Searching for the best clothing for cold weather travel? From arctic clothing to best thermal underwear to warmest gloves, we have articles featuring the best clothing for cold weather travel. Start reading below as we help you find the perfect style for your trip!  And don’t forget to download the free 10 step guide to choosing the best travel shoes!


What’s the Best Alternative to Merino Wool?

When it comes to choosing the best clothing, fabric is one of the biggest factors you need to consider. Merino wool is the ultimate travel fabric, but for some it’s too expensive or too delicate, or they’re allergic. If merino wool isn’t your style or isn’t in your budget, keep reading our guide to find that perfect alternative.

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Best Winter Fashion: Stylish Pieces for Under $100

Want to update your winter travel wardrobe on a budget? We've rounded up the best winter fashion under $100. Take a look!   Best Winter Fashion Written by: Niki Landry   Stocking up on winter staples and adding to your capsule wardrobe for cold weather...

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Wrap Up This Season with These Stylish Winter Scarves

Looking for fashionable and functional accessories for your cold weather travels? Use one of these stylish winter scarves!   Stylish Winter Scarves Written By: Niki Landry   Scarves are a traveler’s best friend. No matter the season or destination a scarf...

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Cold Weather Layering: Why Thicker Isn’t Always Better

  Stocking up on bulky winter clothing? Learn more about cold weather layering and why thicker clothing isn't always better!   Cold Weather Layering Written by: Josie Reim   The more I travel, the more I become a careful shopper. I’m always thinking about...

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How to Pack for Cold Weather Like a Boss

  Knowing what to wear in cold weather travel can be quite daunting especially if you want to pack light. To help you make the most of your winter gear and limited luggage space, I've put together this easy three part guide on how to pack for cold weather!  ...

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Traveling from Cold to Hot Climates: My Layering Strategy

I love everything about going on holiday. I love the packing and planning what I’m going to wear and what I’m going to take on the plane but I always have the same dilemma every trip… when I get off the plane, my outfit never matches the weather. Read on and find out...

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Want the best clothing for cold weather travel? Take a look at our top results: best thermal underwearwarmest gloves, and warmest socks. Struggling to decide what styles to bring for your trip? Download our free guide on how to choose the best shoes for travel!