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I love everything about going on holiday. I love the packing and planning what I’m going to wear and what I’m going to take on the plane but I always have the same dilemma every trip… when I get off the plane, my outfit never matches the weather. Read on and find out my layering strategy when traveling from cold to hot climates!


Traveling from Cold to Hot Climates

by Chelsea Potter


I live in England and the weather is pretty inconsistent so you would think I’d be used to packing for weather changes but somehow when I arrive in a hot country, I find I can’t wait to rush to my hotel and get changed.


These are my personal tips on what to wear on a plane journey for a seamless transition between climates:




J.Crew Tippi Sweater


Wear lightweight outer garments


that can quickly be taken off such as lightweight hoodies or sweaters. When arriving in a warm country, simply wrap them around your waist. These also come in handy on unexpectedly cool evenings.

When it’s not feasible to wear light garments before you fly, take a large handbag and an empty packing cube to store excess clothing as to not look odd carrying it around upon arrival.




Repel Windproof Travel Umbrella with Teflon Coating


Carry an umbrella


Always carry an umbrella or rain mac. If it is raining before departure you will need one of these but don’t worry as both are light and can easily fit in a handbag. Don’t forget to pack a carrier bag for your wet items to prevent getting the rest of your belongings wet and soggy.




Opaque Tights


Wear tights with shorts


Wear tights with shorts and take them off on the plane or at the airport before walking into the sunshine. This is the best tip and as if you are already wearing shorts, you won’t look out of place in your new destination.


Use a capsule wardrobe to pack light but create many outfits.




Lightweight Sleeveless Military Anorak Vest


Layer summer tops


Wearing two vests together can look stylish but it will also keep your torso warm. Plus if you wear string vests, they’ll fit in well with your new climate and if it gets too hot when you land, simply take one off.




Color Block Shawl Wrap Open Front Poncho Cape


Disposable Blanket


Alternatively, avoid layers and take a small blanket on the flight. Some flights offer these complimentary anyway and they are the perfect way to snuggle up and have a nap on long haul flights.

When leaving a hot country and heading somewhere cool, follow the above tips in reverse order. Carry tights in your bag and a hoodie or cardigan to wear on the plane or upon arrival.




Watch this video and learn how to pack for a trip with hot and cold weather



Stay warm and cool and enjoy your travels!

What are your tips to travel on flights between two different climates? 


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