Whether you’re planning what backpacking essentials you need to take, how to pack them, or when you need them, take a look at our favorite tips on backpacking essentials. And don’t forget to download your free packing checklist!


What to Take on a Hike: Essentials, Gear, and Safety

Summer and early autumn are the perfect seasons in which to explore the wilderness on foot. Packing for a hiking trip takes forethought, since civilization can seem far away once the mountains and forest are in sight. In order to have a safe, enjoyable trip, this is...

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9 Daily Essentials you need when Backpacking through Asia

Different travel destinations require different essentials. I have been living in Thailand for several months, and I have gradually learned what should be on my list of items to keep on hand. After being caught without a few times, I have narrowed down what to carry...

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Help Me Choose the Best Hiking Boots for Women

As Backpacker Month on TFG comes to an end, I'm reaching out to you with a personal travel gear challenge: hiking boots for women. I've started planning my travels for 2015 and I've decided to challenge myself with an epic trek! While I can't disclose details at this...

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Safe Travel Essentials: Will these 5 Products Help You?

We're half way through Backpacker's Month on TFG and today's topic is safety! Safe travel is always a concern for female travelers. Whether traveling alone or with others, we take a look at 5 products that may help keep your belongings safe.   5 Safe Travel...

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Travel Headlamp: Top 5 Reasons Why I Always Pack One

  One of the random items that are very important in the packing list of any long term traveler is a headlamp. Find out why! As a long term traveler I've always carried a headlamp and consider it one of the most essential items in my bag. I currently use this...

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