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Summertime fashion is light and airy, and happy as can be until we experience the dreaded side effect of this season’s clothing: thigh chafing. But don’t fret, we’ve got some tips to prevent ‘chub rub’!


Products to Prevent Thigh Chafing



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If you’ve visited hot destinations or participated in high-intensity activities in the heat, you may have been a victim of thigh chaffing or what some like to call “chub rub”. But don’t despair—we just might have the solution so you can stop feeling discomfort and start enjoying those lovely summer days!

We’ve compiled a list of the best products for chaffing thighs so you can prevent that nasty summer discomfort that could risk ruining your trip or excursion.



Best Anti-Chafing Products




Bodyglide Original Anti-Chafe Balm


Best Anti Chafing Cream for Thighs


Dubbed as the “original anti-chafing, anti-blister balm”, Bodyglide’s Anti-Chafe balm is a roll-on cream that “promises to stop trouble before it starts”. Used in the form of a dry stick, this pearly concoction leaves a non-greasy barrier, protecting your skin whenever it comes in contact with clothing or footwear.

The balm is some of the best anti chafing cream for thighs, it’s designed to be sweat resistant, keep pores clog-free, and let sweat escape so that your skin can breathe freely. Use it under any ensemble; it even works in a wetsuit! It offers long-lasting, all-day protection and can be used in both dry and humid conditions.

This product claims to be the top choice over other anti-chafing products in lotions, creams, and powders. Perhaps its high acclaim has something to do with the contents. It’s made with vegan approved, plant-derived ingredients.



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Anti Monkey Butt Lady Powder


Chub Rub Powder to Prevent Chaffing


Don’t let the silly name fool you, this is one of the best products for chafing. Put some Anti Monkey Butt Lady Powder between your thighs to help relieve the pain of thigh chaffing and prevent chub rub from getting worse.

This chub rub powder helps prevent friction between your thighs with calamine. It’s great to use for early prevention or along with a pair of the best anti-chafing shorts.


Anti Monkey have now introduced their Anti Chafing Stick, perfect for on the go or for reducing how many liquids you pack if you’re traveling carryon.




Monistat Anti-friction Gel


Anti-Friction Gel Cream to Prevent Chafing


Some of the best products for chaffing thighs is cream for thighs rubbing together. Monistat’s Anti-Friction Gel is some of the best lotions for chafing thighs. It dries on contact and is moisture resistant, so a little sweat won’t make it ineffective.

This cream to prevent chafing isn’t just for between your thighs, you can also put it underneath your armpits and on the heels of your feet. It helps to both reduce rubbing on skin and clothing.


If you want a polished look without the oiliness, here are our readers’ recommendations for the best sweatproof makeup to add your packing list.




Compeed Gold Anti-Blister Stick


Anti-Blister Stick for Thighs Rubbing Together


If you’re trying to prevent thigh chaffing while you travel, the Compeed Anti-Blister Stick is a great travel-friendly choice.

This leg chafing cream is equipped to prevent chub rub on your thighs, or anywhere else you might get blisters or sore skin during your travels. You can simply throw one of these sticks in your travel bag and have it on hand whenever you need to prevent that nasty summer chafing!  




Bandelettes Elastic Anti-Chafing Thigh Bands


Thigh Chaffing Protection Bands


Bandelettes offer a practical way of avoiding rubbing and scratching of your thighs. The best part—you get to avoid chemicals that may clog your pores. There’s no more hassle of putting on greasy liquid or cold gel products as you go through an active day.

This unisex band is made from nylon and spandex, giving you the comfort and elasticity you need to keep your thighs in check. Two rows of non-slip silicone keep the fabric in place, offering comfort even as you move around.

If you’re not a fan of lace as pictured above, there are also solid-colored designs available. The bands also come in different colors and many sizes that promise a perfect fit for every wearer.


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Lululemon Align Bike Shorts | Sizes 0-20


The Best Bike Shorts with Pockets to Prevent Chafing


These Lululemon bike shorts have come highly recommended by TFG readers. They’re super comfy, lightweight, and quick-drying, and wearers say they stay in place all day to prevent uncomfortable chafing. 

What really makes this pair stand out from the rest is that it features a slim hidden pocket! You can store your credit cards or key, etc., and keep them safe. Readers love the versatility, too, because they can also be worn on their own to go on a walk or for sporty activities! They’re available in sizes 0-20, 4 lengths, and a ton of colors


TFG readers have you covered with their favorite anti-chafe shorts—take a look!




Underworks Pettipants Slip Bloomers | Sizes S-4X


Prevent Chub Rub with Slip Bloomers


The ladies of the old days had it right when they created bloomers. No, this isn’t an 18th-century blast from the past. Modern petticoats are the “in” thing, and you can take that literally, and figuratively.

If you’re on the hunt for these pretty mamas, the Underworks’ Nylon Culotte Slip Bloomers is a lacy number made of 100% nylon and has a split skirt design. The smooth, silky fabric takes away thigh chafing woes. It’s crafted with a generous cut drape, which easily complements day dresses and adds a lining to sheer fabrics.

