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We love chatting with fellow travel bloggers because they’ve seen and tried it all. We spoke to 35 travel bloggers to share their best travel beauty tips and tricks. Keep reading to find out their secrets!


The Top Travel Beauty Tips and Tricks


For women, travel beauty is a little more complicated than for men. While male travelers like famous travel blogger Gary Arndt from Everything Everywhere can count on their natural good looks and the need to only “change their t-shirt and underwear every three days”, women have additional more feminine things to consider like skincare, haircare, and even makeup.

To help you out with all your feminine trip planning details, 35 of the most well-known travel bloggers from around the world reveal their top beauty tips and tricks including their ultimate must haves. Read on to find out what products these professional globe-trotters just can’t leave home without! Keep reading to find out what they are!


Travel Beauty Tips and Tricks: Makeup


I’m both a beauty blogger and a travel blogger. I carry too many products around, I’m afraid but I can’t live without my Bioderma eye makeup remover (can be bought in France), my MAC Pro Longwear concealer, Vichy sunscreen, Ace of Face mascara and a lipbalm with SPF (currently have one from Vichy with SPF 30 – love it!).

Celia Isabella Schow with


Kat Von D’s Lock It Foundation: My “go to” vacation foundation. It’s 24 hour wear, waterproof, has SPF, and is pretty light. I love it. I still looked pretty after snorkeling with it on. Lol. I got it from Sephora.

Teri Brock with


Clinique’s Superdefense CC Cream: I could not live without Clinique’s Superdefense CC Cream. It keeps my skin moisturised all day long, gives me some color… and also protects my skin from the sun. It’s a very good product.

Patricia Cuni Chaves with


Lipstain: I’m in love with the stuff. I don’t wear makeup much, but when I want to feel pretty while traveling I use lipstain because you don’t have to worry about it like lipstick. And you can just apply clear lipgloss over it to freshen it up if you want.

Dani Blanchette with


Smashbox’s CC cream: It controls oil, brightens skin, provides nice coverage–and it has SPF 30. Also, it contains no parabens. It’s great if you normally wear foundation at home, but can’t be bothered when traveling.


Bobbi Brown’s Gel Eyeliner: And if you wear eye makeup, I highly recommend Bobbi Brown’s gel eyeliner. It is the absolute best! It stays on no matter how much you sweat and looks great all day. It doesn’t smear or run. I use it at home and when I’m traveling (if I feel like wearing makeup).

Lisa Egle with


BB Cream: I love beauty products! It’s my one and only weakness when I want to travel light but my ultimate must haves are: BB cream with SPF 50+, mint julep mask for blemishes, Retin A for acne, Vaseline for my lips, a blue eye pencil from Maybelline NY, Cetaphil cleansing lotion, frizz control spray for humidity, and a hair straightener.

Kle Klelia with


Lip and Cheek Tint: Always carry your lipgloss, sunblock, and multi-purpose items like a lip and cheek tint and a sarong that works as headpiece, skirt, shawl, mat, etc.

L.a. Cabildo with


Travel Beauty Tips and Tricks: Skincare


Moisturizer! Travel is dehydrating! I love those little screw top lip balms by Fresh cosmetics that come in sheer colors. Dry shampoo is also good, Oscar Blandi. Oh and Carmex! Oh for hair products, take a good leave in conditioner, like It’s A Ten!

Penny Sadler with


Glycerine: regular old drug store glycerine – is my favorite thing. Mix it at least 50/50 with a little water and it makes an excellent moisturizer for skin and hair. (I keep a little in a small spray bottle and refresh my ‘fro throughout the day in drier climates.) Plus, add a drop to your eyeshadow and instantly turn that color into lip gloss or cream shadow that will stay put through a late night. You can find it in just about any drugstore or grocer, even overseas usually, so it’s one of those things you don’t even have to bother to pack, depending on where you’re going.

Danielle Brockington with


Eclos by Freeman: I always am sure to bring deep hydration lotion for on flights and in dry countries. right now, I’m using Eclos by Freeman, esp the moisture regenerative creams.

Jessie Voigts with


Devita Solar Moisturizer SPF 30: It somehow doesn’t make my skin break out which I find astounding in SE Asia. Love that it’s all natural too and helps with this intense sun. I don’t want leather face!

Kristin Addis with


Neutrogena Dry-Touch Sunscreen SPF 85: As for an effective sunscreen, I use Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunscreen–SPF 85. I just returned from sailing in Baja California, where the sun has been very intense, and I didn’t burn once. The stuff really works.

Lisa Egle with


Olive Oil: One of the first things I buy when I settle into a rental apartment is olive oil. It’s great as a moisturizer, and works well to keep chapped lips at bay.

Micki Kosman with


Loofah: Travel really does a number on my skin and it can end up looking dull and dry, so one thing I like to pack is a sea sponge or soft loofah. They’re lightweight, squish up quite small, and can be used with any sort of body wash to scrub away dead skin. Moisturize afterwards for a nice glow.

