cute sandal that I feel I can dress up or wear casually when I travel.”

TFGs also love them for visiting popular cities in Europe, with one sharing, “I wore Sorel ankle boots for two weeks of walking in France and Switzerland in September. Love them!” 

Readers love that many of their shoes are waterproof and durable enough to be worn in all kinds of climates and all types of weather, including rain and snow!

Shop Ella II Sandal on Zappos, Sorel, or Amazon.




The Evie Lace Up Boots are cozy and stable for cobblestone streets!


One reader shares about the very impressive versatility of her Evie wedge booties, saying “My Sorel black boots got me through hiking up Mt. Vesuvius in Italy, trekking through snow in Switzerland, hiking glaciers in Iceland, walking trails all through New England including an uphill rock hike in New Hampshire, and then walking over 20,000 steps a day in New York. I wore them with dresses, jeans and even out to dinners at night because they’re black and match everything. I’ve just never had such a versatile shoe before that actually looks cute, too. I really love them!!” 

Shop Evie Lace Up Boot on Zappos, Sorel, or Amazon.




The stylish Joan of Arctic Wedge has all the waterproofing protection and sturdy heels for walking anywhere!


They’re High Quality


Sorel shoes are without a doubt high quality, made of durable, travel-friendly materials that you’ll be able to wear for years of travel to come! One reader says, “I’ve worn the same pair of women Sorel boots every winter for 20 years and they’ll last 20 more!”

Readers highlight the impressive attention to detail in each Sorel shoe, including the comfy footbeds and sturdy rubber soles that don’t wear down easily. They hold up really well, and they’ll withstand miles and miles of walking with ease! Many pairs are made to be water-repellent and stain-resistant; so they’re super easy to care for and will stay a closet favorite for seasons to come!

Shop Joan of Arctic Wedge on Sorel or Amazon.




With the hardware of a hiking boot, the Ona 503 Boot has great traction to hit some light trails but feels like a sneaker!


One reader raves about Sorel women’s boots, saying, “They’re durable and seem to last forever. Classic and timeless for a reason. They’re the best boots in tough weather.” 

One reader shares that after a trip that had lots of rigorous hiking and walking, her Sorel hiking boots held up super well. She says, “They went through rain, puddles, mud, uneven foot trails, and so much more. They are still in amazing condition, kept my feet perfectly warm and dry, and were so insanely comfortable for whatever I put them through!”

Shop Ona 503 Hiker Boot on Zappos, Sorel, or Amazon.


These are our tried and tested reader recommendations for the world’s best travel shoes!




The price tag of $110 for these highly popular waterproof Out N’ About Sneakers is a long-term investment!


They’re Worth the Price


With prices ranging from around $50 to $200, Sorel shoes aren’t the cheapest shoes, but readers justify the price with how comfortable, long-lasting, functional, and versatile they are. With extreme comfort and foot support, they’ll allow you to enjoy travel adventures to the fullest, and for this reason alone, readers agree that these shoes are definitely worth the price point.

One TFGer emphasizes how great of an investment they are, sharing her travel experience, “I went on a Mediterranean cruise and did a walking tour of Messina, Sicily, Italy. Thanks to my wonderful Sorel rain boots, my feet, which need cushioning and arch support, were warm, dry, and happy, even with cold weather, lots of rain, and cobblestone streets.”

Another reader says they are “definitely” worth the price, sharing, “I own a tall pair of the Sorel snow boots and the Sorel Joan of Arctic boots. Love them both. Definitely not cheap, but I can justify the expense since they both look new, and this is my third winter wearing them!”

Shop Out N’ About III Sneaker on Zappos, Sorel, or Amazon.




The Joan of Arctic Winter Boot can handle the elements and has over 1.6K positive reviews!


Tons of readers have shared similar experiences with Sorel. One TFG says, “Worth the money and are known for waterproof quality items. They don’t go out of style, either!” Another adds, “They are worth every penny. I have a pair that is 25 years old and still in perfect condition, and I wear them all the time – and they’re warm!”

