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Calling all beauty junkies! Whether you’re getting ready to travel the globe or have a makeup cabinet filled with beauty treasures; Travel Fashion Girl offers you the best products for beauty around the world. If you’re wondering how women in India keep their hair so shiny or Korean gals maintain their perfect skin, these top travel bloggers are dishing out their favorite global beauty finds from their globe trotting adventures! Ladies get ready for the ultimate list of the world’s best beauty products!


40 Travel Blogger Favorite Products for Beauty Around the World


  • I buy my usual Dry Shampoo in French Pharmacies and I love Monoi oil from French Polynesia, also available in French Supermarkets – for dry hair when on the beach or a few drops in your bath for super soft body. – Malin from Haute Compass
  • When I visited India, I fell in love with the Himalaya Hair Care products. My hair never felt so soft. – Darcie Connell from Trekity
  • Do as the Thai ladies (and lady boys) do and slather your hair in coconut oil to make it extra shiny! – Bethaney Davies from Flashpacker Family
  • I found this organic range in Scotland – I love it – especially the shampoo – Kindra Goehler from Love and Adventure


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  • Also Herbal Himalayas Lipbalm which you can get in Nepal for 50 rupees. Great new beauty brand there. So annoyed I only got one tube! – Rebecca Enright from Backpacker Becki
  • I love a “Dark Kiss” lipilicious lip gloss from Bath and Body works USA. Every trip I ship these and other goodies back to NZ. – Joanne Robb from World Wide Adventurers
  • Kiko makeup in Milan! Inexpensive and awesome products! – Jen Gaines from Directionally Challenged
  • Bioderma products from France. I use their Crealine h2o water to remove make up (can be bought in Europe, Asia and Canada), Maybelline SuperFilm mascara only for the Asian market, and of course Australian Papaw ointment for lip balm! I’ve got loads and loads of great finds. Oh and Korres Lychee Vanilla freesia perfume which I have not seen in the US, but I bought at the Dubai duty free. – Arnette from RTW Girl
  • I use Nivea Q10 tinted moisturiser as a light foundation (adding a drop of rosehip oil to it for added goodness) during the day. A light dusting of MAC studio fix takes it into night.Takes uphardly any space in my bag. Diane Lee from The Diane Lee Project
  • I like buying Collistar products when I go to Italy, it’s an Italian nigh end make up line similar to Estée Lauder or Clarins. Aussie papaw ointment is also a classic and French pharmacy products like Avene are always good to stock up on too! – Jaillan Yehia from Savior There
  • Africology from South Africa, Avibon from France, Sekkisei Emulsion from Korea, and Vaselina Neutra Perfumada Lip Balms from Spain. – Julia Coney from All About the Pretty


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Face Care

  • Tony Moly Egg Pore also from Korea (but available in Hong Kong, Japan etc too) is amazing and it comes in really funky packaging. In fact all of their products do! – Rachel Appleby 
  • I’m a big fan of pure jojoba oil (which you can get in many places). Three drops suffices as facial moisturizer for the day (so it goes a long way and is the best moisturizer I’ve ever used), and as a natural all-purpose oil it has many other uses too (hair, skin, etc). – Nora Dunn from The Professional Hobo
  • I used to spend a fortune on an amazing face wash that was recently discontinued. I tried so many others and didn’t find anything comparable until we were in India. It’s from a brand called Biotique Botanicals and cost me $3! I stocked up before we left. – Tawny Clark from Captain and Clark
  • Innoxa blue eye drops from France are the best for red, jet lagged eyes. I always hoard them when I get to Paris. – Jen Pollack Bianco from My Life’s a Trip
  • The Kiel’s Eye Alert cream is great!! – Elizabeth Carlson from Young Adventuress