This could be a perfect companion for girls who want to keep their thighs graze free under a knee-length breezy, summer dress. They’re comfortable to wear and come in seven sizes and three colors—our vote goes to the black color. As a bonus, they’re machine washable and packable, too!


If you’re looking for an option with a softer touch, they also come in satin!




Undersummers Ultrasoft Classic Slip Shorts Plus | Sizes S-5X


Use Slip Shorts to Wear Under Skirts to Prevent Chafing


If lace and frills are not your style, then a cool, rash guard slip short may do the trick.

Undersummers offers their Classic Shortlette, a lightweight construction that offers a breathable alternative to heavier slips. Its cling-free design protects your thighs from chub rub and rashes.

Added with a stay-put concept, your rash guard slip avoids creeping while you walk, run, or sprint through your travels. There’s a cotton panty liner attached, making this a perfect item to wear under body-hugging dresses and skirts.

No lines, no rashes. All you get is full coverage. Better yet, they come in three different colors.


Please note: they have a mid rise and you may want to try on different sizes when ordering.




Undersummers Ultrasoft Lace Slip Shorts | Sizes S-4X


Best Anti Chafing Lace Slip Shorts


There are a ton of products to prevent unwanted ‘chub rub’ and some of the best anti chafing products are slip shorts. If you’re looking for a thin and soft slip short with a bit of feminine flair, the Undersummers Lace Slip Short is a great chub rub product prevention choice.

They are mid-rise cotton liner products to prevent chafing thighs that can be purchased from small to 4X. Lightweight with a seam-free inner thigh, they are designed to both be used alone or layered over your favorite pair of panties. 




Liang Rou Ultra Thin Stretch Short Leggings | Sizes XS-3X


The Best Anti Chaffing Products for Thighs are Thin Stretch Shorts


If you’re looking for what to wear under dresses to prevent chafing, these Liang Rou stretch shorts combine modal and spandex for ultra-thin wear. With sizes from small to XXL, these are a terrific choice to prevent chub rub while you’re wearing a cute summer dress.

Shorts are some of the best products for chafing issues because they put fabric between your thighs and directly prevent the problem. These anti-chafing shorts are great because they don’t ride up, are comfortable, and can be worn without underwear (if you want).


Take a look at these cute summer dresses!




Jockey Underwear Short Length Slipshort | Sizes S-2X


Skimmies are Great Shorts to Wear Underdress to Prevent Chafing


Jockey creates great skimmies that act as both a deterrent to thigh chaffing and underwear!

These are some of the best anti chafing shorts that are short enough to put on underneath a shorter dress but still have full rise and coverage. Made with a combination of nylon, spandex, and cotton, they have a cotton gusset to help prevent chafing.

A pair of thigh chaffing prevention shorts can help you feel more confident and comfortable wearing summer dresses! You could even pair it with some of the best chafing cream for thighs to give your legs extra protection.





Thigh Society The Cooling Shorts | Sizes XS-6X


Cooling Anti-Chafe Shorts


Reader fave alert! The Cooling anti-chafe shorts from ThighSociety are raved about by TFGers for so many reasons, especially their silky, hi-tech performance fabric. These shorts pull heat and moisture away from the body, keeping things cool, fresh, and chafe-free on even the hottest of days. 

They’re tagless, don’t roll or bunch, and are ultra-thin and lightweight yet stretchy and durable as can be. Plus, they come in a wide range of colors and lengths and range in sizes from XS-6X



Anti Chafing Product Comparison Chart


[wpsm_comparison_table id=”138″ class=”center-table-align”]



What to Wear to Prevent Chafing


A member of the TFG team tested the above products to prevent chafing between legs and voted the Bandelettes Thigh Bands as her preferred option for a discreet, travel-friendly, and feminine option. While the Underworks Bloomers were the most comfortable!

Overall, the best way to prevent chub rub is to combine the use of multiple products—shorts and cream or powder.



What to Wear Under Skirts to Prevent Chafing


If you’re looking for what to wear under skirts to prevent chafing, some of the best anti chaffing for thighs products are a pair of slim shorts that help ensure your thighs don’t rub together. Alternatively, you could use an anti chaffing cream for thighs or gel.

In the case of how to prevent thigh chafing while wearing a dress, the best solution might be to apply a cream, stick, or powder underneath a pair of shorts.




Compass Rose Packing Cubes


Packing Your Travel Essentials


Once you’ve chosen all your travel essentials, use packing cubes and other luggage organizers to organize and compress your clothing tightly to make the most of less space.

There are a variety of packing organizers ranging from compression sacks to packing cubes to ziplock bags. Personally, we like using these packing cubes and our readers agree. They’ve helped millions of our readers travel carryon only!

Packing cubes will change the way you pack. We designed our own brand of slim packing cubes, with a unique color and numbering system, so it’s easy to remember where you’ve packed everything — even your anti chafing items!



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We put together a five-part YouTube series showing you the different methods to use packing cubes. If you use this specific packing strategy, they can also compress your belongings. This is the secret to traveling carryon only!


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What are your tips on how to ward off thigh chafing? Share your thoughts below!


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