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Looking for a new travel shoe? Women Crocs are incredibly popular with our readers, and for good reason! Find out the best styles, from sneakers to sandals to clogs and flip flops—all of them are worthy to pack for your next trip!


Crocs Women Love for Travel



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Amazingly comfortable, long-lasting, and supportive, it’s no wonder readers have been loving their Crocs lately. And while the term Crocs probably conjures up an image of the classic clog, even those have gone through a makeover, but you can obviously still get the originals!  

Crocs have SO many shoe options for travel, from flip flops to sneakers and even boots! And readers think they’re pretty cute and comfortable, too! 

Wearers mention wearing them not just in clear and balmy weather, but for destinations where you’re confronted with the elements. One traveler reports walking around Bangkok, Thailand in her Crocs sneakers with confidence during the monsoon season, where her shoes never felt soaked or disgusting from the rising water. Crocs are durable, versatile for different environments, and super lightweight to pack!


Find out the best Crocs shoes for women as voted by our readers! 



Best Crocs Sandals Women Love




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Crocs Slides Women Wear to the Beach: Swiftwater 


These cute women Crocs sandals are perfect for beach days or adventures by the water. They’re actually designed to channel water away, so even if they get drenched, you won’t have to worry about water pooling in them!

They’re flexible, comfy, and easy to slip on and off, but they definitely feel secure when they’re on! One traveler says, “Oh my gosh! I absolutely love these sandals. While traveling overseas, I wore them day and night. I love the fact that after I’ve been on the beach I am just able to wash them off and I’m good to go!” 

Available in 20 colors, so choose your favorite!




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Crocs Womens Sandals Versatile for Any Destination: LiteRide Stretch 


These strappy women Crocs sandals from the LiteRide line are quite a stylish pair! They have a clean look, and are versatile enough to be paired with shorts, pants, and dresses! They offer all-day support and comfort, and are great for hot, summer days! 

Users say the straps are snug, but don’t squeeze your toes, and are suitable for both wide and narrow feet! These sandals are ultra-lightweight, too.  

A Disneyland goer says, “Recently went on vacation, walking every day ALL day through miles of theme parks. On day one I wore my Crocs with soft, stretchy bands. Fast forward to day two and I wore another shoe that I thought would be awesome—I suffered all day and all night. From day three to eight, I was back to Crocs and my feet were SO happy. Needless to say, next time I won’t pack anything except multiple Croc options!




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Womens Crocs Sandals Voted Most Stylish: Tulum


These absolutely chic Crocs sandals women’s shoes are beyond stylish and are such an easy summer pair! They’re incredibly lightweight, and the straps feel secure and comfortable. 

Something to note is that the Tulum sandals don’t have any arch support, so if you need that, you might want to opt for another Crocs style. 

However, a TFG reader definitely loves these and shares more, “I don’t usually like Crocs but decided to give these a try. They are super cute, fit perfectly, and are pretty comfy! I plan to take these to France with me to dress up or down and wear them at the beach since they are waterproof!” 




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Chic Womens Crocs Wedges for City Breaks: Brooklyn


Who knew crocs sandals for women could be this stylish, AND comfy? The Brooklyn High Wedge isn’t just pretty, they boast a foam footbed that’s soft and cushy and has massage pods that users say feel lovely. They give moderate height, at about 3.1”, and they’re super lightweight.

A reader shares, “I have these Crocs wedges and love them. So comfy and they look so cute.” 




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​​Crocs Wedges Women Adore for Balmy Locations: Brooklyn Strap Style


With an eye-catching strappy look, these women platform Crocs have a light and cozy footbed that users say is a dream to walk on! Many say these have great arch support and are super comfy for all-day wear. 

A user says, “Perfect travel sandal! Bought them for a hot weather vacation. I was looking for comfort, support, versatility, and something beautiful. These are so worth it! I strongly recommend this pair!” 

They’re available in a range of cute colors, too!




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Quick Drying and Water-Friendly Crocs Women Sandals: Brooklyn Low Wedge 


So adorable, yet practical, the Brooklyn womens crocs wedge sandals feature an adjustable ankle strap and two top straps that feel nice and secure. Deep heel cups and a raised insole profile add good support and stability. They’re at around 1”, and the fun, chunky heel would look amazing with rompers, denim shorts, or skirts!

