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Wondering how to soothe sore feet? Whether you’ve been sightseeing all day, attending trade shows, or have spent a long day at an amusement park, these tips will help you feel better!


Soothe Your Sore Feet After Long Travel Days


One of the fastest ways to ruin the trip of a lifetime is by choosing amazingly cute shoes to go with your capsule wardrobe that are oh-so uncomfortable. It may sound anti-travel fashion, but the reality is that practical footwear trumps trends when it comes to travel. If you find yourself in discomfort at the end of a long sightseeing day, follow these tips on how to soothe sore feet on the go!





Toe Stretcher & Separator




You’ve been walking all day through the streets in Buenos Aires, London, or Bangkok; it’s no wonder why your feet are silently complaining! Heels, especially, can cause pain in the ligaments and tendons of your ankles, and you may need to soothe your sore feet after a long day.

Take a seat and perform a gentle, two-minute stretch starting from the tip of your toes. Once you’re done, push your feet high up against a wall to get a full, long stretch. This practical little trick works wonders!

One reader says, “I love using Yoga Toes for a deeper stretch!” while another reader suggests to “elevate your feet above your head, about a 30% angle, at night. You can use a suitcase or something similar to prop your feet up on while you read or sleep. It allows the feet to heal better and reduces swelling.”

You can also use a tennis ball or small hard object to roll it under your foot, Make sure to get the sides and tops along the ankles. There are tiny muscles and fascia that tighten up, and can be broken up and released with the rolling pressure.


Make sure to always pack a pair of comfortable shoes to avoid discomfort to begin with!




Dr Teal’s Pure Epsom Salt Soaking Solution


Soak in the Tub


We’ve heard of foot baths but most of us hardly use them. These baths are more than aromatherapy; they can be essential for relieving our feet of tiredness and aches. Take a warm bowl of water and add some essential oils to soothe soreness.

Here’s a plus: did you know that foot baths can help cure other foot problems too?


Rule of thumb: 8-10 drops of oil per 2 gallons of water.


  • Milk and Water. This rich, creamy soak will give you a relaxing experience. Not only that; milk’s moisturizing properties will rejuvenate the skin and will make your trotters look younger!
  • Tea Tree Oil. Mix tea tree oil, lavender oil and sandalwood oil in the bowl of water. The antiseptic property heals your feet and the anti-fungal content of Tea Tree will cure you of athlete’s foot.
  • This homemade foot bath contains a few drops of lavender oil in a bowl of water. The aroma gives you a refreshing feeling
  • Who doesn’t love the cool, minty feeling of this foot treatment? You’ll need essential oils such as peppermint, eucalyptus and chamomile for this bath. This mix heals your burning feet, giving you a refreshing effect due to the peppermint’s properties.


Hint: Epsom salts are a relaxing scrub and portable for travel, too. Pack a bit in a ziploc bag and use it after a long day on your feet!

One reader says, “the reason epsom salt works is that it is magnesium. If you are swelling at the end of the day your electrolytes are out of whack. If you are walking more than your average and in a different climate (and especially those people pounding their water) you are losing those natural salts. The water cannot do its job if you do not have the electrolytes. Sodium (salt) Magnesium and potassium (eat your veggies) are important. This also helps with cramping and restless legs.”




AHAVA Mineral Foot Cream




One of our simple tips on how to soothe sore feet is to travel with lotion or moisturizer with cocoa butter that helps hydrate tired, worn-out feet. Apply foot balm containing beeswax or Argan oil; these make your feet feel smooth and supple after a trip.

One TFG reader recommends Biofreeze pain relieving gel. She says to slather it on your feet, wrap them in towels and then put them up. Her mom suggested this after a day of walking in New Orleans and her feet felt great the next day!


Packing cubes make the perfect shoe bags to protect your luggage from dirty shoes.




Relief Arnica Massage Oil


Get a Good Foot Massage


Oriental medicine studies have developed natural ways of healing with Reflexology, which make use of pressure points that correspond to different parts of the body. A good massage will help lessen the pain in your feet and body.

Indulge mid-trip in a local treatment – the perfect pampering experience while traveling! You can also give yourself a foot massage using a massage oil.




NatraCure Cold Therapy Socks


Use Hot and Cold Water


This popular, practical treatment may be your simplest solution for how to soothe sore feet. Get two bowls; one with cold water and one with hot water (make sure it’s something you can tolerate). Dip your feet into each bowl for a 2-minute period then switch.

The bath opens and closes your veins, allowing proper blood circulation and thus, relieving you of your sore feet. One reader says, “go find a cold river or run an ice cold bath and soak your feet. It helps with the swelling! I will warn you as someone who just started this practice last week it’s gonna hurt (felt like a never ending foot cramp but my foot wasn’t cramping), but it really does help!”

When you’re on the go, you can also use therapy socks, which provide a compact gel ice treatment in one tidy product.


On of the most unexpected ways to alleviate sore feet is to wear compression socks. You can do this after a long day on your feet!


What are your tips on how to soothe sore feet? Share in the comments below!


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