Whether you’re planning what hair care products you need to take, how to downsize them, or how to style your hair on your next trip, take a look at our favorite travel hair tips. Don’t forget to download your free packing checklist!


Beauty-licious Beach Essentials For A Winter Escape

If you're thinking of a beach itinerary for your winter escape, you're in for a treat. But before you leave, make sure you pack these beach essentials. Ready? Here's the list! Beach Essentials For A Winter Escape Leave-in Conditioner   You...

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The Travel Beauty Essentials I Never Leave Home Without

If you read last week's newsletter or follow me on Instagram you'd know I was in London last week meeting with beauty blogger and color expert Ximena de la Serna from Not only is it always exciting to visit London but I'm really excited to work with...

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Summer Hair Care – 5 Tips to Avoid ‘Hay Hair’

Yikes! This can happen to any of us, especially with highlighted or dry hair. Here's how to prevent it and protect your locks for your summer travels... How to Avoid Summer "Hay Hair" by Dale Janee   'Dermatologists and stylists agree that...

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10 Must Read Travel Beauty Essentials

Travel Fashion Girl doesn’t just bring you custom packing lists and expert packing advice, we also share insider travel beauty essentials and tips.  Our travel beauty essentials and tips include local and global beauty products suggested by travelers all over the world.

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Natural Beauty Recipes for Hair Care on the Road

  In yesterday’s post, we talked about homemade beauty recipes for your skin so today we’re going to cover natural beauty recipes for your hair. With so many natural beauty options available around the world, let’s make sure we use them from head to toe. Whether...

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Travel Fashion Girl Beauty Week Giveaway!

Travel beauty takes many different forms this week on Travel Fashion Girl! From practical beauty packing tips to body treatments for the inside and out, join me for a whirlwind of beauty finds from around the globe. To kick start Travel Fashion Girl’s Beauty Week, one...

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How to Care for Your Skin and Hair Post-Travel

Now that the holidays are over and we prepare to turn off our “out of office” messages, it’s time for some post-vacation TLC! Your spirit won’t be the only thing feeling the post travel blues when you return home from your travels. You might start noticing skin and...

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Simple and Cute Short Hair Styles for Travel

  Creating cute short hair styles on the road can be a bit of a challenge, especially without all your styling equipment. In fact, this is why I let my short chin length hair grow for a year before my RTW trip. It was impossible to style my hair without products...

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How to Style Curly Hair When Traveling

The last thing you want to worry about is your hair when you’re on the go. However, a well-groomed do adds the perfect touch to any travel outfit. Read on to find out how to style curly hair while traveling!

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Travel Shampoo: Best Dry Shampoo

  Last week's Travel Fashion Girl hot topic Dry Shampoo inspired today's post from Malin at Haute Compass. Read her 5 Dry Shampoo reviews and find out why thus is the travel beauty product female traveler's all over the world are raving about!   A traveling...

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5 Easy Travel Hair Styles for Your Next Trip!

  Taming and styling your locks takes a little extra effort when you're on a trip, but these easy travel hair styles, will help make it a breeze. While a travel sized hair styling tool is okay for vacations and holidays, it’s nice to have a minimalist travel...

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5 Easy and Simple Grooming Tools for Travel

It's not on common to go weeks without looking into a mirror when you’re on the road. Sometimes you’re just too busy having fun and experiencing life to worry about anything else. That’s what traveling’s all about – fun! When you do finally take a peek into the mirror...

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Want the best travel hair products for women? Read these top picks: curling iron, dry shampoo, and hair accessories.