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Headed on a weekend getaway for two people? Rather than overpack, you could use the packing cubes to organize your essentials and keep everything streamlined in one suitcase. Find out how!


Packing for Two People with One Set of Packing Cubes



Welcome to our 5 Days, 5 Ways to pack series! In this series, we’re sharing our tried-and-true tips for using packing cubes like a pro. This is part 3, and here is the rest of the series:



In the third post of the series, we’re showing you how to pack for two people using four slim carry-on packing cubes.

A lot of our readers travel with a partner, be it their significant other, a friend, or a family member. I frequently travel with someone, and so as the expert packer, I tend to help pack both my bag or the other person’s. And while this sounds intimidating, with knowing the right type of clothes to bring (hint: capsule wardrobe), you and your traveling partner can enjoy a stress-free getaway on the clothing front!  

Another thing that greatly helps are packing lists, our Signature Packing Lists can cover a short trip with the Minimalista list, which can tell you step-by-step what to add to your weekender bag!



Watch this packing cubes video tutorial:


Watch this video and learn how to pack for two


Since a weekend trip is not about taking a large quantity of clothing, using the packing cubes is more about organization, rather than maximizing space. 

To begin with, I separate out my packing cubes by color. I use one color for my traveling partner and the other color for myself.  


Without further ado, I’m going to walk you through how I use one set of packing cubes to pack for a twosome!



Using Compass Rose Slim Carry-On Packing Cubes in grey color for your partner


Two Gray Cubes: Packing for Your Partner or Companion


One of my favorite things about packing cubes like the ones from Compass Rose is that they’re color-coded, so they’re perfect for traveling with a partner. To demonstrate, I’m going to use the two gray cubes for my traveling companion. For a weekend, we’re packing the following:




Packing Your Companion’s Clothing




Organizing pants in the first Compass Rose packing cube


First, I like to start with the bulkiest items. So for my traveling partner, those are the trousers. Once I fold and pack them at the bottom of the cubes, I pack the shorts on top of them and zip up the cube.

If I really wanted to, I could pack more into a cube, because I like to pack light when possible 




Rolling the shirt to save space in the packing cube


Next, use the second grey packing cube for his tops. For the t-shirts, I roll, whereas for the dress shirts I fold. Start with rolling the tees and packing them in the cube. Then fold the dress shirts and layer those on top.


Tip: If you wanted to use the packing cube with the purpose of compression, then you can easily put more items in, by squishing and rolling them up. Stuffing your cubes somewhat depends on what ironing options are available at your destination if you’re planning to iron.



Compass Rose Slim Carry-On Packing Cubes in red to pack your items


Two Red Cubes: Packing for Yourself


Now it’s time to pack your items. For this, grab the two red packing cubes. I recommend packing:




Packing Your Own Clothing


Packing my pants in the packing cubes


Start by packing your bottoms in one cube. Fold up the shorts and the pants. Or, depending on the fabric, you may want to roll them.

In the other packing cube, start packing the dresses first and then the tops.



In the second packing cube, I pack my dresses and tops by folding them


For jersey dresses, I recommend rolling them. For more formal dresses, you may want to fold them. The same goes with the tops.


Tip: Once you fit everything in, you may want to repack to see what fits best and how. It helps to observe this so you can unpack and pack again at your destination with more ease.



Compass Rose packing cubes inside Delsey Turenne Carry On


Simple Planning With Packing Cubes


This is just one example of a very simple way to pack for a warm weather trip for two people with packing cubes. By using the color-coding system for each person, it’s easy to know where everyone’s items are! 

You could easily decide to combine your items but separate by item, so by packing all of your bottoms in one or two cubes and your tops in another. The options are endless!


I used Compass Rose packing cubes to demonstrate these packing methods. Check out this review, and learn more about them!



What are your tips on how to pack for two people? Share in the comments!


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