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Whether you’re traveling for six days or six months, every item you pack should serve a specific purpose. Take a look at these 15 travel necessities and add a few of them to your packing list!


Top Travel Accessories



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Travel Fashion Girl help! A reader asks:


What are some travel accessories that you swear by and cannot live without?


Travel accessories can easily make or break a trip. They’re the little things that are easy to forget but are essential for any trip. From technology to fashion items, our readers are sharing their must-have travel accessories they take on every trip.



Compass Rose Packing Cubes


Packing cubes


Packing cubes are must-have travel necessities for every traveler. Packing cubes keep your things neat and compact making your bag organized, more efficient, and light-weight.



Watch the packing tutorial on Youtube!


In 2017, I launched Compass Rose Travel Accessories and my very first product was a 4-Piece Set of Carryon Packing Cubes. These are the only packing cubes sized to fit the exact width of a carryon suitcase and they also have a unique color-coded and numbered organization system – the only kind currently available anywhere on the market.

I put together a five-part YouTube series showing you the different methods to use packing cubes. If you use this specific packing strategy, they can also compress your belongings. This is the secret to traveling carryon only! Buy Compass Rose Packing Cubes here!


If you’ve never used packing cubes they’ll completely change the way you travel. Read this post to see how!




Bose QuietComfort 20 Acoustic Noise Cancelling Headphones


Bose Noise Canceling Headphones


We love Bose headphones (and even reviewed the Bose QuietComfort 20 Acoustic Noise Cancelling Headphones!) and so do our readers. Our readers have recommended several Bose headphone styles, but regardless of which style you prefer, they all say they’re well worth the investment. One says, “I always travel with my Bose noise canceling headphones.”




Band-Aid Brand Comfort-FlexAdhesive Bandages




No matter how many times you’ve worn those shoes, walking all day can cause some blisters. You’ll be so glad you have Band-Aids. One reader brings both bandaids and moleskin, saying “I cut up the moleskin into small pieces so I can take the backing off and put it on easily.”


Tip: The moment you feel like you might be getting a blister, stop and put on a Band-Aid. That will prevent it from getting worse.




TravelMate Memory Foam Neck Pillow


Inflatable neck pillow


Sure, the airline gives you a pillow to use while in flight. But if you’re stuck with a middle seat, you might not have anything to lean against. A neck pillow keeps you in your own space. One reader says, “I love my neck pillow for car, plane, and train rides.”


Here’s a full list of the most recommended neck pillow styles!




Hypoallergenic Facial Wipes


Face wipes


After sleeping on the plane, you can use face wipes (like the Yes to Cucumbers Face Towelettes) to wipe off your old make-up. It’s moisturizing, too. You can re-apply your makeup and leave the plane feeling fresh.

Along with face wipes, readers recommended general clean wipes. One reader says, “I bring wipes to wipe down every surface I will be touching. I got very ill after a flight last year and never travel anywhere without them since.”


Read a few more tips on how to stay fresh on a long flight!




Belkin SurgePlus USB Swivel Surge Protector and Charger


Surge Protector and Charger


When you’re on the go, it can be difficult to charge all of your tech devices. One reader swears by this surge protector and charger, which features USB ports and outlets. She says, “Not only will it be helpful for your own electronics, but if you have any airport delays, everyone will be your friend as their electronics die and you share your ports.”




Pestemal Turkish Bath Towel


Large scarf


A large scarf has so many uses and is an awesome addition to your travel capsule wardrobe! It not only can stylishly keep your neck warm, but can be used as a blanket in chilly airports or on overly air conditioned buses. One reader says, “A scarf really can instantly pick up an outfit,” while another adds, “I bring a big warm scarf that can double as a blanket.”


For ultra-compact options, check out these travel towels.




Kindle Paperwhite E-reader




A Kindle or other e-reader is a top travel accessory for surviving long flights. One reader says, “I always bring a Kindle uploaded with entertainment.

Pair it with earbuds for travel sanity.” The Kindle is so lightweight, so it won’t take up too much space in your carry-on. Plus, the battery life is incredible, so you likely won’t have to charge it at all on your trip.




Sleep Mask Light Blocking Eye Mask


Molded Eye Mask


For long flights, sleeping is a must for feeling refreshed when you arrive at your destination. And beyond flights, there’s nothing worse than a bright hotel room at night. For these occasions, you need an eye mask. One reader says, “A molded eye mask is the best. I sleep way better if my eyelids have space to flutter in my sleep.”



FitFlop iQushion Ergonomic Flip Flop


Flip flops


Flip flops are helpful year-round, not just for summers at the beach. If you’ve ever traveled to a cold weather destination then stayed somewhere with a hot tub, you might not have had the right footwear.

To avoid wearing your clunky boots down to the hotel pool, pack some flip flops! Our readers love Ipanema flip-flops, with one saying, “They’re so simple and easy to pack. I bring them everywhere!”


These are some of our favorite women’s flip flops!




Landing Gear RFID Safe Money Belt Hidden Waist Stash


Money belt


Keep your large bills, passports, and additional cards in your money belt and keep it hidden. Keep a day’s worth of money in an accessible place so if you do get pickpocketed, you won’t lose everything.


Read this post for other tips to keep your valuables safe while traveling.




TFG Black Tote Bag


Tote Bag


You can use a packable tote bag to bring your belongings to a shared bathroom if you’re staying at a hostel or B&B, as a beach/laundry/grocery bag, or as a purse, too. These are compact and foldable and one of TFG’s top travel necessities.


For more ideas, take a look at our round-up of packable travel accessories!



Mario Badescu Facial Spray with Aloe Herbs and Rosewater


Mario Badescu Facial Spray


Long flights or winter destinations can dry out your skin. For on-the-go moisture, a facial spray keeps your skin happy. One reader says, “I always travel with Mario Badescu facial spray for airplane trips. I can’t bear the dryness and this helps.”




Rosebud Salve Tin


Lip balm/hand salve combo


A lip and hand moisturizer combo like Rosebud Salve is a quick way to keep your hands, cuticles, lips, elbows, and parts of your face moisturized. It’s better than having to bring multiple products with you. It’s a two-for-one!




Ziploc Slider Storage Bags


Plastic bags


From a place to put your dirty clothes and shoes, to extra security for a leaky bottle of shampoo, you’ll be glad you packed a Ziploc Slider storage bags. You can also re-use the ones you obtain on the go.

One reader says, “There are so many uses for them and they take up no space!” while another adds, “You never know when you’ll need an ice bag, something to hold earrings, a lunch bag, bag for wet clothes, or something to protect something breakable.”



What are you travel necessities? Please comment below!


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