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Too many devices and not enough plugs? TFG readers recommend the best travel power strip for your next trip!


Portable Power Strip

Written By: Tae Haahrr



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We’ve all been in the situation in the hotel room, where you need to charge your phone, camera and use your hairdryer, all at the same time, and there’s only one available power outlet! 

A power strip easily turns one outlet into many. Read our top TFG reader recommendations to make plugging in electronics and your life a little easier on future trips!



Best International Travel Power Strip




K-Century Outer Power Strip


K-Century Travel Extension Cord With USB


The K-Century is a great power strip for travel. Not only does it have two universal AC plugs, it also has four USB ports, meaning you can charge up to six devices at the same time.  

One TFG reader shares, “We use this one too and don’t leave home without it. Many European hotels have a limited number of outlets and I like the USB ports on it.”

This compact travel power strip with USB has 1.5 meter extension cord that wraps up tightly and can fit right into your carry-on or day bag. And the fashionable-yet-bright cord will help ensure you don’t leave it behind when you go. As one reader said, “I travel with this. It is great. Doesn’t take up much room and I always make friends!”


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Simran SM-60 Universal Power Strip


Simran Universal Power Strip


The Simran international travel power strip has three universal outlets for you to plug in your devices and accepts plugs from any country except South Africa. It’s small, light and compact, the ideal size to slip into your carry-on bag.

However, the wall plug for this power strip is a 3-pin grounded North American plug, therefore if you’re headed overseas, you might need to bring along an adapter.

One TFG reader shares that taking this power bar with them “saves family arguments because it means we can all charge our phones together.” You can even use this travel power strip for cruise ship vacations!


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Belkin 3-Outlet Surge Protector Rotating Plug


Belkin Travel Power Strip With USB


The Belkin portable power strip USB has three outlets with a surge protector and two USB ports, perfect for charging multiple devices. It’s small, packable, and can charge up to five different gadgets at once.

While this power strip plugs right into the wall and does not have an extension cord attached, it has a swiveling AC plug to make it as easy as possible to use. But you will need to bring along an adapter with it if you’re traveling internationally.

This power strip comes recommended by TFG readers as a must-have travel accessory. One reader explains, “I have used this one in several countries along with a converter, and it works great!”


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Bestek Universal Adapter


Bestek Universal Adapter


The Bestek is one of the best portable power strip with USB choices and can charge up to seven devices with four USB ports and three AC sockets. Not only does this power your gadgets easily, but it also comes with a collection of wall plugs, including an EU power cable plus US, UK and AU adapters.

One TFG reader shares, “We just came off of a European Vacation and this was perfect for our family of four. Plenty of USB ports for all phones and also the outlets. Wouldn’t have survived without it!”

It is a compact travel power strip, so it’s easy to pack, but you can add the 5-foot attachable power cable so you can still charge your devices at hard to reach outlets. 


PLEASE NOTE: With the exception of the above Bestek model, you’ll need an adapter like this one to plug in your power strip while traveling internationally.


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Anker Travel Multi-Outlet Power Strip


Anker Travel Power Strip With USB


The Anker travel USB power strip is a lightweight model that comes with a zip-up carrying case making it ideal for the organized packer. It’s a great choice for the solo traveler or someone with limited devices with three grounded outlets and 3 USB ports. 

It has a truly compact design for maximum space-saving in your bag. But once again, you’ll want to bring along an adapter if you’re headed overseas. 

One TFG reader raves, “I have this great travel power strip from Anker.”


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Compact Alternatives to Power Strips




NEWVANGA Travel Adapter


NEWVANGA International All in One Worldwide Travel Adapter


If you don’t need a full travel extension cord, but still want power adapting capabilities for your next trip, we recommend bringing along a multi-use adapter, like this one from NEWVANGA.

This adapter works in over 150 countries and can charge up to three devices with it with two USB ports and one universal plug. While it’s not a full powerbar, it’s perfect for the solo traveler or couple who only need a few spots to charge their electronics.

While you can go with a less bulky adapter if you’re headed to just one country, we believe the surge protector in this multi-country device is definitely worth it. Plus, in the long run, having one of these bad boys can save you money—there’s no need to have multiple adapters.


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Accell PowerSquid Flexible Power Strip


Multi-Charging Travel Extension Cord


This strange octopus-looking model comes in really handy if you have hard-to-reach outlets and you need to charge your devices, according to TFG readers. 

This flexible option allows you the extra distance from the outlets when charging. You can get it in 3, 6 and 15-foot lengths, depending on your needs. One TFG reader shares, “Sometimes the one and only wall outlet is behind a dresser or nightstand, this allows you to reach it.”

This durable travel extension cord allows you to plug into all five outlets, even if you have a bunch of adapters. As one TFG reader says, “One cord, multiple uses.” The variability of this device might be perfect for your next trip.


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Mogics Bagel Adapter


Adapter With Multi-Charging Capabilities


The Mogics Bagel is a circle-shaped mini power strip for travel. This tiny travel companion takes up almost no space, but can charge up to seven devices. It has USB and universal capabilities and comes with US, UK, EU and AU AC sockets.

This comes highly recommended by TFG readers and one shares, “This will be your best friend. I promise you will never think about lugging a power strip again.”

Readers love its multi-device capability, sleek look, and compact size since it takes up almost no space in your bag. If the black color isn’t your style, you can also grab it in white!


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Why Travel With a Power Strip?


Power trips are a handy travel accessory if you’re a tech-friendly traveler or a family packing along all of the necessary electronics – phones, tablets, and laptops. They help ensure that everyone’s devices are charged and ready to go for the next adventure!

There aren’t always enough plugs for everyone’s gadgets, especially if you’re traveling to Europe where hotel rooms often have limited outlets. And that’s where a powerstrip comes in. You plug it in and you have plenty of room to charge.

One TFG reader shares, “We always bring a short power strip with four or five outlets. That way we can do phones, water pick and toothbrushes, all at the same time!”

If you find that you often run out of space for charging or end up somewhere where there never seems to be enough plugs (or they’re hidden and can’t be easily accessed) then a power bar might just be the ideal travel accessory to add to your packing list!



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Compass Rose Packing Cubes


Save Space With Packing Cubes


Packing cubes are deemed the ultimate packing organizers. Not only do they allow you to keep clothing organized and compact but they can also be used to store electronics and other fiddly bits such as power cords, cables, and power bank chargers!



What are your top picks for the best travel power strip? Share your thoughts below!


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