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When you’re traveling to hot and humid destinations, the last thing you want to wear are layers. How do you deal with low-cut tops and dresses that would normally require a cami underneath? A cleavage cover!

Get the coverage you need while keeping cool. Find out the best styles to choose from with our tried and tested reviews!


Best Cleavage Cover Up


Reader asks:

“How do you deal with tops that are too low-cut? It seems like almost everything I try on is so low cut that it shows cleavage…especially lightweight tops for hot weather.

I don’t want to wear a cami underneath because it defeats the purpose of a lightweight top. Bralettes don’t work because I need more support. Any advice?”


When you’re traveling in hot and humid weather, you want to wear fresh and airy clothing but many cute clothing styles also have low cut necklines and armholes. Not to mention, the endless array of beautiful backless tops that are just not an option for women that need support.

You might be thinking, “just wear a camisole underneath!” But who wants another bulky layer under their clothes in hot, humid climates?

So what’s a girl to do, when she needs to wear lightweight clothing in a hot weather, yet everything seems too low-cut?

We asked the TFG Facebook Group this question and received some fantastic cleavage cover options! And one of our editors personally tried some of these solutions, so keep reading to see the results!


Spoiler alert: these are our favorite cleavage cover up styles:

  1. Basic Mini Cami
  2. Half Lace Cami
  3. Uniqlo AIRism Sleeveless Top 




Half Cami (Plus) | Strap Bandeau


A Bralette or Half Cami


What’s a bralette? It’s an unstructured bra without molded cups or wires. A half cami is pretty self explanatory–it’s a shorter camisole.

But we aren’t using the bralette for any kind of support purposes (since it offers little to no support anyway). No, we’re wearing a bralette over our regular bra! Genius.


Bralettes are:

  • Cheap
  • Available in any store that sells bras
  • Easy to buy, because sizing isn’t that important. In fact, slightly loose is better than tight for our purposes.




Strappy Back Shirt | Open Back Top


Bralettes also offer coverage for tops with large armholes or open backs, like these examples shown above. I never would have considered wearing tops like this, but now with a pretty mini cami over my bra, a whole world of back cut-outs or strappy backs has been opened up!

I personally tested the three bralettes show below (all under $13). The most important factors to me were the quality of the fabric – it had to feel lightweight and not look cheap – and whether the fabric reached high enough on my chest to cover me up.

Some bralettes only come in one size. If you do have a choice of sizes, choose larger rather than smaller.


Read this post to learn the importance of getting a good bra fitting!




Black left (one size) | White (one size) | Black right (3 sizes)


The white cami-style bralette was the winner! As you can see from this image, it’s the “tallest”, which means it has the most fabric to reach higher on the chest. It also had the softest, lightest fabric, which is great for comfort and breathability.

The first time I tried the white cami over my bra, I was so excited because it felt great, fit well, covered me up, and looked nice under my low-cut tops. I can’t believe I didn’t try this trick years ago!




Bandeau Tube Top | Lace Strapless


You could also try a pretty bandeau tube top. It serves the same purposes as a mini cami or bralette, but without the straps. This could work over a strapless bra and one with straps as well.




Overlay Bralette | Tank Top


Ladies who don’t mind less support could simply wear a good quality bralette or cami bra like these, without another bra underneath.

One tip to keep in mind when shopping for bralettes or mini camis is to pay attention to the fabric that will be poking out of your top. Some lace can look cheaply made or low-quality–make sure to choose fabric that looks like it’s good quality.


Tip: These types of bralettes look pretty under backless tops and can easily disguise wide bra bands! They’re a TFG fave!




The Convertible T-Shirt Bra


The Le Mystere Convertible T-Shirt bra


If you don’t want the added fabric from a bralette or cami over your bra, there’s another option.

There’s only one underwire bra with extended sizing in the universe – that I could find – that has a lace panel to act as a cleavage cover. The moment I saw this, I had to have it!

The lace triangle very cleverly snaps and slides onto the front of the bra and can be removed. (You can also wear the lace on the back in a pretty racerback look!) It’s not inexpensive, but it’s a high quality, well-made bra. It also comes in extended sizing (starting at size 30 bands and up to a G cup).

I was so in love with the concept of this bra, unfortunately even after trying 4 sizes, I found it didn’t work for my shape. The lace was a nice quality, but unlike a cami that you can tug up and down if needed, the bra’s lace is a non-adjustable height. Also, the lace sits quite high–almost too high.




Snappy Cami with Lace and with No Lace


Snap-On Bra Overlay


As an alternative to the Le Mystere bra with the built in cleavage cover, you can also use something like the Cami Secret, which is a triangle of fabric that snaps onto your bra and tucks under your top.

I tried the Cami Secret and while it worked decently well, I wasn’t a fan of the fabric. However, pictured above are similar but different brands (that are highly-rated) to try out – the fabric might be nicer on those!




Sleeveless Top


Uniqlo AIRism Top


Remember, my goal is to not wear a camisole under a top, because I don’t want an extra layer in hot weather. However, Uniqlo’s AIRism line was recommended by so many TFG readers that I had to check it out. My plan was to order a camisole, cut off the bottom, and hem in so it was just longer than my bra.

I ordered the Uniqlo AIRism camisole and their “sleeveless top” (tank top), which is pictured above.

The second I removed the tank from the bag, I said, “oooh!” as I ran my hands over the fabric. It feels lovely. It’s light and soft but not shiny, exceeding my expectations. AIRism wearers rave about this quick-drying, absorbent, anti-odor fabric, and I can see why. Obsessed!

That said, the camisole didn’t work for me but the tank did. Why? The only bra-less camisole they offered was a v-neck, which hung too low, not covering the cleavage enough. For this reason, I recommend getting the AIRism tank instead of the cami.

I LOVE the tank! It comes up high enough to cover my cleavage. Also, the straps are just wide enough to cover bra straps, but are thinner than most tanks. This top packs into a tiny space, is easy to hand wash, and dries quickly. Amazing for travel!

AIRism camisoles and tanks are also inexpensive – around $10 each! (I find that Uniqlo can run small; I recommend going up a size if you’re unsure.)

I haven’t actually altered the top to make it shorter yet, but I think it would work! This was actually recommended by one of our readers! If only Uniqlo would create a bralette or mini cami out of the AIRism fabric! Now THAT would be an incredible product!



Alterations for Tops and Dresses


Another option is to alter the piece of clothing, or have a tailor alter it for you. For sleeveless tops or dresses, you could have the straps shortened. (This would also make the armholes smaller.)

With a little sewing skill, you could sew together a too-low v-neck, or even sew in a triangle of fabric.

Hopefully one of these options will help you feel more confident wearing the hot weather tops and dresses you love! 


What are your favorite cleavage cover up styles? Please share in the comments!


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