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If you’re a stylish girl on the go, check out these 10 heatless hairstyles for no heat curls. Glam it up without allowing your hair styling tools to overload your luggage!


10 Heatless Hairstyles



The paper bag curls by Michelle Phan


Bag it up!


In this sweet little tutorial, beauty guru Michelle Phan teaches you how to create those lux, royal curls just by using strips of an old paper bag. Watch her do some magic on her very own mane using some cute Hello Kitty printed bags too!


Well styled hair adds the perfect finishing touches to your carefully planned travel outfit!



Overnight big soft curls using socks


This socks!


No paper bag? How about a pair of socks? This 3+ minute tutorial teaches you how to make a big soft curls overnight just by using two clean socks and bobby pins.



Curl your hair just by wearing a headband overnight


Hairband Magic


Blogger from Papermama.Com shares how her straight hair managed to hold a curl with a simple trick, and that is, to wear a gartered hairband. After dampening her hair with spray, she puts on the hairband by rolling her hair upwards. The result: more volume!



Baby wipes, that is. And this one seriously works!


Waves From Wipes


Who would have known that baby wipes can actually make your hair look fuller? This smart and sassy tutorial will help you achieve a lovely beach wave, perfect for a pleasant day out.



One blogger shows how pencils can be used in making mermaid curls


Prettifying Pencils


No, pencils aren’t just exclusively used for art. It can be helpful in giving you those thick, wavy curls you’ve been longing for, without the heat. Stack up on those clam-like clips too; you’ll be needing them to perform this unique hair guide.



This no-heat beach wave tutorial is perfect for those with medium sized hair.


The Wavy Bob


Got short hair? No problem. You can make a classy, edgy kind of hairdo out of your shoulder-length mane.



If you love Tay-tay’s perm, this is definitely for you


The Taylor Swift


This fully-braided hair tutorial will let you have those glamorous curls like Taylor Swift’s!



No paper bag? No socks? Well, sure enough, you must have brought a scarf along the way!


The Scarf Syndrome


Scarves are a travel fashionista’s staple and no matter where in the world or what season it is, having a scarf can make you look stylish. In this tutorial, you might be asked to give up one of your scarves, but the results are totally worth it.



Who knew straws make a good substitute for a curling tool? 


Go Straw


Throw in dozens of straws into your packing cubes. If you’ve got long hair, this tiny piece of plastic can actually help in giving you well-defined curls!



Go the opposite of curling


Straighten It Up


Hate curls? Straighten it up with this heatless hair straightening tutorial. This includes using a scarf or a wrap, but the two-step guide is very easy for straight-hair loving travelers.

For no heat curls, use these heatless hairstyles tutorials and look effortlessly glamorous even without the help of your hair iron or blow dryer! Just by making good use of the resources around you, you can style up your mane wherever you are in the world.


What are your favorite mo heat curls or heatless hairstyles?


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