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No matter the season, it’s easy to get caught in a rainstorm while traveling and get drenched if you’re not prepared. We’ve asked our readers for their best travel umbrella recommendations, and they delivered!


Best Travel Umbrella

Written by: Michelle Nati



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If you’ve ever been to London, Amsterdam, or any other European cities during rainy seasons, you can almost always guarantee some rain while on your trip. On the days it isn’t raining, you might need to keep yourself covered from the sun.

Carrying a heavy raincoat just won’t do. If you’re wondering which are the best travel umbrellas to bring, our readers weigh in with their reviews. They know the importance of having something easy to carry and pack, and that will keep you dry. Here are their tried and tested recommendations!



Top Umbrella Travel Picks




LANBRELLA Compact Travel Umbrella


Travel Beach Umbrella: LANBRELLA


The Ultra Lite Umbrella  Supermini is an elegant umbrella at an affordable price and you can choose from two sizes. Readers say it’s small, compact, and does the job for keeping them dry or shaded from the hot sun. And when the rain comes, just push the button to automatically open it and away you go. 


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GAOYAING Mini Travel Umbrella


Small Travel Umbrella: GAOYAING 


This compact umbrella fits in the palm of your hand and can be stuffed in your purse while on the go. It’s lightweight and able to withstand the wind without breaking. One reader says, “I carry a Travelon crossbody bucket bag that has a compartment for a small umbrella. Mine weighs nothing and is always with me when I travel. It has a UV coating, and I use it when it’s hot and sunny too.”


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Rain-Mate Compact Travel Umbrella


Lightweight Travel Umbrella: Rain-Mate


With patented, fail-safe flip technology and a sturdy but lightweight metal and fiberglass frame, the Rain-Mate will keep you thoroughly protected against strong winds and the elements. One reader says the brand’s products are always on point. “They are inexpensive, decent enough quality, and they have many styles/prints. Their umbrellas fit in any bag when folded!”


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EEZ-Y Compact Travel Umbrella


Compact Travel Umbrella: EEZ-Y 


This parasol by EEZ-Y has a mechanical locking system that is simple to use, allowing for an almost instant canopy of coverage from the elements. Readers tout its stylishness (it comes in several colors and patterns) and say it’s an overall great accessory that folds up small.


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Repel Windproof Umbrella


Travel Umbrella Amazon Best Buy: Repel


The Repel windproof travel umbrella with Teflon coating can chase away any rainy days yet dries fairly quickly. When you’re done using it, shake it off, and store it—you won’t have to worry about your things getting drenched. More rugged than similarly priced umbrellas on the market, it will get you through your vacation, rain or shine!


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totes Titan Foldable Umbrella


totes Travel Umbrella: Titan


A windproof umbrella that works when needed comes courtesy of totes. It collapses down easily to fit into a backpack, but when opened has a massive, sturdy canopy that does the job in every situation, from a downpour to a day at the beach. One reader loves hers because it’s “very small and inexpensive.”


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Knirps Duomatic Umbrella


Mini Travel Umbrella: Knirps


Knirps invented the folding umbrella way back in 1928, so you know they get rain protection just right. The duomatic will get you where you want to go, dry, and in high style. One reader says it’s not only lightweight, elegant, and functional; it is durable too. “I’ve had mine for years with no problems, and I like it because of its compact size and cute zipper shell case.”


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Umbrella Accessories




Xinda Carabiner Clip 


Travel Umbrella Clip: Xinda


When you’re traveling, you mostly want to keep your hands free when you can. A clip like this one by Xinda will help you carry smaller items by attaching them to your body. When it comes to your umbrella, you can attach it to a carabiner, so you don’t have to shove it back in your purse wet. As one reader says, “Doing this is so much easier than having to haul it around manually all day.” 



Alternatives to an Umbrella




Columbia Arcadia II Waterproof Jacket | Sizes XXS-3XL


Columbia Arcadia II


This quality rain jacket by Columbia feels thick, allows for plenty of layers, and holds up under rainy day scrutiny. It fits snug around hips and wrists (which have Velcro for tightening) to keep you dry. On top of everything else, it comes in plenty of bright, bold colors and diverse sizing. 

One reader, who touts this brand’s great packable options, calls this jacket, “awesome.” Another reader agrees, adding, “It’s a reasonable price. I’ve had mine for years.” 


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Eddie Bauer Rainfoil Packable Jacket | Sizes XXS-2XL


Eddie Bauer Rainfoil


Eddie Bauer has you covered for whatever Mother Nature has in store. This sturdy piece will shield you from it all, without being overly bulky or heavy. You’ll be cozy, but not too hot in its light, breathable polyester shell, and it comes in three different fits to match your body type. 

One reader who wore hers in Scotland in springtime was impressed with its coverage. “I like that it came down to my hip. It covered my bum, had a hood and, was just the right weight for me. It was very light, so I was able to layer underneath.”


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Cole Haan Back Bow Packable Hooded Raincoat | Sizes XS-3X


Cole Haan Packable Jacket 


This lux-looking coat by Cole Haan seems less like you’re roughing it camping and more like you’re up for an urban adventure on the rain-soaked streets of Vienna or Rome. Waterproof, lightweight, roomy, and breathable, it dries quickly and packs small in its own pocket. 

Readers love its streamlined look, with one saying it packs down easy, too. “The right pocket converts into a stuff sack for packing convenience.”


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SaphiRose Hooded Zip Up Poncho


SaphiRose Poncho


A dependable rain poncho can keep you dry but may be more practical than cute. SaphiRose has turned the tables with this whimsical piece in black and white polka dots. One reader, who purchased hers before heading to Ireland says, “I couldn’t find a plus size that suited me, and this totally did the trick! Kept myself and my backpack nice and dry and folded up tight.” 


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What do you think the best travel umbrella is? Share and comment below!


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