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Creating cute short hair styles on the road can be a bit of a challenge, especially without all your styling equipment. In fact, this is why I let my short chin length hair grow for a year before my RTW trip. It was impossible to style my hair without products and a flat iron and I was hoping my natural curls would settle with a longer length. I wish I had Vanessa’s curly hair style tips at the time!


If you have long to medium hair, please read 5 Easy Travel Hair Styles.


Easy Hair Styles for Short Hair

Unlike me, many girls chop of their long hair to simplify their beauty routine on the road or even save money on beauty products like the minimalist traveler, Deanne Ballard. However, short hair can be difficult to style when you’re traveling because some choppy cuts require even more maintenance than long hair.


In response to the many travel fashion girls with lovely shorter dos, here are some Simple and Cute Short Hair Styles for Travel


Hair Accessories Needed



Black Headband Bun Maker | Headband | Fashion Headband Braided Headband Gold Tone Headband | Jaw Clips | Silly Headband | Bobby Pins


Pull Your Bangs (Fringe) Back


As Kathryn says in her tutorial video below, when it comes to short hair, simply pulling your bangs back can make all the difference. Whether a small pomp or a quick braid, these are some simple hairstyles you can create by focusing on your bangs (or fringe).



The Small Things Blog


Half Way Back


Sometimes all you want when you’re traveling and exploring a new town is to get your hair out of your face. By using a few bobby pins and maybe a twist or two, you can get a fast and easy look for a day of sightseeing.


You’ll want to look your best when you travel! Read my travel tips to Pack Light Stylishly



Creative Fan


Hair Romance


Hair Accessories


Hair accessories can be your new best friend when it comes to short hairstyles. Whether it’s a pretty clip or chic headband, here’s a few cute looks with hair accessories.


I love to travel with pretty elastic lightweight headbands.



Seventeen Magazine



Free People


Elegant Up Do


Whether for a special occasion or for those travel moments when you just want to feel like a “lady”, up dos with twists and braids look both elegant and don’t require special tools to create. I love this quick twist which also works well with thin, long hair like mine.

Add a little fun with these pins!




Even though the below tutorial instructs you to use a curling iron, many girls can make use of their natural waves to create this look without any tools.


If you do travel with your hair tools, make sure that they are dual voltage and that you pack a travel adapter!



The Beauty Department




Braids are a great solution to unruly, frizzy travel hair. They give you some style and sophistication and are also a practical way to keep your hair pulled back. What’s best is when you remove your braids; you’ll have luscious curls for a whole new look!

Don’t know how to braid hair? Get this ebook on DIY Braids!



Miss KCO 27 Blog


Easy, Quick, and Cute Hairstyle for the Traveler on the Go!


This youtube tutorial is created by a young girl but is awesome for women with a short bob. Most styles are super easy and only need a few bobby pins. Enjoy!

A few bobby pins and hair clips are all you need to recreate these cute short hair styles when you’re on the road!

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Hope you enjoyed these simple and cute short hair styles for travel. Please share them with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest. Thanks for reading!