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Superga’s Classic Cotu sneaker has been featured on countless style blogs but our readers want to know: do they work well for travel? We put them to the test. Check out our Superga sneakers review!


Superga Sneakers Review


The truth is, I’m not a sneakers kind of a girl. I never have been, and despite athleisure being so popular the past few years, this style is just not for me.

Wearing any type of athletic shoe, whether a cute pair of slip ons or trendy Nikes, can look ultra-stylish on so many women but there are only two places I’ll wear sneakers: to the gym and on a mountain. Never in the city. Never to the grocery store. Never.

I don’t know why, but athletic shoes are just not for me. And it’s a shame because I’ve tried to like them. I really have.

There are so many cute styles, especially as designers have embraced the popularity of athleisure. I love how stylish other women look with their sleek outfits paired ever so casually with a sneaker.

Fortunately, as a traveler, not wearing sneakers has never been an issue for me. In the heat, I wear sandals. In the cold, I wear boots. Just as I would have done at home in Los Angeles.

If I wouldn’t wear athletic shoes at home, why would I do this while traveling?

…and then…there was Superga.




Superga Unisex 2750 Cotu Classic Sneaker


What are Superga sneakers?


Superga is an Italian footwear brand that is best known for their classic 2750 Cotu Classic sneaker shown above. The design is over 100 years old but has been transformed over the years to feature new heights, fabrics, and weather-friendly options, too.

The Cotu looks like a traditional sneaker (think Converse or Keds) but for some reason attracts a wider range of women including fashionistas, celebrities, even royalty.

Many years ago, I first saw a girl wearing a black pair of Supergas in Rome paired with a nice black romper. I couldn’t believe how stylish they looked with her chic outfit.

In fact, Kate Middleton was spotted wearing a pair at the London Marathon amongst other places. Perhaps Supergas are the shoes you wear if you don’t normally wear sneakers?

The Cotu Classic style seems more polished and put together than a traditional sneaker even though they look so similar. Somehow they’re just different.



Superga Unisex 2750 Cotu Classic Sneaker


I turned to our readers and asked them what they had to say about Supergas for travel. They gave them glowing reviews with one reader saying: “I wore them in Italy summer of 2015, most of two weeks. I put Dr. Scholl’s gel insoles in them and they were great – I wore them two days straight for tons of walking at the World Expo”.


On the other hand, other readers felt that while they are cute to wear at home they found them heavy for travel: “My two cute pairs of Superga stay home. Even with extra insoles they are not comfy enough for me to do all day on my feet. Plus they are soooo much heavier to pack than other similar styles.”


With mixed feedback, I decided to try them out for myself. This is my Superga sneakers review:





Fabric: Canvas upper with a rubber sole
Heel Height: 1” midsole

Weight: 14.1 oz
Features: A round toe with several colors available
Weather: Year-round, but not best for super cold or super hot climates
Destinations: Anywhere! They work for long days of shopping or sight-seeing.




How do Superga sneakers fit?


I normally wear a size 7 US and bought size 37 1/2. The shoe fits the exact length of my foot and is true to size based on the Superga size chart shown above. I have a narrow foot and wear the laces tied very tight to have a secure, snug fit.


Are Superga sneakers comfortable?


I find Supergas incredibly comfortable and they have become a staple in my travel wardrobe. They have a soft foot bed making them easy to wear everyday.

I even bought them as a gift for my sister-in-law who works in London and wanted comfortable shoes for her commute. She’s been incredibly happy with them after using them almost daily for over six months!


Are Superga shoes supportive?


While Superga Cotu sneakers don’t offer built-in arch support, many travelers use either a removable arch insole or gel insole to adjust for their own level of comfort. If you require arch support, you can also try our list of the best travel shoes for arch support!




Are Superga shoes good for travel?


As a traveler that’s always looking to pack light, their weight instantly put me off. In fact, this was the only complaint our readers had about these shoes. They all said they were cute but they were heavy.

The weight almost stopped me from traveling with them and I’m so glad I didn’t. I wanted to find out why so many women are in love with these shoes.

I wore them on the plane to and from my destination instead of packing them inside my suitcase. Because of this, their weight was no longer an issue as a traveler.

As I’ve mentioned them before, they are so stylish and well-loved by many so if you’re happy with light support and comfortable yet casual chic shoes, these are a good option for travel! However, if you need arch support, choose from these shoes instead.



How to wear Superga sneakers


I’m so glad I gave these sneakers a shot! I ended up wearing them all summer in England for cool days with minimal rain. They are ideal shoes for mild weather travels, cool summers, and light rain.  They are still holding up, despite my wearing them all over town just about every day.

They’re ultra-stylish and seem to go well with all my clothing. They’re also celebrity and blogger approved. For some reason, Superga sneakers have been the only exception to this rule.

I even tried fashionable leather sneakers but they still didn’t feel right. My classic Supergas in grey have somehow transcended my dislike of sneakers (or athletic shoes).



Where to buy Superga sneakers


You can buy Superga sneakers directly on their website, Nordstrom, or Zappos. I bought mine on Amazon UK although they’re also available on Amazon US.


Final Verdict


Ultimately, as someone that does not wear sneakers or any type of athletic shoe, I have seriously fallen in love with these shoes!!!

They’ve traveled practically everywhere with me the past year and I even took them to the Galapagos. They’ve also become my go-to summer shoe in England and a no-brainer option for days or trips where I’ll be encountering a variety of weather including light rain.

They are 100% TFG Approved! If you are looking for an easy to wear, neutral shoe that you can use in a variety of settings and weather (and you don’t need arch support), the Superga Cotu Classic is a must!



Shoe Packing Tips


Determining how to pack shoes for travel can be difficult especially if you’re trying to pack light.  To make it easier, start by choosing a container such as a shoe bag then pack according to your type of luggage.

Whether you have a front loading or top loading backpack, it is important to put your shoes in first, at the bottom. If you’re planning to pack shoes in a rolling carryon, remember that it’s packed sideways so it is important to note how it functions when it is upright. Most often, your shoes will need to be packed close to the wheels, so that the luggage maintains its balance in transit.

To store, use washable shoe bags, gallon size ziploc bags, or plastic shower caps to keep your belongings separate from your shoes.


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