Another big bonus is, water beads off and won’t bother your feet one bit, and if you dip your shoe in water, these puppies dry quickly too! In other words, do wear them in warm weather or at a beachy destination! 

Many travelers rave about how cute and comfy these platform Crocs sandals are! One says, “Honestly, I’m flabbergasted by these. I was looking for shoes for our vacation, and when I clicked on these I didn’t realize they were Crocs. I wore them camping in Washington state, followed by a week walking around Disneyland and was comfortable the whole time. I 100% believe these are worth it.”


Here are comfortable walking sandals that are stylish, too!



Best Crocs Flip Flops Women Love




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Best Womens Crocs Flip Flops for Travel: Serena


The Serena Crocs flip flops for women are very popular with readers for traveling to numerous spots! They’re sleek and fashionable, while also being incredibly comfortable and supportive. Users say this sandal is so versatile and you can put some serious mileage in these with complete comfort!

One adventurer says, “Traveled all summer with these on. Great for most terrains (beach, mountains, city). Very comfortable. Look great with virtually every outfit. Easy to wash, too.” These are lightweight, flexible, and versatile enough to be taken from day to night.




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Crocs Women’s Flip Flops Ideal for Water Sports: Capri V 


The Crocs flip flops womens Capri V have a athletic look and great to slip on in between water activities. These have a super thick and comfy footbed, a deep heel cup, and a foam outsole for extreme comfort! The straps stay put and the toe post is reportedly comfortable and painless, plus there’s arch support for you tootsies.

A wearer says, “Excellent product! Great fit, super lightweight, loving the arch and back support. I recommend this product for anyone, more so for everyone with back issues as I have!” These come in multiple colors and is an easy summer staple! 




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Women Crocs Flip Flops With Great Traction: Kadee II


These Crocs women flip flops are timeless and simple, yet offer so much in the way of support and long-wear comfort. The footbed and toe posts are soft and make them super cushioned to walk in. Take these at a spa or pool as they have good traction, and you can get them wet with no problem! 

A reader shares, “I love my Crocs sandals, so ultralight, cute, easy to carry, and comfortable for walking.” 


We’ve rounded up a list of the best travel flip flops offering support and comfort on your next beachside vacation!



Best Crocs Clogs Women Love




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Most Popular Women Crocs Clogs: Literide 


When it comes to Crocs clogs womens styles, the Literide is mega-popular, and has soft, foam insoles that will have you feeling like you’re walking on air! These shoes are flexible and move with your feet effortlessly. 

A user shares, “I was at Disney World walking for five days straight with little to no pain at the end of every day! If you’re looking for a shoe to last you through 40,000 step days, these are for you. These shoes are lightweight and so comfortable. I even wore these in the pool. I highly recommend these Crocs to anyone planning a trip with lots of walking.”




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Crocs Women Clogs for Camping and Road Trips: Literide 360


The Literide 360 women’s crocs clogs are the perfect utilitarian shoe for all of your outdoorsy travels. Despite these shoes being incredibly lightweight and gentle on your feet, they’re a super resilient pair that can handle some rigorous adventures! 

Users report that because of their arch support, overall comfort, and durability, they make an awesome hiking shoe or general adventure shoe. They have quite a sleek and sporty look, too! 

One reader shares, “They’re durable and super comfortable to wear. The sole is more like a tennis shoe bottom– grippy, lightweight, and comfortable.”




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Comfy Crocs Women Shoes: Animal Print Clogs


Are Crocs clogs fun? You betcha! Take a look at these animal print clogs that women say are amazingly comfortable! This classic pair has the comfy support, breathability, and durability that this brand is known for. These are fantastic for the airport, walking, or hanging at the beach, and the prints are just too cute! 

A traveler reports, “Been wearing these exclusively the last six weeks traveling the country, all in cold, hot, wet, and dry conditions. They are all good and protected my dainty feet. These are non-slip and stayed on. And they’re so hip and stylish! I saw tons of Croc wearers, but not one leopard print!”


Check out TFG readers’ favorite most comfortable clogs for women!



Best Crocs Flats Women Love




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Cute Crocs Women’s Flats: Duet Busy Day


These womens crocs flats are simple, cute, and oh-so cozy! They feature enhanced arch support and the footbed feels wonderful. They’re perfect for long days on your feet and are slip-resistant, whether you’re wandering through museums or walking along boardwalks! 

