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Last week’s Travel Fashion Girl hot topic Dry Shampoo inspired today’s post from Malin at Haute Compass. Read her 5 Dry Shampoo reviews and find out why thus is the travel beauty product female traveler’s all over the world are raving about!


Best Travel Dry Shampoo



A traveling girl’s best friend: Dry Shampoo

When traveling and experiencing different cultures, spending hours getting ready and perfecting your hair really isn’t a priority. For many of us girls, washing our hair can take hours that we can’t afford to sacrifice when we’re on the road.

I have long since turned to dry shampoo, a hair powder that cleanses your hair and roots from oil. I am not saying you should never use water but admittedly I try to avoid it as long as possible by using this type of shampoo. I love it! It gives you a fresh feeling and also gives your hair volume and texture. Even if only to be drawn back into a ponytail, you certainly look smarter after having a dry shampoo session.



Klorane Gentle Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk


The Best Dry Shampoo: Klorane


I just love Klorane Gentle Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk and stock up as much as I can whenever I come across a bottle. Gives your hair a very clean feeling, and I find this is one of the few shampoos were you can immediately wear a black top or sweater. It does not leave your shoulders with white flakes the first hour or so after washing. Bad me, I prefer the aerosol one to the more environmental friendly as I find it a little tricky to learn how to spray without aerosol.



Batiste Dry Shampoo Original


The Cheapest: Batiste


Batiste Dry Shampoo Original might give a bit better texture and lifting then my favourite Klorane so if you are after a semi-styling product the Batiste works better for you. It has a wonderful scent and is easy to find in many outlets AND Batiste is also the cheapest dry shampoo I have come across, good combination!



Rene Furterer Naturia Dry Shampoo


The Most Popular: Rene Furterer


Rene Furterer Naturia Dry Shampoo absorbs the scalp oil and makes your hair feel very smooth. It is a very good option and favoured by many as THE dry shampoo. For my taste the green bottle feels almost a little bit too chemical but it is absolutely on my top 3 list.



Sephora Collection Dry Shampoo


Good Travel Size: Sephora Collection


Sephora Dry Shampoo was a slight disappointment, good – but nothing extraordinary, as I normally like the products from their own brand. A big plus for the small container that easily gets into a weekend holdall.



Dr. Hauschka Body Silk


Hair Powder: Dr. Hauschka


I have also tried Dr. Hauschka Body Silk, which almost like a version of baby powder, it is very gentle and of course non aerosol which creates a bit of a mess the first time you are using it. Since it is more expensive and hard to portion your use – you might ending up with half the amount on the carpet I believe this is a no go if you are not a very dedicated Dr Hauschka fan or experienced with non-aerosol sprays.

I am the type of girl that always checks the bath amenities when entering a fancy hotel room, but hand on heart, I rarely use the little cute shampoo and conditioner as I tend to stick to my carried along dry travel shampoo.

Don’t forget that to receive good results when stretching your time between the wash basin and dry shampoo session you need a high quality hairbrush. I use a hairbrush from Mason Pearson. Indeed, it is a really expensive hairbrush but it is a good investment for your 2-minute dry hair wash session! It works wonders and brushes out all the small elements of the shampoo. Voila – you are ready to go!


Thank you for your dry shampoo reviews Malin! Don’t forget to check out Haute Compass for the best spa reviews and pampering experiences.



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 Author: Contributed by MalinLundberg Müller, keen traveller and founder of the luxury online travel guide Haute Compass with more than 1,000 recommendations to hotels, restaurants, bars and shops.