Skin Care

  • Just about everything from Korea. Especially “Goodbye Pore Ever” primer from Etude House and “Black Sugar Scrub Foam” from Skinfood. – Melissa Hogan from Suitcase and Heels
  • E45 moisturising cream. Great for everything including sunburn. – Rebecca Enright from Backpacker Becki
  • Coconut oil made by a company in Chiang Mai, Thailand called Healthy Choice. Great for keeping skin that has had a lot of exposure to the sun hydrated and silky smooth. – Nancie M from Budget Travelers Sandbox
  • I’ll suggest Khadi skin care products (India). The other product is Nivea AfterSun Moisturizing lotion with Aloe. Best after sun care.Ever. We can’t get it in the states, either and it’s ridiculously expensive online. I’m hoping to find it in Canada when we are at TBEX in June. – Laura Ann Klein from Edgy June Travels
  • Love the No.7 product line available at Boots in the UK. Have been tempted more than once to have family ship a bunch of stuff over! – Corinne McDermott from Have Baby Will Travel
  • I always stock up on “Soap & Glory” products when I’m in Bangkok. I’ve never seen them for sale anywhere other than the UK. They have the best body scrub, pout-enhancing lip gloss “Sexy Mother Pucker” and the cutest packaging on the planet. – Bethaney Davies from Flashpacker Family
  • Maui babe tanning oil. – Alexandra Pucherelli from Fluent In Frolicking
  • I always travel with rosehip oil and josie maran argan oil. – Larissa Klymkiw 
  • Love this Colombian brand called Piudali. We did a story about it. – Bret Love, Mary Gabbett from Green Global Travel
  • I just bought this Lacvert Essance Aqua Moisture Cream and it’s amazing! Feels sooooooo soft and refreshing for just 90,000 Vietnamese dong. Gabi Klaf The Nomadic Family
  • Halawa wax. It’s made of sugar and lemon and it’s used instead of wax. I always have it done in Egypt. It’s a slower process but I find it less painful and more delicate on skin. – Giulia Detours Cimarosti from Travel Reportage
  • Vegetarian friendly soap can be hard to find in NZ and I use this great coconut one. The brand is eco-store, it’s sold at supermarkets and it smells like the beach. Makes me dream of Thailand! I can take a pic of the box if you’d like any pics for your post. – Kate Voyage from 30 Traveler
  • It’s not a find, but I can’t speak highly enough of Vaseline for lipcare and skincare if you’re doing rough stuff like high altitude trekking in the cold — it’s what Marilyn Monroe used as a moisturiser and it makes a really great night cream. – Theodora Ratcliffe from Escape Artistes
  • I used a mud from a hot springs on the mystic (known for witchcraft) island of nanciyaga in Veracruz Mexico… Helps the skin become vibrant. – Craig Zabransky from Stay Adventurous
  • Rosense from Turkey (mostly made in the Sparta region) — Hand creams, face cleansers, soaps – all made with rose oil LOVE it and always bring back some as gifts. – Justine Ickes from Culture Everyday
  • TheSkinFood Black Sugar Scrub Foam is hands down my favorite Korean skincare product. I swear by it! It smells great, and it’s gentle enough to use everyday. Sheryll Donerson from The Wanderlust Project
  • Not exactly a beauty product but I once found a jungle salve in Belize by Rainforest Remedies. I used it to soothe the many mosquito bites I was plagued with – why do they always come to me?!? Anyway, it worked like a dream. Loved the ingredients too: jackass bitters, gumbolimbo and aloe vera. – Keith Jenkins from Velvet Escape
  • Also anything by the Himalaya Herbals brand is amazing – particularly the lip balm and the foot care cream (it’s sold all over India) – Flora Baker from Flora the Explorer
  • In India, Biotique makes a divine Sandalwood Lotion that has an SPF rating of 50. I slather it all over me every morning when I am there; and bring back many bottles when I come home. -Mariellen Ward from Breathe Dream Go
  • I think it has to be Thanaka Bark from Myanmar/Burma… it may look a little odd, but it works wonders!! – Laura Davies from South East Asia Backpacker
  • In Fiji I discovered the brand ‘Pure Fiji‘, they’ve got amazing bath products (amongst other things), such as my favourite Coconut, Milk&Honey soap bar. – Nienke Krook from Travel Tester
  • In Australia I discovered Sukin skincare products. All natural, plant based. Since they were made in Australia they were reasonably priced, unlike most of the offshore products. – Larissa Milne from Changes in Longitude
  • Oh I looove Soap & Glory! I miss those products. We have them in Ireland also. Yes, the leg and body scrub is just amazing. – Stephanie Walsh from Discovering Ice
  • I always carried baking soda. Great as deodorant, cleaner, and baking. – Erin Tullius with Mind over Fatter Book
  • Hawaii has the best suntan oil in the world. It’s called Maui Babe and is made with Kona coffee. I don’t burn when I use it and get the darkest tan ever. -Val Dawson from This Way to Paradise
  • Australian is home to PauPau/PawPaw cream. Soothes sunburn, heals cuts, perfect for your lips and even good for dry/cracked hands or feet! – Nicole Blaess-Smith from Bitten By the Travel Bug
  • I love the herbal products and especially the fragrant talcs made by Culpeper in England. My favorite shop is the one in The Market in Covent Garden in London. In fact, it is time for another visit! – Carole Terwilliger Meyers from Travels with Carole
  • I love & swear by my Crema de la Campana. – Lila Rygza owner of Sidewalk Runway