Reena Ganga with


Dermalogica Precleanse: I use more sunscreen and am exposed to more sweat and environmental pollution when traveling, and an oil-based cleanser is the only thing that keeps it all from building up and making me break out. I like Dermalogica Precleanse decanted into a small spill-resistant bottle. You just need a few drops at a time, it lasts forever.

Cassie Kifer with Ever In Transit


Aveeno Anti-itch Concentrated Lotion: I’m not sure if this is “beauty” enough but this is fantastic for prickly heat which I’m prone to when traveling. It’s also newly free of animal derived ingredients making me a happy vegan. This concentrated anti-itch lotion with natural colloidal oatmeal provides fast-acting, soothing itch relief.

Kate Voyage with 30Traveler


Aloe Vera: Aloe, aloe, aloe! Mary and I take it everywhere we go. Not only does it heal sunburn, but we use it as aftershave, skin moisturizer, and I even use it in place of hair gel to help repair sun damage. We tend to spend a lot of time in the tropics, so 100% Aloe Vera is invaluable to us.

Bret Love with Green Global Travel


Origins Checks & Balances Face Wash: I don’t carry a lot of beauty products with me. I find that I can buy most products I need anywhere. The only thing I insist on bringing is my favorite face wash Origins Checks & Balances. It has taken me years to find something my skin likes so lugging a big bottle of it around seems completely reasonable.

Alexandra Pucherelli with


Apricot Facial Scrub: On adventure trips or in hot climates, the sweat and dirt just pile up on my skin and sit there even after rinsing, I can feel it. I love how smooth my face feels after a little exfoliation.

Susan Portnoy with


Lemongrass Oil: Love love love wearing Lemongrass oil as a perfume for myself and hair. Not only is it an antibacterial you can use, but it gives off a bright uplifting citrusy scent many people have complimented me for, and it’s also is said repel mosquitoes! I wear it traveling and at home.

Christine Kaaloa with


Nail Buffer: I travel with a nail buffer to make my finger and toe nails look shinny. Nothing looks so bad as chipped nails and polish can be so messy – and have you ever smelled someone applying it in a hostel or train?? Buffers are the way to go!

Vanessa Chiasson with


Dr. Bronner’s “Magic” Soap: Dilute it accordingly and it can be used for laundry, body/face wash, shampoo (depending on your hair- it might dry some hair types out) and shaving cream. Some people boast other uses, like toothpaste, but I wouldn’t recommend that.

Megan Hettwer with


Lactacyd Baby Bath: I use it for hair (gets rid of dandruff too), body, face, down there (doesnt dry out like soap). Then I can use the same thing for my daughter too without worrying if it’s too much for her. Having just 1 bottle in the shower uncomplicates things and packing.

Eileen Campos with


Nivea: When I spent last winter in Europe, I always carried with me the following items: 1) Mint Chapstick, 2) Nivea Creme for my hands and 3) Nivea Facial Moisturizer for Women.

Aleah Phils with


L´occitane Solid perfume: (no alcohol for use in sunshine) and tins of Lip colour with karité. Small no messy tins. Lush Solid shampoo bars too.

Molly Sears-Piccavey with


Travel Size: I stock up on mini sizes of my favorite products at Sephora and Target. Just because I’m traveling doesn’t mean I’m sacrificing my routine!

Christine Medina with Christine in Spain


All Natural: Spend lots of time outside. There is nothing more beautiful than a natural glow.

Nancy FamilyonBikes Sathre-Vogel with


Travel Beauty Tips and Tricks: Haircare


Moroccan Oil: With all of the humidity in SE Asia, I use Moroccan Oil to keep my frizz under control. Never had to worry about it when I lived in the desert of Vegas, but here? It’s a mess!

Diana Lauren with


Haircut: I cut my hair really, really short.

Erin Kirkland with


Sock Bun: Learn to do a sock bun. It’s a quick and easy way to get longer hair under control. Great for keeping your hair off your face and neck when it’s hot or for when you want to smarten up your look.

Bethaney Davies with


Hat: Wear a hat! You’ll thank me when you’re my age (47) and your face isn’t as badly sun damaged as your arms.

Alyson Long with


Dry Shampoo and Wet Wipes: I would never leave on a trip without dry shampoo and a headband. PLUS packets and packets of antibacterial wet ones/wipes. Wipes are perfect for freshening up on overnight travel, use to wash hands, wipe down dirty surfaces and best of all you don’t need to worry about them adding to your liquid total when going through airport security. Cheers!

Sarah-Jane Begonja with


Dry Shampoo and Wet Wipes: These are items I definitely cannot miss on a multi-day hike.

Freya Renders with


Travel Beauty Tips and Tricks: for Men


Tubed Shaving Cream: I use shaving cream (in a tube instead of can) or soap with a brush rather than canned shaving cream. I get a much closer shave with less irritation and nicks. The brush helps the whiskers stand up better, and the soap and cream create a better layer between the razor and the skin.

Talon Windwalker with 1 Dad, 1 Kid, 1 Crazy Adventure


What are your travel beauty tips and tricks?


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