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Spending any idyllic vacation in the Maldives? You might be surprised to find out what you can and can’t wear. Find out what to pack for the Maldives!


What to Wear in the Maldives

Written By: Kerstin Lühe


Spending a vacation in the Maldives is a dream! Small islands with white sandy beaches, azure and turquoise blue waters, palm trees, and a beautiful underwater landscape. Yes, the Maldives is the perfect destination for honeymooners, couples, and travelers that just want to rest and relax and do nothing else.


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The Weather


While the weather in the Maldives is warm and beautiful year round, there is such a thing as the “coldest” month. It’s January, with temps around 81°F, and the hottest month is March with an average of 84°F.

The equator runs right through the islands, so it’s summer all year long. You can expect some rainfall; most of the rain falls from September to December. The lowest possibility is from January to April.


Start by reading these general tips on packing for island travel:


Bring mosquito repellent, you’ll need it in the evenings.



Clothing Style in the Maldives


With the sun shining year round and high temperatures, you can pack your bag with your most beautiful bikinis and your favorite summer dresses and clothes. Leave winter clothes and worries at home!

The Maldives is a Muslim country; while bathing suits and summer clothing are tolerated on the major resort islands, you need to cover up if you’re staying at a local-owned guesthouse or resort. Nudity (like topless sunbathing) is against the law.

If you visit the capital Malé or one of the islands where the locals live during your trip you should dress more conservatively.


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Skinny Jeans | Canvas Sneaker


Getting There


Yes, it’s perfect summer weather in the Maldives, but wear sneakers, pants, and a sweater or cardigan with a scarf on the flight there. Air-conditioning can be very cold on the plane.


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Wrap Cardigan | Drape Cardigan



As soon as you’ve landed, you can remove your outer layer and pack it into your bag. You can easily wear your travel pants in the evening or to a restaurant.


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Bikini Top | One-Piece Swimsuit Plus


What to Wear in the Maldives: During the Day and On the Beach


During the day you can easily wear bikinis on the beach; just choose your favorite bikini or bathing suit and a sarong, cover-up or beach dress and you’re good to go!


Shop these beach dresses you can wear on and off the beach!




Shorts | Sleeveless Top


Remember, the sun is strong here and there isn’t really a place to hide except in the shade of the palm trees. So bring the strongest sunscreen you can find and wear a big hat.


Use packing cubes to help you organize and even compress your belongings to maximize your space.



Straw Hat | Sunglasses


And bring your favorite sunglasses! Can you imagine sand so white it’s almost blinding you?


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Flat Sandal | Strap Sandal


As for shoes: you don’t need shoes! The pathways will be sandy; it’s fine to walk around barefoot. But for when you’re walking to and from the beach, a casual pair of flip-flops or sandals will do. You won’t be doing much walking, mostly lounging.


Here are our favorite thong sandals for the beach and these are our all time favorite flip flops!






Tunic | Dress


What to Wear in the Maldives: Boat Trips


Don’t miss out on the boat trips offered by your resort! Choose a lightweight tunic or shorts, a shirt, and a straw hat to protect your skin from the sun. (The sun is even stronger on the water, as the water reflects the sun’s rays!)


Here’s a list of summer tunics that you can shop now and wear all season long!




Rashguard Top | Snorkel Set


What to Wear in the Maldives: Snorkeling and Diving


If you’re a diver or snorkeler, use a rash guard. Once you take a look underwater, you’ll find that you want to watch the colorful fish for hours! It’s easy to get sunburned. A rash guard will protect your skin from the sun, especially during snorkeling.


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Dry Sack | GoPro HERO


Pack a dry bag. All your personal items will be protected and water and sand can stay out. Don’t forget your underwater camera; you’ll want to capture everything you see!

If you plan on scuba diving, the water might be warm enough to wear a shortie or just a rash guard and swim shorts. In this packing list you can see a full list of the lightweight scuba gear we packed for our trip to the Maldives.


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Atlantis GeoFarrah Dress Plus


What to Wear in the Maldives: In Restaurants


In restaurants, the staff will most likely ask you to wear clothes, not just your bathing suit.A summer dress is perfect. Depending on whether you stay at a tourist or local-owned resort, they can ask you to cover your shoulders.


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Tank Dress | 2-Piece Dress


What to Wear in the Maldives: In the Evening


You’ll be walking around barefoot during most of the day. However, in the evening people like to dress up a bit with a nice evening dress and flat, dress sandals. Leave the high heels at home.


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Beach Pants | Sleeve Top


What to Wear in the Maldives: Inhabited Islands and the Capital, Malé


If you visit the capital Malé or other islands where locals live, dress conservatively and cover your knees and shoulders. This can be lightweight summer pants with a lightweight shirt that cover your shoulders.


Linen clothing is perfect for summer and warm weather travel!



A Word of Advice


Keep in mind that the islands are remote; it’s best to bring whatever you need from home. You might have a small shop at your resort with the most necessary things, but they will be expensive.



What are your tips on what to wear in the Maldives? Share in the comments below!


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