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Traveling With Jewelry: 10 DIY Tips & Tricks 


Jewelry is an essential part of fashion especially when you are going to Pack Light Stylishly. Check out these 10 DIY packing tips and tricks for traveling with jewelry. Click on the images below to find the original source.


traveling-with-jewelry traveling-with-jewelry





Plastic drinking straws may be the perfect thing to help you pack your necklaces. Avoid getting them tangled by inserting half of the necklace into the straw. The firm plastic line will keep it in place, and you’ll never have to untangle your necklaces again!




Never lose a button


Buttons are a great way to keep earrings organized. Insert the pair into a button and keep them together to prevent loss. This is one of my favorite tips for traveling with jewelry!




Plate them


If you have any disposable plates, use them to store your jewelry at home or on the go. Take one Styrofoam plate and insert your earrings in the middle, and make holes for your necklaces and bangles on the side. I’d place a Ziploc bag or other packing organizers over to keep your items safe in transit. (Don’t pack as much jewelry as shown in the above image for any trip!)




Make a roll


You don’t need to be an expert in sushi when it comes to make a jewelry role.



This classic DIY craft is popular and one of the common ways of traveling with jewelry. If you’d rather buy one than, here are a few cute options:





 Box them


If you’re not a DIY fan, you can always purchase a nice organizer like this one. This product has holes for your earrings and inserts for your bigger jewelry. I used to travel with one of these for vacations. Here are a few more options:





Pouch them


If your jewelry is low maintenance, use a soft pouch. This can be an easy DIY project: just get some fabric and tie it up with a bit of rope or even a shoe lace. I’ve also traveled with these as well because I like the idea of a soft pouch around my favorite jewelry. Here’s a few cute ready made options:





Toilet Paper Packing


A toilet paper roll is a great way to organize jewelry at home and could work on the road too! Put your bracelets round the roll, pin your earrings by the side, and insert your necklaces by the hole. Again, don’t pack this much jewelry – maybe half a roll will do.




Vacuum Bliss


Use plastic seals like these Glad Press N Seal wraps. Use them to keep your jewelry safely in place. Place all your accessories on one sheet then cover with another plastic seal and press it down. Who knew traveling with jewelry could be this organized?




Travel Towel


Similar to the DIY jewelry roll, keep traveling with jewelry simple by using a small travel towel. Arrange your jewelry neatly and then roll the towel. Tie it down at the ends and voila – your easy DIY jewelry packing case!




 Pill Case


Nothing beats the 7 day pill box when it comes to traveling with jewelry. You can even arrange your accessories per day. It’s small, it’s strong, and can keep all your jewelry ultra-organized. This is an alternate style by Travelon.


More Alternatives for Jewelry Organizer


 What are your packing tips for traveling with jewelry?

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