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Vegas may be a city for fun, but it’s also a major destination for work events and trade shows. If you’re wondering how to pack for Las Vegas for a business trip, take a look at these awesome outfit ideas!


How to Pack for Las Vegas

Written By: Liz Warren


Anyone who’s traveled to Las Vegas for work knows that attending meetings is just one of the many activities you’ll do while there. Depending on what you’re in town for, you’ll likely have some free time to hit the Strip, lounge by the pool, and go to fancy dinners on the company’s tab.


Here’s how to look somewhat professional while indulging in all of those classic “Sin City” adventures. 


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Boarding the Plane



Jeans | Sweater | T-Shirt | Glasses | Watch | Shoes | Headphones | Handbag


Your first instinct might be to throw on some leggings and a big hooded sweatshirt for the flight, but try to resist. After all, this is a business trip. Dark jeans (with stretch) are just as comfortable as leggings but look less like you rolled out of bed and onto the plane.

Opt for a cozy, stylish sweater and layer a plain, long-sleeved shirt underneath, since temperatures onboard are sometimes chilly. To zip through security, wear shoes that are easy to slip off and keep jewelry to a minimum.


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Lounging by the Pool




Sun Hat | One Piece | Sarong | Sunglasses | Tote | Sandal


If you’re visiting from a place that doesn’t see lots of sun, of course you’ll want to spend your free time in Vegas by the pool (or one of Vegas’ infamous pool parties). That said, there’s nothing more awkward than running into your boss when you’re half naked.

Choose a cool one-piece and cover up with a cute sarong. Stay conservative with your sandals (skip the wedges) and you’ll be just fine if you bump into a colleague or two.


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Roaming the Strip




Crossbody | Romper | Kimono | Sunglasses | Watch | Sandals | Fedora


Some people would rather spend their time roaming the Strip instead of hanging by the pool. If that’s more your style, try a lightweight romper that’s suitable for both day and night. Since you’re essentially in the desert, it can get cool at night.

You’ll want a sweater or shrug to drape around your shoulders if it gets cool, and a hat to shield you from the sun if you’re going out during the day. Choose a pair of cute and comfortable sandals that give you a little bit of height but are still easy to walk in.

The infamous Strip goes on longer than you might think, so wear shoes that are comfortable for walking.


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Attending a Conference




Trousers | Shirt | Kimono | Necklace | Bracelet | Pumps | Bag


Ah yes, the reason why you’re here: meetings. Business casual is the standard dress code for conferences, so your usual office attire will probably work just fine. If you want to add a stylish Vegas twist, choose bold prints and pair them with neutrals.

A floral kimono and bright red heels give your basic business outfit a burst of color and flare. Just remember to keep jewelry simple, and choose a structured bag to carry your laptop, notebook, business cards, and anything else you’ll need for the meeting.


If you’ve got long days of walking in the convention center, bring some cute and comfortable ballet flats, too!


Going to Dinner




Blouse | Necklace | Skirt | Clutch | Lipstick | Heels | Bracelet


You’re bound to be invited to a few dinners with your colleagues. You’ll want to dress appropriately but still edgy – after all, you’re in Vegas! This means you have to strike the perfect balance and show some skin, but not too much.

A loose-fitting blouse with ruffled sleeves and a faux leather pencil skirt is a great dinner outfit that meets these critera and looks super cute. Pair it all with a statement necklace and a bright clutch for the perfect Vegas evening look.


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Hitting the Clubs




Cami | Leggings | Earring | Lipstick | Heels | Clutch  | Bangles


There are tons of clubs in Vegas, and chances are you’ll be lured into one at some point during your trip. You already know to keep it classy, limit your drinks, and give yourself a curfew, but do you know what to wear?

Opt for a pants-and-shirt combo rather than the typical slinky dress you see people wearing at Vegas clubs. Try faux leather leggings and a loose cami with strappy heels, and you’ll look club-ready without being over the top. Viva Las Vegas!


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What are your tips on how to pack for Las Vegas for work? Comment below!


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Author Bio: Liz is a Boston-based writer with a severe case of wanderlust. She loves that her job allows her to combine travel and fashion, and she’s always dreaming up her next trip (and wardrobe to go along with it). Follow her stylish adventures on Instagram & Twitter.