These terrific Sorel reviews speak for themselves!

Shop Joan of Arctic Winter Boot on Zappos, Backcountry, or Sorel.




The Cameron Slingback Sandals boast comfortable straps and a solid wedge to support feet!




Comfy for a long day on your feet and versatile (and cute) enough to dress up for dinner, it’s no wonder Sorels are such a huge favorite for travel! Not to mention their functionality, impressive durability, and supportive fit. Whether you’re heading to a winter wonderland or a tropical beach, Sorel has the perfect pair for any trip!  

One reader says, “I have an embarrassing number of Sorels, from sandals to boots, and they are all excellent!” Another describes her Sorel Ella sandals, “They are fabulous!!! Super stylish, very comfortable, have excellent soles, and are multi-functional (casual, dressy, day, night). They are definitely coming with me to Baja next week!”

Shop Cameron Slingback Sandal on Zappos, Sorel, or Amazon.




Reviews say the Kinetic Impact Y Strap Sandal is excellent for walking and doesn’t slip and cause blisters!


And another reader adds, “I love my Sorels! They have awesome customer service and warranty.” 

However, readers have also noted a few things to keep in mind if you’re considering buying a pair of Sorels.

Shop Kinetic Impact Y Strap Sandal on Zappos, Sorel, or Amazon.




An edgy, fun take on a Chelsea, the Brex Boot can handle all the rain, snow, and sleet you throw at it!




One main drawback is about the shape of some Sorel styles, particularly that their turned-up toe would not be suitable for people with plantar fasciitis. Many readers with this foot condition are not able to wear Sorel sneakers womens styles for this reason, though one reader says to the contrary, “I have plantar fasciitis and heel spurs and wear them for walks. Haven’t had any issues at all.”

Additionally, a few readers say that cute styles like the Evie booties don’t offer as much cushioning and arch support as they’d prefer. One reader says, “I usually replace Sorel insoles with a more cushioned, arch support insole I get from the running store.” 

Shop Brex Chelsea Boot on Zappos, Sorel, or Amazon.


Take a look at the womens chelsea boots we’ve rated as #1 in style, comfort, AND function, too!




If you want a high-fashion version of comfort, the Hi Line Chelsea can handle walks in the snow and doesn’t feel heavy!


If you’re looking into Sorel winter boots women styles, a few readers remark that some of their more heavy-duty styles “Can get a little heavy for long walks in the snow.” Another reader agrees, sharing, “Sorel women’s winter boots keep my feet very warm, but they are big and clunky and not enjoyable to walk in for long periods of time.” 

Keeping in mind all these factors, overall, Sorels are lauded as comfortable, functional, and timeless shoes that you’ll no doubt want to bring on every future trip, regardless of the season. 

Shop Hi Line Chelsea on Zappos, Sorel, or Amazon.



More Sorel Women Shoes Readers Love




Shop: AmazonSorel


Sorel Ella II Puff Slide Sandals


These Sorel womens sandals are lightweight and flexible, which is perfect for an afternoon of light summer sightseeing. The leather sandal straps keep everything snug and held in while keeping things airy for a cute yet functional balance. Paired with a cushioned footbed, they’ll support plenty of walking under the hot sun! Readers love the simple, strappy, and modern look of them, too! 

A traveler gives their Sorel sandals review, “These are the perfect touring sandals. Comfortable, supportive, and adjustable, so no pinching. Didn’t get a single blister in a month of walking all over Europe.” 


We’ve checked out the best womens orthopedic shoes that not only look stylish but will have your feet thanking you!