A user says, “My go-to shoes for traveling. Water-resistant, comfortable, and durable!”




Shop: Amazon | Crocs


Lightweight Crocs Flats Womens Pick for Summer: Kadee 


These warm weather-ready crocs womens flats have so much to offer! The arch support is said to be fantastic, and they offer plenty of ventilation, keeping things cool and comfortable. The footbed has ample cushioning, and the outsole has great traction. 

A lot of TFG readers recommend this flat! One shares, “I live in Crocs Kadee. Traveled Germany, Amsterdam, Poland, and Norway wearing these!”




Shop: Amazon | Crocs


Stylish Crocs Flats for Women: Brooklyn


These Crocs flats are lightweight and can be paired with anything from cropped pants and rompers! The straps are soft and flexible, and many wearers feel they fit just right—without pinching or being too tight. That’s because the foam footbeds add lots of comfort!

One user says, “These shoes are seriously comfy! I love the heel coverage and they are neutral and go with many outfits. No one believes me when I say they were Crocs!!! These are great!”


These are the brands our readers rated as having the most cute and comfortable ballet flats for travel!



Best Crocs Sneakers Women Love




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Most-Recommended Women Crocs Shoes: Literide Pacer Lace-ups


The most popular women Crocs tennis shoes is aptly named Literide Pacer. Imagine the classic comfort of this brand rolled into a lace-up sneaker! The foam insoles are super cushy and lightweight, and the upper material is flexible, supportive, and breathable. 

Wearers say the fit is snug and SO comfortable for long term wear. These cuties also come in a range of fun colors to suit your style. 

One reader says, “My Crocs sneakers are the most comfortable. People think that it’s only the ugly clogs but there are so many other ones that are really nice.”


Looking for some extra support? Check out our readers tried and tested recommendations for the best insoles for a day spent on your feet!




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Crocs Sneakers Womens Style for Summer: Literide Pacer Work Non-Slip Shoes


This non slip on Crocs womens style is another highly rated Literide pick! They’re lightweight and super easy to throw on and wear in any situation. The foam outsoles are durable and supportive, while the upper elastic strap keeps everything secure!

A happy wearer shares, “I am an avid Crocs lover and yet again they have made the most comfortable shoe I’ve ever worn. I started wearing Crocs clogs to ease my plantar fasciitis pain and now I can have the same comfort with a tennis shoe!”




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Crocs Tennis Shoes Womens Choice for Active Days: Literide 360 Pacer


For on-the-go days, the Literide 360 womens Crocs sneakers  will keep your feet super supported, comfortable, and airy! The uppers are dynamic and match the natural motion of your foot, and the outsoles have excellent traction. 

Users say these work well for long days on their fee—they’re great for sightseeing and multi-hour travel days. One wearer reports, “I adore these shoes! I have plantar fasciitis and it feels like heaven when I walk in them. They are easy to keep clean.”


Find out the top reader recommendations for the best white sneakers!



Best Crocs Boots Women Love




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Top Crocs Rain Boots Womens Pick: Freesail Chelsea


Yes, Crocs makes boots, too! Their Freesail Chelsea rain booties are quite chic, with a nice silhouette and they have foam for light cushioning. 

These are excellent for really rainy destinations but are not sightseeing shoes. In most cases, readers opt for a pair of waterproof ankle boots.

A user says, “I absolutely love these shoes. They were tight at first but after a couple of wears, they stretched to the perfect fit. I wear these constantly. They keep my feet dry and are so comfortable. .”




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Crocs Lined Womens Boots for Snowy Places: Classic Neo Puff


These winter lined crocs for women are the ultimate snow boots! You’ll be able to face any inclement weather, with their fuzz-lined interior, puffy insulation at the ankle, and great traction. The foam sole is supportive and soft, and the interior keeps your feet warm and insulated in the chilliest of forecasts! 

A happy owner of these womens winter Crocs says, “I love them!!! Perfect fit, so comfortable and warm. The tread on them is insane! Perfect for winters!”


Check out these top picks for rain boots women trust to keep their feet dry!



Womens Crocs Shoes Comparison Chart


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What do you think are the best crocs womens shoes? Share with us in the comments!


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