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Looking for the best convertible travel dresses? We have several travel dresses for you to choose from – keep scrolling down to find the best one to add to your travel wardrobe!


Best Convertible Travel Dresses


Convertible travel clothing can typically be pretty lackluster and unappealing. Trekking pants anyone? It hasn’t been until recently that we travelers have finally gotten a glimmer of hope for our travel wardrobes.

Amongst the many clothing lines attempting to break into the travel wear market; these are the best convertible travel dresses providing you with a perfect balance of form, function, and fashion.









One of the latest and greatest convertible travel dresses in the market, TwelveWays is well on its way to becoming the must have item in every girl’s backpack. One simple and basic item of women’s clothing can convert into a top, dress, and skirt. TwelveWays also provides you with additional styles with each transformation.

If you’re looking for feminine and fun convertible travel dresses then this one’s for you!


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Norma Kamali Convertible Mini Dress


Norma Kamali Mini Dress


This style is similar to many traditional convertible travel dresses. However, what really sets this one apart is the length. Not every woman likes the same length so if you’re petite or prefer a shorter length, this might be the best option for you!




Wanderlux Stripe Convertible Skirt




The Lapis Dress only has two functions but it’s a great item to add to your travel wardrobe. It acts as a dress and a skirt and is super comfortable. You can accessorize this travel dress with a belt for a more dressed up look or you can just wear it on its own for a relaxed bohemian feel.

An ideal dress for small villages, long transport days, and just hanging out, the practicality of this type of dress makes it appealing in a variety of different settings.


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Hacienda Convertible Off the Shoulder A-Line Gown


A-Line Gown


Perfect for summer weddings and soirées, this flirty, floaty gown has a ruffled bodice overlay with an elasticized neckline to wear it on or off the shoulders, or as a tube dress.

The elegantly simple style works with a variety of figure types. It’s also one of the most comfortable and wrinkle-resistant travel dresses, so go on and dance the night away without a care.






2 Piece Dress Set


Vacay Style


Every clothing line has something special that makes them unique and for Vacay Style – it’s definitely their 2 piece dress sets.

They call them their MAXi dresses and I think they’re genius! What’s better than a maxi dress for travel? A style that let’s you make several outfits not just one. And that’s the concept behind Vacay Style’s 2 piece dress sets.

The ultimate in function meets fashion, you get the benefit of the relaxed, feminine fit of a maxi with the additional option to wear the separates as a top and skirt. With nine 2-piece dress sets to choose from, your travel wardrobe just got a makeover!


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Encircled Chrysalis Cardi




Every woman loves a circle scarf for travel. They’re convenient and versatile. Plus, they add a little flavor to a basic outfit and can also provide warmth from the cold or protection from the sun if needed.

Now, imagine a circle scarf that also transforms into a dress with the push of a button? Well, in the case of Encircled’s Chrysalis Cardi, it transforms by the snap of a button!

How does it work? The Cardi is a tube-like fabric that conceals clever buttons around the rim that allow you to use it as a scarf, a convertible wrap dress, and a cardigan, too.

In their description, they claim it can transform into eight unique items. But guess what? I found even MORE ways to wear the Chrysalis Cardi!


Read my review to learn more about the convertible wrap dress you can actually wear everywhere! It’s the dress featured in the top picture!




Helene Clarkson Sabi Reversible Dress


Helene Clarkson


One of the most popular questions readers ask us on Travel Fashion Girl is: “where can I find stylish yet practical reversible clothing for travel?” My response: Helene Clarkson.

The Sabi travel dress is particularly special because it’s reversible and you don’t need a room to change the look. Turn it around and tie a knot at the back of your neck for a different style. Two for the price of one – bonus!

And, because it’s a “reversible” clothing item that is not double-sided – you don’t have to worry about adding unnecessary bulk to your luggage. Packing light made easy.


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Diane Kroe Convertible Dress


Diane Kroe


Diane Kroe is the queen of transformation! She’s best known for her feminine collection of convertible clothing for travel. The line has over twenty jetsetter-friendly pieces including tops, dresses, wraps and pants – and the best part is: they’re all versatile.


I had a chance to check out two of her multi-way items: the Wanderlust Wrap and the Endless. Read my review here!



Which of these convertible travel dress do you prefer? Share and comment below!


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