Shop: Zappos | Sorel | Amazon


Sorel Viibe Sandals


These Sorel platform sandals have a stylish platform heel that’s paired with foam cushioning, secure, adjustable straps, and extra grippy outsoles, so they’re convenient and comfy to walk in! They’ll give you an inch of height with a scalloped sole and are perfect for lounging poolside or walking for miles through the cobblestone streets of Europe. The puffed leather straps and fun yet simple look give them lots of versatility — they can go from casual to dressy and will look adorable paired with cropped pants, long shorts, or midi dresses

A reader says, “These Sorel wedge sandals are so comfortable and totally versatile. I’ve worn them on so many trips!” 

The Viibe Twist slide is from the same collection, but you can easily slip in and out of but your feet will be secure with chic criss-cross leather upper straps! 




Shop: Zappos | Backcountry | Sorel


Sorel Out And About Boots


If rain or snow is in the forecast, this Out and About Sorel boots womens option is a dream. They’ll grip the slickest of surfaces with ease while keeping all water out; leaving your feet cozy and warm. Readers have highlighted their super lightweight and sporty while super cute and fashionable look! 

These are Sorel snow boots women highly recommend for inclement weather. A wearer says, “First off, I love Sorel womens boots in general. I took these on a ski trip to Mammoth, and they are sooo warm and lightweight… like lightweight running shoes! I got out of the car in slushy snow, and the inside stayed fully dry. The outside dries relatively fast, and they don’t show dirt and clean up easily. They’re super walkable, too!”


 Look at this list of the top wide width sneakers for women that are cute and functional for long walks!




Shop: Zappos | Sorel | Amazon


Sorel Kinetic Impact Sneakers


These Sorel fashion sneakers are light as air and highly breathable, making them a great option for a walking-heavy summer vacation. The Kinetic sneakers’ two-pod sole is springy and shock-absorbing, while the footbed is cushioned with arch support, and the gore strap mid-foot will keep your feet stable. They’re easy to slip on and off, and the fun, futuristic style gives them tons of personality. 

A reader shares her Sorel sneakers review, “I love how they look a little different. Not your standard sneaker. Super comfy and great for travel!” 




Shop: Zappos | Sorel | Amazon


Sorel Evie II Waterproof Zip Boots


Sleek leather is paired with a clean and streamlined silhouette in these Sorel boots women love for fall and winter. They’re robust and can absolutely handle the wear and tear of travel, and because they’re waterproof with stellar traction, you can wear them out in the harshest of weather! They have a slim fit that’s super flexible and comfy, along with a cushioned, ergonomic footbed. And the style is super pretty and adds a bit of edginess to it! 

One wearer says, “Love these Sorel women’s snow boots! Super stable and waterproof! They’re excellent quality, and I get lots of compliments.” 




Shop: Zappos | Sorel | Amazon


Sorel Out N About Wedges


Cute, comfy, and functional, readers love these womens Sorel wedge boots! They’re beyond sleek, with a streamlined shape and gorgeous leather, and the 3” wedge adds height while still offering ample support and traction. Wearers say these boots are versatile and easy to style, handle snowy weather effortlessly, and are comfy to wear all day long!

A reader gives her Sorel boots review, saying, “I wore these Sorel black wedge boots exclusively on a trip to London. I averaged around 9 miles of walking a day. They were super comfortable, and I hadn’t had a chance to break them in first! Highly recommend!” You can get these cuties in a range of neutral colors! 




Shop: Zappos | Sorel | Amazon


Sorel Ona Sneakers


If you need a staple pair of comfy sneakers for sightseeing, these Sorel tennis shoes are a dream. The sporty look is contrasted with chic leather construction and a fashion-forward platform, so they’re not only functional but amazingly stylish. 

And speaking of function, these Sorel women’s sneakers will keep your feet happy as can be with their molded, foam-cushioned footbed and sturdy, grippy outsole. Oh, and they’re waterproof, too!




The Ella Slingback has a velcro closure and a sleek look for any summer trip!


Where to Buy Sorel Shoes?


To buy ​​women’s Sorel boots, sneakers, and sandals, they’re available on Zappos,  Amazon, and the Sorel website.  



Now it’s your turn. Share your Sorel review in the comments below, and tell us, what are your faves for travel?


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