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Do you live for short breaks and long weekends? They’re not just fun but they’re healthy, too! They help break up a monotonous routine and help rejuvenate your motivation to be more productive at work and in life.

Take the stress out of packing with these 3-day weekend getaway outfits for summer. They’ll help make packing a breeze!


Weekend Getaway Outfits

Written By: Sydney Woolery


When a three-day getaway graces your travel agenda, planning a standout look for each day will ensure that your trip is just as stylish as it is enjoyable.


You’ll want to look your best when you travel! Read my travel tips to Pack Light Stylishly!


Listed below is a roundup of weekend getaway outfit ideas perfect for a variety of common destinations, ranging from the bustling streets of a brand new city to the familiar corners of your own hometown.




Outfit 1: Dress | Sunglasses | Bag | Boots
Outfit 2: Blouse | Jeans | Hat | Bag | Watch | Flats
Outfit 3: Tee | Skirt | Bag | Sandals


Weekend Getaway Outfits: Urban City

A wardrobe for a weekend in the city should involve versatile classics and comfortable sneakers. Stick to a neutral color palette with pops of color and patterns through the use of scarves and bags.

City wear for places like San Francisco and Seattle should be easy and effortless, so try not to put too much thought into it. Rocking the classics and playing them up via your own unique flare will ensure you fit right in with the surrounding urban environment.


Wondering how to dress like a New Yorker? These outfits will make people doubt you’re a tourist!




Outfit 1: Blouse | Pants | Sunglasses | Bag | Flip Flops
Outfit 2: Bikini  | Cover Up | Hat | Tote | Flats
Outfit 3: Dress | Earrings | Clutch | Wedge


Weekend Getaway Outfits: Humid / Tropical Region


When your travels whisk you off to tropical and humid regions such as Miami or Cabo, clothing that is light and breathable is a must. Opt for easy tanks with wide leg pants, breezy swim covers for days by the water, and a gorgeous embroidered dress for the evening.

Don’t be afraid to really play around with colors and patterns and make sure to bring along some fantastic sandals!


Don’t forget to bring gorgeous (comfortable) beach sandals!




Outfit 1: Blouse | Shorts | Hat | Sunglasses | Bag | Boots
Outfit 2: Dress | Earrings | Clutch | Sandals
Outfit 3: Cardigan | Tank | Jeans | Watch | Bag | Flats


Weekend Getaway Outfits: Beach City


Beachside cities like Los Angeles and San Diego are all about a laid-back luxe aesthetic. Being near the beach means that apparel is kept on the breezier side, but that’s definitely not to say that the clothing remains casual.

Glamorous summer maxi dresses, airy yet chic blouses, stylish denim, and lightweight sweaters are a few promising staples one can choose to flaunt by the sea.

Wide brim hats, chic slide sandals, and oversized sunglasses in particular are great accessories to glam up these relaxed garments. Make sure to have an extra lightweight layer with you since coastal breezes can get pretty chilly (especially when the sun goes down!)


Planning to do alot of sightseeing? Don’t forget comfortable shoes. These are the best sandals for travel – they’re cute, too!




Outfit 1: Sundress | Swimsuit | Necklace | Sunglasses | Tote | Flip Flop
Outfit 2: Dress | Necklace | Cuff | Clutch | Sandals
Outfit 3: DressHat | Sunglasses | Watch | Bag | Slip On


Weekend Getaway Outfits: Nightlife


When it comes to party destinations like Las Vegas or Puerto Vallarta, keep things lightweight but bold. Make sure to have a killer accessory game, play around with colors, and have looks that will work for both casual daytime activities and a busy nightlife.

For evening apparel, rock metallic heels, a fabulous cocktail dress, and a glittery clutch to match the glitz of the evening.

For the day, a breezy jersey dress, cute yet comfortable walking shoes, and polarized sunglasses will ensure that you can shop, sightsee, and enjoy daytime activities without falling victim to the intense desert sun. And of course, don’t forget the sunscreen!

No summer trip is complete without some quality time lounging by the pool. Make sure to bring along a gorgeous poolside ensemble, including but not limited to: a pretty swimsuit, a breezy swimsuit coverup, and some accessories to flaunt once when you’re done swimming. Slip on a pair of glitzy sandals to polish off your look especially if you’re headed to a chic pool party.


Watch this video on how to pack for a weekend gateway using packing cubes!




Outfit 1: Dress | Sunglasses | Bag | Flats
Outfit 2: Tee | Leggings | Cap | Backpack | Sneakers
Outfit 3: DressLipstick | Earrings | Cuff | Pouch | Sandals


Weekend Getaway Outfits: Staycation


Planning on enjoying a good ol’ staycation? Funny enough, these simple “trips” can often be the most fun getaways! The sort of outfits you wear will obviously depend on where it is you live, but as a general rule of thumb, make sure to still have fun with fashion and treat a staycation like you would any other getaway!

Flaunt a new outfit you love even if you’re visiting places that you’re well familiar with. As any fashionista will know, dressing in a fabulous outfit that makes you feel great will make any outing exciting, even if it’s to a spot that’s nothing new.

On the other hand, make sure to research and try out new areas in town that you’ve never been to before. Treating a staycation like you would a standard vacation will make your break that much more fulfilling and will probably help you discover some new local treasures that you didn’t know about!


Clothes that multi-task are the great for travel! Here are our favorite convertible travel dresses!


An easy sundress for the daytime is great for going downtown, shopping, or checking out that cute cafe you’ve always wanted to go to. A chic LBD for the evening is a promising pick, whether it be for dancing at a local favorite joint, trying out a brand new restaurant, or enjoying a combination of both.

Having an active ensemble with some comfortable walking shoes on hand can allow for some scenic outings during your staycation, whether it be checking out a new hiking trail or simply enjoying a nice stroll through your favorite spot.

Regardless of the environment, be sure to have at least one outfit that allows for mobility. Adventure can often await in our own backyard!


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Do you have anything to add to our selection of weekend getaway outfits? Share in the comment section!


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Author Bio: Sydney Woolery is a recent UCLA graduate who loves a good adventure just as much as she does a fabulous dress. Check out her fashion blog at and follow her visual escapades on Instagram – @tokyoglitter.