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While some travelers worry about taking the wedding rings along with them during their trip, others find it perfectly comfortable. For those searching for an alternative, TFG readers share their picks for the best silicone rings and hot tips for traveling with them!


Best Silicone Rings

Written by: Tae Haahrr



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Whether or not you should travel with your wedding rings is a topic of conversation in the TFG Facebook Group. It’s a topic that varies greatly depending on the traveler, destination, and planned activities. 

Some are comfortable taking their wedding rings on the road with them, while others prefer to travel with silicone. If it’s an option you might consider one day, our readers share their silicone rings reviews and their opinions on whether to travel with them or not.



Best Silicone Rings for Women




Enso Classic Legend Ring


Readers’ Top Pick: Enso Silicone Rings


The silicone rings Enso makes come highly recommended by TFG readers who like to trade their traditional ring when they travel. They are made from a thin, flexible silicone designed for comfort. 

You can get the classic model in seven colors. While the $30 price tag is higher than other similar rings, readers swear they’re worth it. 

One shares, “Once I got my Enso ring, I never took it off. There’s no mistaking it for the real deal, so it reduces the risk of being stolen.”

These rings work well for adventure travelers too because they help prevent ring avulsion, designed to break away when caught on something to save your fingers from injury!


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Qalo Silicone Stackable Ring


Qalo Stackable Rings


The Qalo stackable rings is another silicone alternative to your wedding ring. They are comfortable, functional, and great if you’re traveling to climates with a significant temperature change than what you’re used to. 

One reader thinks these rings are “amazing” while another reader adds, “I have a Qalo ring—it’s great! It expands when my hands and feet swell on airplanes.”

You can get the Qalo in eight different colors. And if the jagged edges of the chevron ring aren’t your style, they make other designs like the beaded, smooth, twist, geo, and peak.


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Mokani Silicone Wedding Ring


Mokani Silicone Braided Rings


If you’re looking for a travel wedding ring that’s a little more dainty and feminine, readers give a shout out to Mokani. The thinner, braided pattern adds a delicacy that looks lovely on someone’s finger, and you can choose from a multitude of colors.

You can get these rings in packs of four, six, or purchase them solo. They’re 3 mm wide and 2 mm thick, so if you choose a multipack you can stack them!


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ThunderFit Silicone Ring Bands


ThunderFit Thick Silicone Bands


The ThunderFit is a chunkier silicone wedding band and comes in fun colors like black and gold, teal glitter, pink, and even a funky camo. Made from flexible, high-quality silicone, they are designed to break away at 43 pounds of pressure and are built with an active audience in mind. 

These flashy, yet functional rings can match with your wardrobe and be worn while you trek through the jungle, swim in the sea, or shop till you drop at the market!


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KAUAI Timeless Elegance Wedding Collection


KAUAI Engraved Silicone Rings


The KAUAI offers a unique yet elegant design for those wanting a little more personality in their silicone ring.

You can wear these rings as a matching set with your partner as they’re made to be unisex. They’re hypoallergenic, heat-resistant, and made with medical-grade silicone—making them an ideal choice if you have a metal allergy or a skin condition like psoriasis or eczema.

These rings are durable and comfortable and you can get them in 12 single colors or purchase a 3-pack so you can have a bit of variety for your travel wardrobe.


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Rinfit Silicone Wedding Rings


Rinfit Stackable Rings


Rinfit rings are thin, stackable, and made from high-grade silicone. Readers say these are a cheap, flexible alternative to their real wedding ring set.

They are also designed to be stackable and you can get them in three, five, six, and seven-ring packs that have varying styles and colors so you can match any travel outfit. Whether you’re backpacking up the side of a mountain or hanging out at Disneyland, this ring will hold up!


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Best Silicone Rings for Men




ThunderFit Silicone Ring for Men


ThunderFit Silicone Ring for Men


ThunderFit also has a version for your husband to take along on their travels. If your partner enjoys hiking, biking, or water sports this ring will keep his finger safe from potential incidents.

This ring comes as a single in five different colors, or you can get them in a pack of seven if you can’t decide on one color. They’re made of top-grade silicone and have a flexible design.


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Qualo Men’s Basic Ring


Qalo Silicone Rings 


If you’re looking for matching silicone wedding rings with your main man while you travel, then check out the Qualo ring.

Much like their version made for the ladies, the men’s Qualo is a comfortable and functional wedding ring alternative. It has a flat silhouette and comes in two neutral colors—black and grey.

While silicone rings mens will love are not easy to find, this ring fits the bill. It will also help avoid ring avulsion as it breaks apart if 22 pounds of pressure is applied, saving your hubby’s finger!


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Comfort Band Silicone Wedding Ring


Comfort Silicone Band


The Comfort Band is a unisex ring that comes in five colors—light and dark grey, turquoise, pink, and purple—making this a solid option for a married couple who wants to match on their next trip.

These rings are hypoallergenic, antibacterial, and non-toxic, so they don’t irritate the skin. Hands-down, these are a cheap but comfortable choice that he won’t fret over losing by accident!


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ROQ Silicone Wedding Ring for Men


ROQ Silicone Travel Wedding Ring


The ROQ men’s ring has more of a classic and defined style featuring a black or grey ring with colored accents to add some contrast.

These rings are 8.7 mm wide and 2 mm thick to provide a durable design that’s not prone to dent or dings. But unlike a traditional ring, it’s flexible and won’t snag on something.

Your fella can also find the ROQ in a plain ring akin to the ThunderFit or Comfort Band if he prefers something in a solid color.