Most Recommended Products


Lush Products

Lush solid shampoos are fabulous for travel, no plastic bottles, light and easy to carry and do amazing things for your hair. I was getting them sent over from the UK to Australia but we have more and more Lush shops popping up here, now, too. Still none in Far North Queensland, unfortunately. – Alyson Long from World Travel Family

Lush bar shampoo-cuts down on your liquids when traveling via plane. My secret is also baby shampoo. It is a great makeup remover, face wash, body wash, shampoo and you can even sink wash your clothes with it in a pinch. I always carry a small bottle with me when I’m on the road. – Jen Gaines from Directionally Challenged

I am personally addicted to Lush products as well. The shampoo bars, the waterless toothbrush tablets and their face wash are incredible! Crabtree and Evelyn make amazing conditioner that lasts for days and pint size hand lotion that is perfect to bring anywhere. – Shauntel Bruner 


Argan Oil from Morocco

So cheap to buy a big bottle of it there and it is amazing for your hair, skin, and pretty much whatever else you want to use it for. – Stephanie Walsh from Discovering Ice

Fantastic for making your hair shiny, and you can use it to moisturise your skin too – but only use a tiny bit as it can get greasy otherwise! – Flora Baker from Flora the Explorer

I second Argan oil from Morocco. Great for dry, curly hair like mine! – Maria Alexandra Laborde from Latin Abroad

In the States the Moroccan Oil brand is expensive-up to $50 for 100ml, but I got the same size bottle outside of Marrakesch for under $10. It makes your hair really soft and managable, especially for people with thick/coarse hair. You can also use it for dry skin. – Elizabeth Pitt from A Midwestern Life

Argan Oil from Morocco comes from the nut of the Argan tree and it is traditionally produced by women in coops in Morocco. – Shanna from There and Back Again Travel

We use argan oil, too – it’s wonderful! And not a beauty product per se, but oil of oregano for antibiotic properties. – Jessie Voigts from Wandering Educators


Dead Sea Mud

I love the Dead Sea Black Mud soap from the Dead Sea in Jordan. It moisturizers and exfoliates my skin. The Dead Sea Mud Mask is also fantastic and really helps control oily skin when used once per week. – Jennifer Dombrowski from JDombs Travel

Dead Sea mud from Israel for facials. Or full body. Feels great! – Vera Marie Badertscher from A Traveler’s Librar. Good call on the Dead Sea mud. The stuff from the Blue Lagoon spa in Iceland is incredible too! – Jaillan Yehia from Savior There



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