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For this edition of Local’s Approved Packing Lists, the team over at Get Your Travel On has put together this packing guide to help you decide what to pack for Seattle.

Jen, Tracy, Krista, Abby, and Kendra are a group of friends who have made a habit out of escaping together to their favorite cities whenever they can. They’re on a mission to inspire other BFFs to make memories by traveling, and they give readers the resources they need to plan memorable–and awesome–adventures.




They’ve got great advice because between them they’ve lived over 8 years in Seattle; the best travel tips are from locals! Use their clothing tips along with TFG’s Universal Packing Lists to create your own custom Seattle Packing List.


What to Wear in Seattle


Seattle is arguably the most popular destination in the Pacific Northwest and for good reason: it offers the perfect combination of the great outdoors and the busy city.

From famous coffee shops to hiking trails, you can enjoy the concrete jungle and woods all in the same day. As you plan what to pack for Seattle, follow these style tips.



Birkenstock Mules


Seattle Clothing Style


When you’re planning what to wear in Seattle, keep in mind that it’s a casual city. Looking around, you’ll notice that outdoor brands like The North Face are popular with the practical and nature-lovin’ Seattle folk.

However, the Pacific Northwest is home to a ton of creative people who enjoy putting their own spin on the term “dressy.” With so many independent boutiques, there’s a special mix of texture, grit, and vintage class, so don’t be afraid to get unique with your Seattle packing list.

While this city may not be as funky as Portland, you’re bound to see lots of plaid in fall and winter and Birkenstocks in spring and summer!



J.Crew Tippi Sweater


Seattle Weather


The weather also contributes to defining Seattle style, as well as what to pack for Seattle. We love to layer, which gives us ample opportunity to play with patterns and colors. Many Seattleites intentionally incorporate bright colors into their ensembles to contrast the gray skies.

Don’t be that person who, when choosing what to wear in Seattle, puts on shorts at the first sign of sun in March. It’s a trap! Summer won’t actually be here for several months. And when summer does arrive, it’s often fairly mild.

As Seattle weather is known to be fickle, always check the forecast a few days before your trip so you know what to expect and pack the right items.

Once you’ve researched the weather, you can focus on creating a capsule travel wardrobe, which should easily fit in a carryon suitcase with the help of packing cubes to compress your clothing.



The North Face Laney II Trench Raincoat


Seattle Travel Essentials


Definitely add your umbrella to your Seattle packing list; it really does rain a lot here. However, you can take that a step further and replace your umbrella with a hooded jacket for rainy days.

Most locals go this route anyways, as the rain often comes with wind, which can destroy even the best umbrella in seconds. This is especially true if you plan to spend a lot of time downtown, where tall buildings can create wind tunnels.


Take a look at these stylish and Insta-friendly travel raincoats for women!





V-Neck | Blouse | Tee | Sleeveless | Shirtdress | Dress Skinny Jeans | Jeans | Coat | Raincoat | Blouse Skirt | Flat | OxfordScarf | Bag


What to Pack for Seattle in Spring


There is nothing predictable about the weather in Seattle in springtime except the old adage, “If you don’t like the weather, wait five minutes.” It can be 45°F and raining (“rain” here is usually more like “drizzle”, though we do get the occasional downpour) or 65°F and sunny, or anywhere in between…sometimes in the space of five minutes. This can make creating your Seattle packing list a little difficult.

In spite of potentially damp weather, spring is a glorious time to visit Seattle. Our overwhelmingly numerous trees (seriously, you’ve never seen so many in a city) burst into blossom and the streets and hills are lined with the fresh, bright green of new leaves and pink of cherry blossoms.

If you happen to be here in spring, check out the University of Washington campus for spectacular cherry blossom viewing. When choosing what to pack for Seattle, don’t forget your allergy medicine if you’re a sneeze factory in spring. Everything here is growing.


Start by reading these general tips on packing for spring travel:


Seattle Spring Packing List


Layers, layers, layers. Did we mention you should pack layers? Along with the unpredictable weather, you may be transitioning from strolling in warm sunshine, to shopping an air-conditioned store, to drinking a delicious cocktail on a patio when the sun is going down (though, to our credit, nearly every bar in Seattle with a patio also has heat lamps! SCORE!)

