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Yesterday I wrote about the benefits of traveling with a sleeping bag liner as travel sheets. In today’s post, I’ll show you how to choose the best one!


Travel Sheets: How to Choose One for Your Trip


Read along for answers to the most common questions when choosing a sleeping bag liner to use as travel sheets:


What’s the Difference between a Mummy and Regular Sleeping Bag Liner?


The difference is only in the shape. The shapes are based on different types of sleeping bags since sleeping bag liners are originally meant to be used inside them. Since this will be used as a travel sheet, the shape doesn’t make much difference.


Who Should Travel with Sleeping Liners


  • Budget Travelers
  • Backpackers/Long term Travelers
  • Germaphobes


Who Should NOT use Sleeping Bag Liners?


  • If you’re claustrophobic, you might feel uncomfortable because the liner is fully sealed.
  • If you are traveling in hotels and resorts, you may not want to use a sleeping bag liner unless you’re a germaphobe.
  • If you’re very tall, you may want to look at the specs before you buy to stretch your legs a bit more.


Are DIY Travel Sheets advisable?


While there are options to DIY and make your own travel sheet, I wouldn’t recommend it unless you’re using silk fabricCotton is heavy and bulky which you don’t want if you’re packing light.


I traveled with a cotton travel sheet on my RTW trip and it was three times the size of other travelers who used silk or microfiber. I bought it because it was the cheapest but for a little more cash, I could have packed lighter (which you need on a long term trip).


What’s the Best Fabric to Choose?


  • As mentioned above avoid cotton if possible.
  • Microfiber blends are cost effective, easy to wash, and light. I travel with one similar to this travel sheet and highly recommend it.
  • The best options for travel sheets are silk sleeping bag liners but they’re also the most expensive. They are ultra-light, compact, and breathable while offering maximum warmth.


What’s my Recommended Sleeping Bag Liner?


I bought mine at an outdoor store in the Lake District in England. It’s a lightweight microfiber blend most similar to this travel sheet.


However, here are additional options:


Top 10 Sleeping Bag Liners for Travel




The Friendly Sleeping Bag Liner


The Friendly




Sea to Summit Premium Silk Travel Liner


Sea to Summit




Microfiber Luxury Travel Sheets/Sleep Sacks


Amadora Design Concepts




Dimples Excel Sleeping Bag Liner


Dimples Excel




Cocoon Silk Sleeping Bag Liner






Cocoon Silk Travel Sheets






ALPS Mountaineering MicroFiber Liner


ALPS Mountaineering




Yala Dreamsacks Sleeping Bag Size Travel Sheets


Yala Dreamsacks




Microfiber Fleece Zippered Sleeping Bag Liner 


Osage River




Kelty Wicking Mummy Polyester Liner





If you use a sleeping bag liner, what type do you prefer to use as a travel sheet? Share in the comments!


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