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Traveling with jewelry is a stylish and easy way to transform a basic wardrobe but packing it can be tricky, especially necklaces! Find out how to pack necklaces with these simple tips to keep your jewelry untangled and organized!


How to Pack Necklaces




No Knot Necklace Carrier


We all learn from past traveling experiences. Whether it’s packing smarter and lighter or a little more organized, taking delicate items on vacation can end up being a big cluttered mess.

Let’s take necklaces for instance: we love accessorizing them with any outfit while jet-setting. But who hasn’t been through the tangled mess that can even end up ruining your necklaces?




We’ve listed some of our top hacks for how to pack necklaces on your next trip:




Reusable Straws


The Straw Method


This is hands down the best solution on how to pack necklaces. It’s foolproof for traveling with chained necklaces. Avoid making a frustrated tangled mess by taking a simple drinking straw and stringing your chain through it. This method works perfectly to avoid heaps of knotted chains.

Use one straw per necklace to keep your pieces organized and easier to sort through. Then, avoid losing your necklaces by packing them into a jewelry pouch.

Go one step further and color code your necklaces to match your outfits. Use different color straws with each necklace and store them with each top. Now you can spend less time getting ready on your vacation!


If you’re traveling with wider necklaces, use the press and seal method mentioned below!




Travel Pill Box Organizer


Daily Pill Box


If you’re looking to carry around your necklaces in your purse without losing them, this tip will keep your jewelry sorted and organized while on your trip. A pill case that you might have lying around can store one necklace per container to keep them sorted all in a single place.

This hack keeps your chains and pendants handy to carry around in your purse all in a safe and compact storage. A 7-day pill box can hold delicate pieces and keep your chains organized so you can grab a necklace and go!




Zinc Metal Rings


Metal Rings or Cuffs


If you’re digging around Ziploc bags trying to find a specific necklace, a metal or plastic ring can prevent your chains from tangling all over the place. Rings or clips that are often used for crafting can keep your necklaces stored without a hitch.

Simply loop your necklace around the cuff and place it into a silk jewelry pouch. Unruly necklaces and delicate bracelet chains can easily be tucked away securely. Even larger and chunky necklaces can stay tangle-free!




Kids Velvet Hangers


Baby Hanger


While small and delicate necklaces can be placed into small compartments, larger statement necklaces – which add a touch of color to otherwise plain outfits – can end up getting disheveled while traveling.

Some statement necklaces that can’t fit anywhere else can be wrapped around tiny tubular hangers meant for babies. These can easily be stored into your luggage.

Attaching your over-sized necklaces to a small hanger will securely fit into any compartment without getting tangled up. Slip it into the front pocket of your suitcase for easy access.




Microfiber Cleaning Cloth


Microfiber Cloth


For a simple and clean way to store your necklaces for traveling, a microfiber cloth can be used to securely roll delicate pieces. Lay out your necklaces on the cloth with 1-2 inches space between them, so each “roll” will include a single piece of jewelry. The texturized cloth will prevent chains from slipping around while keeping them tucked away in your pouch.

Before wrapping them, make sure each necklace doesn’t touch any others during the rolling process. Once you’ve rolled the cloth, fold the ends together and place it inside a small pouch to store.

When you’ve reached your destination, unroll it on a flat surface to select your necklace. This works best with small pieces with delicate chains to prevent tangles.






Glad Press’n Seal Food Plastic Wrap


Press n’ Seal


To keep small or large necklaces neat and tangle-free, the press and seal method can easily keep your pieces in place without moving around. Don’t worry this method can repack your jewelry when you’re headed back home.

Simply take a long piece of Glad Press n’ Seal plastic wrap and lay out your necklaces, keeping 1-2 inches between each piece. Seal in your necklaces between the two layers making sure the edges are sealed thoroughly.

The plastic wrap doesn’t leave behind any residue but sticks to itself and can be easily reused. Roll up your plastic wrap and pack it away!




Ziploc Snack Bags


Ziploc It


The easiest way to figure out how to pack necklaces is to use snack size Ziploc bags, while these come in an array of sizes to fit your clothes, shoes, toiletries and accessories, these are very handy to store individual jewelry. To easily pack your necklaces for each outfit, a handy snack size Ziploc bag can keep your pieces organized.

Ziploc bags are highly recommended for fine jewelry to prevent erosion if you’re traveling to a humid climate or to any damp location. To take your organization to the next level, wrap each delicate necklace in a paper towel before placing it into the Ziploc bag. This will keep your jewelry from tarnishing during your trip.




Jewelry Organizer Clutch Bag


Roll It Up


To travel in style, the soft and luxurious suede Wodison jewelry roll clutch bag will keep your smallest necklaces safe, secure, and neatly organized while you’re on-the-go. The clutch is especially designed to store necklaces with 20 removable rings that can attach to each individual necklace for protective storage.

The design is compact with a secure Velcro closure and side protective cloth flap to protect necklaces from scratching. The roll style is especially ideal to use for thinner expensive chains that should be stored flat. The soft suede roll is especially convenient compared to taking a bulky jewelry box.


Tip: we suggest to travel with only 1-2 interchangeable sets of jewelry to help you pack light.




Waterproof Jewelry Roll Bag


Foldable Organizer


If you loathe fumbling around small storage bags with your necklaces and need them in one easy to access spot, a jewelry organizer will keep your items organized in a convenient pouch.

The hanging jewelry roll has 7 different sized dividers to store each necklace to prevent each from tangling together. The lightweight nylon organizer is water resistant and durable to store neatly into your luggage without losing its shape.

The flexible material allows more space to hold larger necklaces and jewelry pieces. Hang it up in your hotel bathroom to easily access to your jewelry.


This is one of our favorite options on how to pack necklaces – you can use it for various items, too!




Small Travel Jewelry Box


Tips to Remember


If you’re headed to a foreign destination, keep your jewelry minimal with only inexpensive pieces that you can afford to lose. If you misplace or drop smaller pieces along your trip, it won’t be the end of the world. And if you do bring valuable jewelry, packed it in your carryon bag on your flight, since it’s safer there than in a checked bag.



These tips and tricks for packing your necklaces will not only keep your travel outfits on-trend but prevent a tangled mess along the way!

What are your tips on how to pack necklaces and jewelry when traveling? Please comment below!


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