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Latest Posts on Asia

What to Wear in India: Mumbai, Goa, and Kerala

India is a magical country and each of it's Indian States is quite diverse. The south was entirely different than the north so much so that it requires it's own packing list. Find out what to wear in India if you're traveling to the South!   What to Wear in...

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What to Wear in the Philippines: Island Hopping Adventure

With its rich history and diverse culture, the Philippines is a sought-after destination. Travelers can immerse themselves in Filipino culture, try exotic cuisine, and visit churches and houses that are thousand years old and with its more than 7000 islands, go island...

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9 Daily Essentials you need when Backpacking through Asia

Different travel destinations require different essentials. I have been living in Thailand for several months, and I have gradually learned what should be on my list of items to keep on hand. After being caught without a few times, I have narrowed down what to carry...

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Hiking Gear List for the Everest Base Camp Trek

Packing for the Everest Base Camp trek can be a challenge - over the 13 day trek I encountered a vast range of climates from sub-tropical to snow and frost! Follow this hiking gear list for the Everest Base Camp Trek to help make the process a bit easier!   What...

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What to Wear in Cambodia: Cities, Jungles, and Beaches

Cambodia is a beautiful country and over the past five years tourism has been expanding massively. More and more people venture out to explore Cambodia's dark past in the killing fields of Phnom Penh or to explore the splendor that is Angkor Wat.   What to Pack...

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Top 9 Southeast Asia Travel Essentials

  Throughout my long term travels, I've spent the most time in Southeast Asia. I love the culture, the food, the people, activities, other travelers, and also the cost of living. If you're planning a trip to this part of the world, take a look at my Southeast...

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Southeast Asia Packing List for Women

  The good news with a Southeast Asia packing list is that you can travel fairly light, as you don`t really need to pack any warm clothes. Read on to find out what to wear in Southeast Asia!   Southeast Asia Packing List Written by: Tammy Lowe    ...

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Backpacker Fashion: What to Wear in India

  If you're wondering what to wear in India, traveler Belinda from Travelling Belle has offered Travel Fashion Girl an inside peek at backpacker fashion during her current trip in the country. Knowing how to dress in India can mean the difference between a...

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What to Pack for India: Packing List and Capsule Wardrobe

Planning what to pack for India can be a bit overwhelming. As a special request from a traveler heading to India on a 3 week trip, Travel Fashion Girl’s India packing list shows you how to choose the right clothes for your adventure! Follow these guidelines to make...

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