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When a reader asked TFG to review the Anatomie Skyler pants, our readers were more than happy to share. Keep reading to see our Anatomie Skyler travel pants review and why you’re going to want to add these to your travel wardrobe!


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Anatomie Skyler Pants Review


Anatomie is one of the top clothing brands for travel, and one of their most popular items is the Skyler travel pant. Read our Anatomie Skyler review to find out why our readers rate these as the best pants for travel!




Anatomie Skyler Travel Pants




Brand and Style: Anatomie Skyler travel pants

Sizes: Available in sizes ranging from XS up to XL

Fabric: 92% polyamide / 8% elastane with UPF 50+ protection

Opening Type: Zip fly with button and snap closure

Features: These pants are a slim fit with a straight leg and mid rise. For a stylish look, they feature streamlined side panels, back patch pockets, and arrow-shaped belt loops with a snap detail.

Colors: On Amazon, these pants are available in black, khaki, orangina, pearl, grey, and navy. On Anatomie, they’re also available in white, dusty rose, and taupe.

Weather: Perfect for mild cool or warm weather thanks to their breathability, although you can layer them over tights in winter.

Travel Type: Casual, dressy, or light hiking

Destinations: Take this with you anywhere, anytime!


Anatomie has a body type guide and a fit and style guide here: Anatomie Travel Clothes For Women!







There’s no way around it: these are expensive pants, coming in at over $200. However, when you consider price per wear, it’s much more feasible. Readers who own these pants can’t seem to wear them enough. And even after countless wears, they’ll still look new.

One reader says, “I adore the Skyler skinnies from Anatomie. They are not cheap, but they pack into almost nothing and are good value when looking at cost-per-wear and quality. And Anatomie has excellent customer service. I’m a die hard fan now!”

Another reader adds, “I’m so sick of clothes pilling and fading, and these high quality gems are great in this way and so many others.”







If we had to rank the features of these pants, the style would be at the top of the list. As one reader says, “They are great! Super light and super versatile. I call them my magic pants! I have been traveling in Italy for a little over a week and I’ve been wearing these or jeans only!”

We agree that they’re magic pants to add to your capsule wardrobe because they fit so many body types and are flattering. Best of all, you can dress them up or down. For one, you can wear them for business occasions.




As one reader says, “I always bring these on my business trips. They are perfect for dressing up or down. The fabric is amazing – slightly stretchy but not shiny and they look non-stretchy so it’s perfect for so many venues and for travel.”

However, you can easily dress them down for rugged travel. Another reader shares, “I did a four-day Inca trail trek last week and wore them, plus I plan to wear them this week in Buenos Aires. They are so comfy, versatile, go with everything, and are lightweight.”




Comfort and Mobility


The fabric makes the Anatomie Skyler skinny pants some of the most comfortable pants for travel. One reader says, “I cannot wait to save up and get another pair of because the fabric has some amazing stretch to it and they’re incredibly comfortable.”

These pants have a slight stretch so they conform to your body without feeling or looking tight. As one reader says, “I enjoy my Anatomie Skyler pants. They’re pretty good for not getting baggy knees, and they ‘refresh’ after a quick dunk in some water and dry very quickly.”

Lastly, along with comfort, they’re easy to pack. They fit easily into a slim packing cube and hardly weigh anything at all. One reader says, “These pants have magic fabric! They work in the cold and the heat, plus they are easy to pack.” Another adds, “I also cannot say enough about their lightweight quality. They’re a godsend, as I’ve grown to hate bringing jeans for travel due to how much space they take up.”







The Skyler Anatomie pants come with a long list of pros, but we can sum it up in a few words: comfortable fabric, versatile style, and durability.

One reader says, “Three pairs roll and weigh less than one pair of my jeans. I can wash them in a sink and they dry overnight. I can wear them to travel, work, or out with friends. They’re the most expensive item I own, but they are my go-to over and over again. In the one year since my first pair, I’ve worn them easily 100 times.”

Another reader adds, “You can dress them up or down, they’re quick to wash and dry, they provide a beautiful fit, and they still look great after three years of long-term travel and at-home wear. Thanks to these, I only travel with two pairs of pants and one pair of leggings for two-month long trips! These are fantastic!”





The biggest con is the price. At $225, these are some of the most expensive travel pants. Many readers recommend checking out Athleta pants for affordable things like Anatomie Skyler pants that are less than half the price.

Additionally, some readers mentioned they had trouble finding the right fit and size.

It’s best if you order from a site that offers easy returns in case you need to try on multiple sizes. As one reader says, “The Anatomie pants so far have been amazing, although it took me a few tries before I found the style that’s right for my body shape.”

Just as with most other clothing brands, it might take a couple of tries before you get the right size and fit.







Despite the cost and fit struggle, just about every reader agreed that they’re worth the investment. One reader says, “I love, love, love the Anatomie Skyler pants. They’re the most expensive pair of pants I’ve ever purchased, but I swear they’re worth it. I have black and gray and bring them on every travel adventure. They pack down to nothing, dry in a flash, look fantastic, go with everything, and they’re incredibly sturdy.”

But perhaps one reader sums up these pants best: “SO expensive, but SOOO worth it!”

If you’re looking for a go-to pair of travel pants you can rely on for years and know they’ll look good in just about any environment, these are worth the investment!





Where to Buy the Anatomie Skyler Travel Pants


If you’re wondering where to buy Anatomie pants, you can currently purchase the Skyler Travel Pants on Amazon and directly on the Anatomie website. If you use this link to buy on Anatomie’s website, you get 15% off your entire purchase! (Discount applied at checkout.) On Amazon, the Anatomie pants are available in multiple styles and sizes.


Note: Anatomie has a wide range of travel pants available and most of them are in the same amazing fabric as the Skyler style. If the slim cut doesn’t work for you, try another style instead!



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