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Your travel routine experiences a complete overhaul when you go backpacking or on round-the-world trip. You don’t have the luxury to carry your drawer (or drawers) of beauty equipment and makeup you may have at home.

As a backpacker, traveling without a load of beauty supplies isn’t a problem. Go natural! Learn more.


5 Natural Travel Beauty Treatments


Not only will you get to know the beautiful natural you, but you’ll also find that traveling around the world will offer you beauty benefits and insights you may not have otherwise experienced.

Check out these natural beauty enhancements that you discover on the road!


Golden Skin


As you travel you’ll find that you won’t have as much of a need for make up or cover up. The sun gives you the hint of color you need to replace many of your makeup tools for a clean a radiant natural look. Moisturize thoroughly to maintain healthy glowing skin.


Natural Highlights


Dying your hair may not be an option when you’re traveling but you won’t need them when your hair gains natural highlights from the sun. Spending time in all those tropical islands has more benefits than just having fun! Use a good conditioner to help soothe your new lighter locks.


Clearer Complexion


Many travelers with acne and spots enjoy the sun’s benefits in other ways – the sunlight can also help clear problematic skin. Use a light, non-greasy sunblock but always use at least a 30 SPF.


Sexy and Romantic Hair


Your natural hair may surprise you. Avoiding the straightening equipment allows many girls to take in a new appreciation for the natural waves. A natural sun kissed wave is always a hottie look! Use leave conditioner to smooth out the frizz in humidity.




The best accessory you have is your smile and your natural beauty shines strongest when gleaming with confidence. Gain an overall appreciation for your all natural beauty! We’re so used to the artificial and glamorized beauty we see on TV and magazines. You never know – you might carry your new natural look to your life at home, too!


City Travel


In many European cities, women opt for natural makeup focusing on a well groomed but not over-the-top appearance. While a daily salon blow out isn’t necessary, be mindful of your hair and makeup. Find out if it’s necessary to bring a travel blow dryer here.

When choosing your styling tools, choose items that have dual voltage and bring along a travel adapter for all your electronics.


The voltage is different in Europe and the USA! Read this guide before you travel.


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