Seattle ladies like to keep it casual, so your packing list should match. Start with jeans and fashionable sneakers and add a floral or geometric patterned flowy top. A cardigan is always a good idea, too. Besides being an essential layer, it can add a great pop of color to your outfit!


Download our free guide on what to pack for mixed weather travel!


Skirts in springtime are a go, but bring a pair of tights just in case. Packing closed-toe shoes is a good idea since the occasional drizzle can get mud on your toes. Unpleasant.

We almost hate to say it, but if you are planning to go someplace like the theater, the opera, or the symphony, Seattleites don’t always dress up. You may find yourself between Socks And Sandals Guy and a lady in a cocktail dress.

When deciding what to pack for Seattle for a night out, save room in your bag by packing a pair of dressy ballet flats and maybe a nice jacket to go with your nice jeans.

Your best accessory for what to wear in Seattle in spring is a bright or patterned scarf. You can use it to keep your neck warm, add a pop of color, wrap around your head during an unexpected bout of precipitation, or even use it as a blanket, should you find yourself at one of Seattle’s many parks for an impromptu picnic or sun break.


Find out why leather jackets are perfect for travel!





Blouse | LongsleeveSleeveless | Tee | Dress | Shirtdress | Jeans | Skinny Jeans | Sweater | Raincoat | Blouse | Skirt | Sandals | Flats | Hat | Bag


What to Pack for Seattle in Summer


There is nothing more fantastic than when summer finally hits in Seattle. Sidewalk cafes and local parks burst with energy as sheltered skin eagerly drinks up the sunshine. The best part is that while other parts of the country are cooking in excessive heat with sometimes unbearable humidity, Seattle is entirely comfortable with temperatures that are perfectly warm with just the right amount of humidity.

However, be aware that you may experience different weather depending on when you visit. Locals always joke that summer really starts here on July 5th, as the weather for the annual fireworks and barbeque fest that is Independence Day can be hit or miss.

In general, you can count on warm temperatures and beautiful sunny days if you visit in late July, August, or early September. June and early July will also inevitably have some gorgeous days, but good luck predicting when they will be.


Start by reading these general tips on packing for summer travel:


Seattle Summer Packing List


You’ll fit right in sauntering through the farmers market in a flowy sundress or skirt and flat strappy sandals. Add a few pairs of short shorts to your Seattle packing list to show off your legs and pair them with some loose layered tank tops for contrast. You may need a light cardigan in the evening.

Seattle is very walkable and best enjoyed on foot, so bring either sneakers or comfortable flat oxfords that look good with ankle socks and bare legs. Take along one pair of jeans just in case. For accessories, don’t forget your favorite pair of sassy sunglasses. These are the days when they come out of hibernation and should be worn triumphantly.


Here are comfortable walking sandals that are stylish, too!


Another versatile item that doesn’t take up much room is a light silk scarf that can be worn in your hair, act as a belt, or be worn around your neck, depending on the rest of your ensemble.

If you visit in the early part of the season, add a jacket with a hood and maybe another cardigan. You can usually get away with layering and still stay warm and dry if bad weather hits.


Find out why we love these lightweight jackets for summer travel!





V-Neck | Sweater | Shirt | Tee | Shirtdress | Dress | Jeans | Skinny Jeans | Jacket | Raincoat | Sweater | Skirt | Oxford | Boots | Scarf | Bag


What to Pack for Seattle in Fall


We all adore fall in Seattle. Velvety, vibrant, crunchy, yummy fall! The most cozy and romantic of all of the seasons, consider yourself lucky to visit in the autumn. It is a delight.

September feels like an extension to the glorious Seattle summer, with temperatures often reaching the high 70’s and even blessing us with the occasional (miraculous) day in the low 80’s.

October is when things slowly start to transition back to “typical” rainy Seattle weather, leaving us somewhere around 60°F, for the most part.

Only there is no time to be disappointed about the coming winter; we’re all too busy ogling at the richest red leaves we’ve ever seen. Well, at least since last year. The brilliant, turning leaves are almost surprising against the old familiar friend that is the gray Seattle sky.

October especially tends to be THE perfect cinematic companion to this city. Expect deliciously moody mornings as light raindrops accompany you on your walk to the coffee shop.


