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Want some cute summer hair ideas? Use these accessories and hats for a fun and stylish way to update your vacation do!


Cute Summer Hair Ideas

Written by: Niki Landry


Traveling is the perfect time to experiment with new accessories or try cute summer hair ideas you wouldn’t normally wear at home. Long days outdoors, summer festivals, or exploring a new city by foot all call for stylish hats that offer sun protection.

I’ve compiled a list of my favorite cute summer hair ideas, accessories and hats to bring along on your summer trips.




Print Square Hair Scarf Headband


Head Scarf


Besides hair ties and bobby pins, a small headscarf or bandana is my favorite hair accessory when traveling. I tie it around my hairline on treks and at the beach, and it can be used as a small scarf or towel in a pinch.

It doesn’t offer much sun protection, but it keeps my fly-aways contained, absorbs sweat, and covers unwashed hair.

You can also tie it on your ponytail, wrist, or the corner of a handbag for an added touch of color and pattern. I’ve been using the same cotton bandana for years, but looking at the pretty options online…it may be time for an upgrade and make these cute summer hair ideas a reality.




Fedora Straw Fashion Sunhat




Borrowed from menswear styles, the fedora is a favorite wide-brimmed hat for travel. Since women’s fedoras are popular and easily sourced, I prefer to look for packable styles when shopping. While I wouldn’t smash it into my bag, I find they hold up to bumps better than non-packable shapes.

These summer hats are great for keeping your face protected while walking around cities, beachside, or visiting markets and festivals.




Wide Brim Packable Straw Hat




The wide-brimmed Panama hat was super fashionable over the fall and winter in felt and wool materials. Now it’s time to look for the straw and paper versions for summer.

My favorite white style from J.Crew was just released in a beautiful camel color, perfect for any tropical destination. This style looks great paired casually with shorts or as the compliment to a summer dress.

This size brim is as big as I will go when it comes to hats. I find the larger brim styles cumbersome to travel with and not very comfortable to wear for long periods.


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Kitsch 4 Piece Hair Coil Set


Ponytail Wraps


If you live with your hair pulled back, then these ponytail wraps are a nice way to add shine and polish to your everyday hairstyle.

Compact and easy to pack, they are a simple addition that won’t weigh you down.




Circle Hair Clip


Hair Clip


Another simple option to dress up your typical hairstyle is a fun barrette or clip. I don’t leave home without an arsenal of bobby pins, but I like the idea of having a special hair clip to change up my look.

A simple, bar-shaped gold barrette or this circle clip is an elegant way to secure hair, but the feather pin is also a pretty addition to your locks. Easy to carry along, there is no reason not to add one to your packing list this summer.




Printed Widebands


Fabric Headband


Similar to the headscarf but with less versatility, the fabric headband is a simple and easy-to-wear accessory. It’s the coolest way to add a feminine or graphic pattern to your outfit while keeping your hair contained.

There are so many styles and colors available that selecting your favorite will be the hardest part. A knot in front gives a turban feel, and a braided band can update a solid color.


For more impact, there are longer scarves that drape over your shoulder for an ultra stylish look.




Natural Straw Boater Hat




The boater is the latest vintage-shaped hat to become popular again. A squared crown and straight brim give this hat its distinctive look. The boater hat will be right at home in destinations near the water and can give a preppy vibe to your outfits.

These hats are easy to style with flowy dresses and rompers in the summer; I prefer natural or white hats for versatility in outfit pairings.



Do you have any more cute summer hair ideas? Share your thoughts below!


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Author Bio: Niki is an interior designer and artist from Louisiana. In addition to her design work, she writes for local and online publications sharing her experiences and passion for travel. Niki is currently adding stamps to her passport while building her design practice, Niki Landry Designs.