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When a reader asked what the best shoes for travel to Italy and if she should pack heels – the answer was clear. Want to see everyone’s replies? Take a look:


Should you Pack Heels for Italy?



Travel Fashion help! Reader asks:

I am leaving for Italy in September for a ten day trip (Rome, Venice, Florence, Sienna, Amalfi Coast). I think I’ll lean more toward the summer wardrobe but will add a few fall pieces just in case! I wasn’t planning to pack a pair of heels (and I am a huge heel girl)…so now I am rethinking my no heel decision. Perhaps wedges can suffice?




Nope, buy a nice pair there.

Stacy Jonsson Angeloff 


But not for walking on cobble stones! You don’t want to have to test the Italian health care system.

Suzanne Fluhr 


Skip the heels, wedges will make you feel dressed up and be nicer on your feet.

Jaq Stevens


I’m here now… Don’t pack heels, you’ll die. Just pack some cute flats or sandals.

Olivia McCaskill


Wedges for short walks and/or evenings out. Comfortable but cute shoes for the rest of the time. Italy is not easy on the feet! Especially that many places in a short time.

Jenna Francisco


No heels!

Cassie Burtner


Bring a good pair of walking shoes and forget about heels.

– Aunt Gigi


I went to most of those places (except Amalfi Coast) this past May. The cobblestones in Rome are AWFUL! As much as I loved my stylish flats & heels, I was wanting my sneakers. Siena has some steep cobblestone inclines, which may make it a little harder to walk with heels. Florence & Venice have flatter surfaces and better for heels. Strongly advise you wait to buy heels in Italy if you feel so inclined after experiencing some cobblestone walking.

– Aldora Kwong


I am also going to Italy in a few weeks and have leaned towards capris for the day more of a summer wardrobe but have kept it more on the black and white theme with cardigans also packing scarves with some color to kick it up a bit. Packing skinny jeans and cashmere sweater for cooler evenings. I am not taking heels, I am taking a nice shoe for evenings, but, Italy has serious cobble stone streets and I am with Suzanne, I do not want to test the health care system in Italy. I ditto buying a pair there to bring home. Have a fabulous time.

– Linda Doan


Good advice to buy a pair there (if you need new shoes – but who doesn’t!?). Perhaps a small heel so that its both stylish and comfortable?

– Christina Derbyshire


Yes, lots of people in flip flops in June. No heels unless they are wedges in Rome, even Roman women wear wedges or sandals with ankle straps due to cobble roads I noticed.

– Marlane Maisel Knight


Remember that the cobblestones are hard to walk on with heels on… I would do wedges rather than heels. At least in Rome.

– Beth Van Hoff Sellers


I’d say wedges-you live once, but Italy is walking perfection!

– Kerri Charlton


Yes, although you’ll wear them rarely, you’ll love feeling sexy!

– Melaney Birdsong Farr


Definitely. .. Italians are always dressed to impress!

– Mary Ware


If you love heels, take heels. You only live once!

– Tara O’Leary


Yes, heels or wedges. At least to wear to dinner. Italians are very stylish!

– Nicole Todesco


I’m back just a few weeks (July-Aug) and just did the same trip. I packed wedges and never wore them! Very hot, the best shoes for travel to Italy are ballet flats and fit-flops. Enjoy!

– Wanda Lugo Fiorini


I’ve been to Rome, Florence, etc. recently and I’d pack wedges, because there are cobbled streets everywhere! But if you don’t mind cobblestones together with stilettos, you can pack them. Anyway, one pair of heels isn’t a bad idea for Italy!

– Kate Monroe


Not a heel person, but brought a pair last year and this due to formal nights on my 12 day med cruises. Wedge would be more comfortable and safe due to uneven pavement, cobblestones. Also more versatile!

Touring had me in Reef flip flop sandals. I bought sneakers with for exercising. They made the packing cut since they added just eight ounces to my suitcase.

– Bernadette Olejko-Gadaleta


Final Solution


Based on everyone’s tips, sounds like the balanced answer to the best shoes for travel to Italy is to pack a pair of cute flats for sightseeing during the day and to take one pair of wedges to wear out to dinner. Check out our top picks!





What do you think are the best shoes for travel to Italy? Please comment below!


Please note: Most of Europe’s budget airlines have this carryon bag allowance: 55cm x 40cm x 20cm. Always check your airlines individual baggage rules and regulations in advance.



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