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Linen clothing is perfect for summer and warm weather travel. Stock up on this vacation staple with this season’s ten best pieces!


10 Summer-Inspired Linen Clothing Styles


Linen regulates temperature nicely, making it cool to the touch. At first, it may seem dry and rough, but after a few more washes, linen clothing turns softer and smoother.

We love this fabric because it’s super comfortable in the heat. Unlike cotton, linen doesn’t stick to your skin even when you sweat and allows better air flow which cools your body down. This is great news if you’re traveling somewhere hot this summer: you won’t feel clammy in your clothing, just comfortable.



If you think this fabric is cool (which we think it is), here’s a list of chic, comfortable linen clothing pieces you can add to your travel wardrobe in time for your summer vacay:


Beautifully Basic


Bag | Sunglasses | Sandals | Top | Jeans


While tank tops are breezy to begin with, selecting one in a breathable fabric will make them that much more functional when embarking on warm weather travel.


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Linen Tank | Relaxed Linen Blend | Split Back Linen


A linen tank top is a total summer essential, working well with a variety of looks and offered in a wide range of cute styles.  A white shirt tank adds a preppy feel to any daytime ensemble while 7 For All Mankind’s split back tank brings a dramatic cut to an otherwise casual garment.


A Pop of Color


Sunglasses | Bracelet | Sandals | Tank | Bag | Shorts


Liven up your travel wardrobe with a splash of bold, bright color! Pink, blue and yellow are all fantastic shades to play up your look with and will certainly make you stand out this season.


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Sleeve Shirt | Linen Shirt | Babydoll Dress



Bag | Sunglasses | Sandals | Top | Pants


Ranging from delicate stripes, a chic tie waist to a stylishly casual wide leg pant, a pair of linen pants is an easy summer essential for your travels. The best part is they won’t weigh down your luggage and will keep you comfortable in the heat.


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Ankle Pant | High Rise | Wide Leg Pants


Ranging from delicate stripes, a chic tie waist to a stylishly casual wide leg pant, a pair of linen pants is an easy summer essential for your travels. The best part is they won’t weigh down your luggage and will keep you comfortable in the heat.


Navy Shorts


Sunglasses | Bag | Top | Shorts | Sandals


While black will always be in, why not choose a pair of shorts in another classic color, like navy? Pleasing both minimalists and color enthusiasts alike, these navy shorts are an instant summer staple.


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Waist TieLinen ShortTie Front Linen


Paper bag tie front shorts are a breezy essential while Athleta’s linen short can easily be styled up or down to your liking. No matter which style you choose,.




Hat | Bag | Tunic | Shorts | Sunglasses | Sandals


The nice thing about tunics is that they’re versatile and can be worn outside or tucked into your bottoms.


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Linen Tunic | Easy Linen Tunic | Striped Tunic


If your travels take you to a sunny seaside destination, bring along a tunic in either chambray, flirty coral stripes or a pretty turquoise hue (or all three for my fellow shopaholics!) For a classic look, opt for a crisp and clean white button up.





Linen Plus


Sunglasses | Necklace | Shirtdress | Bag | Sandals


One of the easiest ways to transition your look from day to night is by rocking a versatile shirtdress. A linen one in a summer perfect chambray is a fantastic option for this, helping you go from museums to margaritas with minimal effort.


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Linen Blend Dress | Tunic Shirt | Open Front Cardigan


Additional linen essentials include a versatile button up tunic shirt and a lightweight drapey cardigan.


Ripe for Stripes


Sunglasses | Bag | Boots | Romper | Hat | Earrings | Bracelet


If the season of summer were to initiate its own official print, then I’d say the classic linen stripe would be a promising contender. With a sunny chic appearance and an airy feel to match, these pieces are perfect to flaunt on any warm vacation out and about.


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Shirtdress | Linen Blend Shorts | Striped Tee


A striped romper is an ultra chic option that can take your look from day to night while a relaxed shirtdress is a stylish pick for more casual days. Shorts and shirts adorned in these light stripes are easy essentials to throw into just about any summer ensemble.


Bohemian Belle


Hat | Earrings | Sandals | Tee | Bag | Pants | Bracelet


For the free spirited and stylish traveler, boho-inspired pieces are the perfect travel wardrobe essentials. Ankle length linen pants in a funky boho stripe are stylishly casual while an embroidered blouse and boho printed dress are easygoing yet put together.


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Shift Dress | Linen Pants | Embroidered Top


Rock these pieces at your next summer music festival or adventure out in an artsy, European town.


Tropical Prints


Sunglasses | Bracelet | Sandals | Top | Shorts | Bag


Whisking yourself off to the tropics sometime soon? Or simply want to feel as if you’re sipping out of a coconut on a beach in Maui? Then a tropical print linen is the look for you.


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Tank Top | Print Linen | Print T-Shirt


With a feel that’s breezy and a look that’s vacation ready, these palm and floral adorned pieces are fantastic options to rock this summer.


All Covered Up


Tee | Boots | Wrap | Bag | Jeans


Don’t forget to pack something for those cooler summer nights! A lightweight linen sweater keeps you warm when that breeze kicks in while also preventing you from feeling too stuffy.


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Long Cardigan | Sleeve Cardigan | High-Low Sweater


A wrap coat or hi-low pullover adds some structured drama to your ensemble while a classic cardigan is a foolproof essential for any traveling fashionista.



This summer, linen clothing is in. But despite the rising temperatures, you can always feel and look cool with the right clothing in the right fabric. 

What’s your favorite summer-inspired linen clothing? Please comment below!


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