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My curls aren’t as nice as these

One of the most frustrating aspects about having curly hair is the trouble managing it throughout my travels. While some girls are better at maintaining their curls more than others, if you have thin and frizzy coily little curls like me, you hate them!

Sorry to use such strong language but that’s just how I’ve always felt.

After traveling for eight months with a short cut in 2008, I realized I had to change my hair style for my Round-the-World trip in 2010

If curly hair gets you down during your travels, for extreme measures, try Hair Rebonding or Japanese Hair Straightening!

These are my three attempts to having more manageable travel hair


 Unlike Minimalist Traveler Deanne Ballard who cut her long straight hair before a trip, I grew out my chin length cut. My layered style was choppy and fun but required products and a flat iron to keep the look. Growing out my hair was just easy for me plus I can use easy travel hair styles. I don’t have to bother with it and if it’s down it looks done up – well, done up enough.

 I stopped dying it. Keeping up with my hair dye habits while traveling was a pain and I started getting these cool sun kissed natural highlights anyway. Very cool.


Epic Hair Fail:

 I let me hair naturally grow out curly along with my length. Big mistake.

The second I landed in Fiji on the first day of my round-the-world trip I was in frizzy fro agony. I was hating life. The second I got to Thailand three months later, I searched out my beloved Japanese straightening treatment and I quickly found that every salon had it – under the name hair rebonding – for a fraction of the price at home! I was in heaven!

hair-rebonding-or-japanese-straightening-solution-to-nightmare-travel-hair After Hair Rebonding – Wet, Air Dry, Flat Iron – Don’t even need to flat Iron!

It’s important to note that I’ve been doing this hair treatment for the past twelve years so I didn’t randomly start permanent hair straightening just for traveling. But boy does it make my life easy! Combined with my favorite leave in conditioner; I don’t need to travel with a flat iron, blow dryer, and I don’t have to worry about a frizzy mop. Woohoo!

Most commonly known internationally as hair rebonding, the Japanese thermal straightening and retexturing treatment is also known as: hair rebonding, thermal straightening, Japanese hair straightening, straight perm, bio ionic, and Yuko hair straightening. It is important to be aware of the other names because not every salon calls it the same name.


Please don’t mistake this for the Brazilian blow out! Unlike the Brazilian Blow Out which only temporarily smoothens your hair, this is the real deal for us curlies that wish we were blessed with glistening easy to manage straight locks.

Hair rebonding tip: you can’t wet your hair for 36 hours. Don’t do permanent hair straightening before a big water adventure or it won’t be so permanent.

As always, natural is the best way to go. However, if your hair is absolutely unmanageable whether for home or for vacation, check out hair rebonding or Japanese straightening. It was one of the best hair care tips I could have ever discovered!

Does your hair act up when you travel? Got any tips to share with other Travel Fashion Girls? Comment and share! Your tips will be featured in a future post.

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