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When Anatomie offered to sponsor my new travel wardrobe, I was extremely excited. This designer brand represents Travel Fashion Girl in every way: practical and stylish travel clothes for women. The clothing looks like apparel I’d actually wear at home and will be ideal for my upcoming trip to Europe where regular backpacker clothing just doesn’t cut it.




Anatomie offers high end travel clothes for women aiming to provide the perfect balance between function and fashion. Using designer influence with high performance French and Italian materials, they create their clothing for the technical needs of a traveler.

I couldn’t wait to share the line with you travel fashion girls so I decided to do this initial review.

Upon initial inspection the clothing feels soft and luxurious, especially the tops. Not only are they made to please the fashionista, but they seem like they’re also built to last. The pants feel more like travel material and I’m looking forward to see how they hold up in comparison to my travel-tech convertible pants.

Since Europe is my next destination, Anatomie sent me warmer clothing options that I can layer. Check out my awesome new travel wardrobe with Anatomie’s travel clothes for women.


Initial Review For Anatomie’s Travel Clothes For Women



Rosella Ruffle Travel Jacket




I love this jacket! It’s really cute and resembles one of my own jackets at home. While it looks heavy in the picture, the material is travel friendly and thin. At first glance it looks like an ultra chic wind breaker but I’ll let you know how it stands against the UK chill in December.

August 2013 update: I’ve had this jacket for almost a year now and it’s become a permanent addition to my travel wardrobe on my long term travels. I spend the majority of my time in tropical climates so this lightweight jacket is perfect to use on it’s own on chilly nights, rainy days, or to layer with a hoodie underneath if I travel to a country with a cooler climate. The biggest plus is that it’s water resistant (enough for a light rain) but it looks cute too.


Learn more about the Rosella Jacket.


Cosima Cover-up




This piece didn’t attract me on the website but it was a whole different when I received it in person. The fabric alone is to die for. It’s an ultra-soft burnout texture that is begging to be cuddled in. I can see myself wearing this style open over a tee or wrapped around a dress for an extra layer of warmth.

August 2013 update: This piece was perfect for layering on my recent trip to Egypt. It’s lightweight and soft which is what you want when dealing with the extreme heat of 100F. While I’m not traveling with it on my long term travels (as my outerwear layers are minimal) I do recommend it on vacations or holidays that require a lightweight and versatile wrap.


Learn more about the Cosima Cover-up.


Fiora Travel Pants




I wasn’t sure what to expect with these as I’m petite and I can never get travel pants that fit semi-decent. These have the potential to replace my frumpy convertibles but I need to get them tailored for my short height before I can make that final decision.

August 2013 update: These pants didn’t work well with my frame but you can check out this other blogger’s video review for more details: Heather on Her Travels reviews the Fiora on video.


Learn more about the Fiora travel pants.


Skyler Slim Fit Travel Pants



These are nice looking pants that also have the potential to act as trekking pants with their ideal travel fabric. I also have to get these tailored before I can give you better feedback.

August 2013 update: I didn’t realize it at the time but these trousers ended up being the perfect travel pants and are also a permanent addition to my long term travel wardrobe! Find out why in my review: The Best Travel Pants for Women.


Learn more about the Skyler travel pants


Tatiana Sleeveless Top




My real life and travel wardrobe always have a basic black tank and this is it. It’s soft and sturdy yet stylish with an understated mesh design in the upper shoulders and back area. This looks like a top that you can take from yoga to a trek; a walk around the city and a night out in my the town. The Tatiana has already won a place in my permanent travel bag.

August 2013 update: The Tatiana was the perfect solution to a boring old tank top. Check out another blogger’s review for more details: Adventurous Andrea reviews the Tatiana.


Learn more about the Tatiana sleeveless top.


Maggie Long Sleeve Top




I’m not one for long sleeve shirts and I’ve never owned many. This top, however, is a quality design and fabric that not only shows sophistication, it also shows durability. I’m definitely looking forward to wearing this top in the coming months!

August 2013 update: European style tops can be tricky on my upper body so it wasn’t the most flattering piece on my body type so I chose not to travel with it long term.


Learn more about the Maggie long sleeve top.



Considering I hardly travel to cold destinations and don’t have too much warm travel gear, these clothing items are going to experience a lot of usage in the coming months as I brace myself for the English chill.

After five years of travel, I’m ready to begin a new phase in my travel career. With that comes along top of the line clothing I can use on my travels. I’ve learned that when you only have a few items in your bag, every item counts and it’s worthwhile to have travel clothing that you really like and is not only fashionable but can also hold up with constant wear.


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 Let’s go shopping!

These very unique travel clothes for women meet the needs of those that crave fashion with minimalist travel. Share your thoughts about this travel clothing collection and don’t forget to re-tweet and share!

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