Start by reading these general tips on packing for autumn travel:


Seattle Fall Packing List


If you’re planning a Seattle packing list for a trip in September, consult the “summer” tips above, then add a sweater and light coat.

If you’re visiting the city in October or November, here’s the plan for what to wear in Seattle: Think button-down, long-sleeve plaid shirts with skinny jeans. Bring your new fall boots–preferably leather riding boots with a rounded toe and little-to-no heel. Wear them with your skinnies or colorful, opaque tights.

Throw on a vest for layering over long shirts, a playful wool coat, and scarves for layering. You’re going for a mix of edgy and feminine.





Shirt | Sweater | T-Shirt Sweater | Dress | Shirtdress Jeans | Skinny Jeans Jackets Coat | Knit | Skirt | Boots 1 | Boots 2 | Beanie | Bag


What to Pack for Seattle in Winter


Winter is also known as the months where the numerous coffee shops and the occasional sunbreak give us locals the strength to make it to spring. Be prepared for wet, dark days and the occasional snow (though it’s rare). The best way to dress in the winter months is to add more layers!

December and January are when Seattle sees the majority of its rain. There’s also this “not really rain, more of a mist” precipitation you will encounter. An umbrella is never a bad idea, but you’ll be happier with a waterproof jacket with a hood that can easily fit over layered clothes.

The rain-mist monster will find a way to terrorize even the most weatherproof hair and makeup, so carry some essential touch-up products in your bag (a comb, pressed powder, and lip gloss).

Side note: Red lipstick can help a pale Seattle complexion. Ya know, the Snow White look. Add a tube to your Seattle packing list!


Start by reading these general tips on packing for winter travel:


Seattle Winter Packing List


Start with black wool tights under a casual shift dress with a belt, add a cardigan, and pair with boots. This creates a warm, layered, comfortable outfit, perfect for conquering Seattle’s hilly neighborhoods.

Striped shirts or other geometric patterned tops with dark denim will add that rocker edge you’ll want to channel as you’re crossing the street in a sudden downpour.


Find out how to turn any one of your dresses into versatile dresses!


Bring two pairs of shoes, both waterproof. One pair of flat-ish biker-esque boots for everyday wear and one pair of heeled ankle boots to kick it up a notch at a fancy meal or for cocktails. To save room in your suitcase, wear your bulkier boots on the plane and pack the other pair.

Accessories like a lightweight patterned scarf and touchscreen gloves leave you looking sharp while keeping exposed skin areas to a minimum when you’re out walking the city.


Find out what the best women’s waterproof leather boots!


Add to your Seattle packing list a good-sized crossbody bag that’s easy to carry. When you venture into shops and restaurants, you’ll want to peel those accessory layers away and having a sizeable bag allows them all to fit inside, lowering the likelihood of them being accidentally left behind.


Style Tip


Now a favor we ask of you, the visitor: Please help to cheer up our constant gray sky backdrop with pops of brightly-colored items.

For your Seattle packing list, bright blouses, sweaters, even a neon belt will make us smile and help us momentarily forget how many overcast days we have left before summer!


For more Local’s Approved travel tips, check out Travel Fashion Girl’s destination packing lists.


Seattle Shopping


If the clothing you chose when you planned what to pack for Seattle doesn’t quite work out, you can easily update your Seattle packing list with a little shopping.

You can’t go wrong with H&M and Forever 21, both located downtown. Also, check out the Nordstrom Rack on Fifth and Pine and hit up the flagship Nordstrom across the street. It’s a Seattle institution!

If you find yourself in Belltown, perhaps while walking to the Space Needle, the Endless Knot on First and Bell is not too expensive and is worth checking out. Other noteworthy stores include Show Pony in the Fremont neighborhood, as well as Horseshoe and Velouria in Ballard, even if it means renting a car to get there. These stores will also help you decide what to wear in Seattle for future visits.


Tip: Worried about theft, add items like a money belt or Secret Bra Pocket to your packing list for Seattle.    


Thank you Jen, Tracy, Krista, Abby, and Kendra for your awesome advice on what to pack for Seattle! Don’t forget to check out their blog and Seattle Travel Guide for everything you need to know about their hometown.

What are your tips on what to wear in Seattle? Share in the comments!


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