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Whether or not to pack jeans when you travel, particularly on a Round-the-World trip, continues to be a hot topic. Travelers are increasingly packing denim and throwing the old packing rules out the door! In fact, it seems that most travelers agree: jeans are traveling must haves for women.

Packing jeans has been an age-long debate among travelers. However, it’s not really a black and white question. It’s not yes, or no, it’s maybe.


TFG Reader Asks: Should I pack jeans for my RTW trip?


Originally, jeans were a big travel no-no because of their weight, difficulty hand washing, and lengthy drying time.

The reality is that many travelers don’t hand wash all their clothes when their on the road unless they travel as Minimalistas. Laundry services are available in the majority of backpacker destinations. Many hostels even offer a laundry room with access to washer and dryer.

Regardless, one of the reasons jeans make excellent travel pants is because you hardly ever have to wash them! Not to mention they are easy to wear and can be dressed up or down for maximum versatility.

For women, the options to travel with denim are more practical than ever before. Regular denim almost seems obsolete amongst the choices of light, stretchy denim fabrics and jeggings. With new advancements in technology in addition to clothing trends, denim fabrics have become lighter and more comfortable than ever before.




To Jeans or Not to Jeans?


Plus Skinny Legging Jeans | Verdugo Ankle Jean | Brooke Legging Jean


While jeans are one of the traveling must haves for women, whether or not to pack jeans really depends on where and when you’re going.

Jeans are a must in countries where the cold weather encourages the use of denim or in cosmopolitan cities like London or New York. Socializing also impacts the need for more formal attire.


Here are a few key points helping you choose the best jeans for your trip!


Trekkie Jogger


The weather is a big factor in the decision making process to pack jeans. Trekking to Machu Piccu guarantees the need for sturdy trekking travel pants but the exploration of Arequipa and a night out in Cusco would be much more fitting in jeans.

Denim is also a comfortable option in big cities like Auckland, Buenos Aires, and London where most girls will appreciate a break from their trekking gear.


If you prefer a traditional tech trouser, take a look at these convertible travel pants women might actually like!


Anatomie Skyler Skinny Pants


If you’re going on a Round-the-World trip and will only be spending a small amount of your time in denim appropriate areas, don’t take jeans that you’ll only use once in a while, if at all.

Why not take jeggings, jeans with stretch fabrics, or something similar? There are so many options these days. You can easily find jeans in light fabrics instead of the traditional heavier ones.


Read the full review on why these are the best travel pants for women!


Zella “Live In” Leggings


Leggings have also become an international fashion staple the past decade. This is a great alternative to heavy denim, too.  Zella leggings come in a variety of colors and sizes including plus sizes and midi lengths that work well for petites!


Find out the best leggings for travel chosen by TFG’s readers!


 Still can’t make up your mind? Don’t worry! You can always buy a cheap pair of leggings or jeans almost anywhere since it’s just as big a fashion staple internationally as it is at home. And don’t forget the number one travel rule of packing: wear what makes you happy!

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