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LaurieCinya Tungsten Carbide Unisex Ring


Silicone Alternative: LaurieCinya Tungsten Carbide Ring


There are other options to silicone and the LaurieCinya Tungsten ring is one of them. For both men and women, it’s sleek unisex design and cost is an economical alternative.

Tungsten carbide is scratch and dent proof, so there’s no fear of ruining it’s look while you travel. It comes in a few colors so you can pick both your favorites.

Again, this ring is NOT silicone. Though tungsten carbide is a tough metal, if your main purpose of a travel ring is to make it adventure-friendly, then this is probably won’t hold up as well as silicone.


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Groove Life Silicone Ring


Groove Life Ring


The Groove Life is composed of breathable medical-grade silicone that’s non-porous, non-conductive, heat-resistant, and hypoallergenic. Clearly, a lot of pluses!

These are active-lifestyle safe rings that have a lifetime warranty, so if you break it or stretch it out it can be replaced. This ring has some color or design details that stand out, but for the most part, it’s a simple, yet comfortable ring for your man!


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Best Silicone Rings Comparison Chart


[wpsm_comparison_table id=”169″ class=”center-table-align”]



Where to Buy Silicone Rings?


You can source silicone rings in store outlets, but most readers say there is a comprehensive silicone rings Amazon section that has a lot of choices and fun colors to choose from. You just need to remember your ring size when selecting.



How Long Do Silicone Rings Last?


They can be worn daily or just throughout your travels, and while they are fairly durable, they are actually meant to break if your finger gets snagged on something unexpected. Some brands will actually replace a damaged or broken silicone ring—just check when buying.



Reasons for Traveling With a Silicone Ring


There is no right or wrong answer when it comes to deciding whether you should travel with your wedding ring or bring along a silicone alternative. But, here are some potential reasons to leave your wedding ring at home.


You Won’t Lose It on Vacation


The most popular reason TFG readers trade their traditional wedding ring for a silicone one is because they don’t want to lose it or leave it behind. While you can absolutely lose your ring at home, readers cite reasons like scuba diving, snorkeling and beach visits as places where your ring might pop off.

One reader shares, “My wedding band belonged to my husband’s great grandmother and cannot be replaced. When I travel abroad I take a rubber ring or a fake, and leave it at home in the safe.”

Another reader chimes in, “I’m constantly taking mine off to put lotion on and when I sleep. I’d much rather misplace a $20 ring from Amazon than worry about it.” 

When it comes to deciding whether to bring it or not, readers suggest evaluating the activities you’re planning and doing what you’re most comfortable with.


You Won’t Dent or Scratch It


Readers also share that another reason to trade your wedding set for a silicone ring is you won’t dent or scratch it along your adventures.

if you have a ton of interactive activities planned you might want to consider bringing something more durable and less sentimental.


It Might Not Fit Properly


If you’re headed to a destination that has a drastically different climate to the one you’re used to, there’s a chance your wedding band won’t fit properly. Things tend to contract in the cold and expand in the heat, and your ring and fingers are no exception.

One TFG reader shares, “I like to have a silicone ring because sometimes fingers swell when I travel or my metal rings get tight and if I take them off I’m afraid I’ll lose them.”


Reduce Your Risk of Ring Avulsion


Ring avulsion sounds horrible, and it kind of is. It happens when your ring gets caught on something and yanks your finger, causing injury. Without getting into too much detail, it can be an incredibly painful and damaging experience (to both your ring and you).

Unlike gold, silver, or other metal that your wedding ring is likely made of, silicone isn’t hard. If it gets caught, it tends to snag then break, saving your actual wedding ring and your finger!

While ring avulsion incidents are not immune to just traveling, the risk can increase for travelers taking a more active role—hiking, diving, trekking, or skydiving are some example activities. In that case, consider an alternative and choose from the rings featured above.


Reduce Your Risk of Becoming a Target


Another reason that TFG readers travel with silicone version or even a costume jewelry ring is they want to avoid becoming a target for thieves. Silicone rings can be less appealing to steal because of their lack of value.



Reasons to Wear a Wedding Ring


Many TFG readers do travel with their wedding rings because they feel the risk level of losing it or theft is not much different at home as it is abroad. If you do decide to travel with your wedding ring, here are a few tips.


Be Aware of Your Surroundings


When it comes to traveling with jewelry, most TFG readers say that the majority of places that they’ve traveled was a non-issue. 

One reader takes regular jewelry when she travels and says, “As with any travel be careful, cautious, and be aware of your surroundings. That should always be a top priority.”

If you are in an area where you feel less comfortable, turn your ring inwards so your jewels aren’t visible.


Listen to Local Experts


If you happen to be on a guided tour or a travel excursion where a guide cautions you to take off your wedding rings, then heed their word. They’re the experts and they know the area best. 

One reader reiterates this point by saying, “The only time it was an issue is when we were in Manaus, Brazil. We were on an Amazon cruise and it was recommended to wear no jewelry there. In that case, I put it in a safe place in our cabin.”



Leaving Your Wedding Ring at Home


If you’ve decided to leave your wedding ring at home, you’ll want to find a safe place for it. 

Readers shared a few safe places to keep your rings and other valuables while you’re out of town:

  • In a safety deposit box at the bank
  • Locked in a safe at your house
  • With a trusted friend for safekeeping 


One crafty reader even shares, “I actually take my rings to the jeweler before big trips to get cleaned and polished. Cheaper than a deposit box and it accomplishes a goal!” 



What do you think are the best silicone rings for travel? Share and comment below!


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