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Step 1:


All of our packing lists offer sample travel wardrobe ideas inspired by the local fashion in each destination. We have various guides to help make packing easy for you. Let’s take a look at each one!

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Now that you have a packing list to guide you, it’s time to pick and choose your clothing and accessories. Browse all our travel clothing articles or look for specific clothing ideas.

Please read How to Choose Travel Clothing and How to Choose Travel Shoes for important guidelines on what items work best for travel.

These are a few of our most popular clothing and shoe articles:


Did you know that a clothing items fabric holds the key to packing light? Read our thorough guide about The Best Fabrics for Travel to help you choose the best clothing choices for your trip.


Step 3:


You know what you need to pack and the clothing that you want to take now it’s time to figure out what luggage works best for your needs. Check out our top picks!

These are a few of our most popular luggage articles:


If you’re planning a backpacking trip, this backpack is awesome.



Step 4:


The key to toiletries is to downsize, use multi-tasking products, and pack what you actually need. Choose a category to learn more!

These are a few of our most popular beauty articles:


Please visit this page for a full listing of travel beauty tips.



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For a shortcut on where to find the best products for your trip, check out our shopping section for to picks, brands, and our favorite stores!


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