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Trying to avoid liquids or traveling for a long time? Solid toiletries are everything and Lush’s solid shampoo bars are a traveler favorite. Find out why!


Lush Godiva Bar Review



Dry Shampoo options are super popular with travelers everywhere but today’s Travel Fashion Girl, Trish from Eternal Wandering shares her experience with the Godiva Solid Lush Shampoos and shows you how to use it.

When you pack bottles of shampoo and conditioner there is a lot to consider. Am I going to go through airport security? It’s this larger than 3 ounces? Do I have a plastic bag to wrap the bottles with in case they leak? Bottles of shampoo and condition are heavy. When you pack for an around the world trip you look for ways to reduce the weight on your back via any method possible.

Enter stage left…Lush solid shampoo and conditioner bars. Each one lasts 50 washes and is the size of a bar of soap. (I’m sold!) You work them between your hands a produce a frothy lather that leaves your hair clean and smelling incredible. There are a variety of scents. Some are just shampoo but there is also the shampoo/conditioner combo.




Godiva Solid Shampoo Bar


The bars are super simple to throw in your purse or toiletry tote. You should get a shampoo tin tin to store them in which helps keep them in the best shape between showers.

There is a trick with the tins. You need to make sure the bar is totally dry before you put it in the tin or it will get slimy. I set the bar on the counter after my shower and give it an hour or two before popping it in the tin. Easy peasy.

The Godiva bar (named for the naked tax protestor Lady Godiva) is my favorite of all the products Lush offers. It’s my favorite for two reasons.




Lush Shampoo Bar Tin


First, this one bar combines shampoo and conditioner. That means one less item to pack and carry on my back. This also allows for shorter showers, which is key in many places where you don’t have an abundance of warm water. You can also use this product as a body wash to clean and shave. The convenience factor for this one item makes it my quick shower solution.

I was skeptical of this product because I have extremely thick hair and usually use a ton of conditioner. I was delighted that my hair came out clean, soft and manageable.




Featured Ingredient: Shea Butter


The second reason Godiva is my favorite is the scent. It’s a mix of shea butter, nut oils and jasmine. The smell has some serious staying power which we all could use when we’re traveling.




Lush sells the Godiva Bar for $10.95. To learn more about this and other LUSH products, check out Lush Shampoos. Thanks Trish! Great review! You’ve officially sold me on the bars – 50 washes? That’s perfect.

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