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When spending time outdoors, or traveling to certain areas, squatting may be your only option for washroom visits. Luckily, a portable female urination device can make this task less awkward and more comfortable. TFG readers share their favorites on what to use when nature calls! 


Female Urination Devices

Written By: Michelle Nati



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When hiking, camping, or traveling to certain areas, squatting may be the only way to pee. However, it can also be awkward and messy. 

Thankfully there is another way to go—many women have now turned to female urination devices, also known as FUDs or pee funnels. While you can find them in different shapes, sizes, and materials, they all have one distinct purpose—they allow you to go in a standing position.

FUDs are meant to be carried in your backpack or purse for use on the trail, in squat toilets, or wherever there’s a bathroom that’s less sanitary than you would like. TFG readers share their recommendations for keeping your restroom ready anywhere!



Female Urination Device Reviews by Readers




Go Girl


Readers’ Top Pick: Go Girl Female Urination Device 


The Gogirl female urination device is a pee funnel that allows you to secure the device to meet your needs. Doctor designed with a patented splash guard that keeps you free of messes or spills, it’s made from medical grade silicone, and stores discreetly in your bag.

The Go Girl female urination device is literally the go-to for TFG readers! One says she initially had concerns about its short spout and small exit hole, but those were immediately waylaid: “I tested it, and I was completely dry! It’s perfect and well worth the money.”


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Tinkle Belle


Tinkle Belle


Many of our readers have concerns about stains and splashes when using an FUD. This compact and foldable Tinkle Belle is popular due to its longer spout, which allows you to pee further away from your body, preventing accidents.

One reader calls this “urination device female product the best invention EVER. It’s firm at the back end with thumb grips for aim, and very long and soft in the front so you can fold it into the carry pouch. Plus, it’s hydrophobic, so it’s immediately dry, which means there’s no odor.”








With a wide cup that’s easy to use and a rounded back edge that “wipes” away urine, the pStyle creates confidence in the wearer. Made from rigid plastic, it’s easily maneuvered and positioned through clothing. 

One reader, who traveled to Peru and Ecuador, touts its ease of use. “This camping female urination device is super easy to wash and comes with a small fabric bag with a carabiner clip. I make sure I have a few tissues and keep it in an outside pocket of my day bag.”


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Venus To Mars


Venus To Mars


You can hold the Venus To Mars female urination device in only one hand, which frees your other to hold your pants, your bag, or whatever else you need at the moment. It also won’t overflow due to its open-top design, which is a BIG plus for readers!

One reader, who loves this safe device, says she always takes hers on hiking trips. “It’s great in squatting situations!”


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The TravelJohn is non-toxic and odorless, and its spill-proof gel absorbs liquid, keeping waste disposal safe and the wearer dry. One reader says it was awkward to use initially, but it has often saved the day. 

Another reader concurs, saying, “They are all a bit tricky to use, so practicing at home is the best thing. I used one in the back of a moving car, covered with a sleeping bag so the truckers next to us could not see me.”




Pee Buddy


Pee Buddy is a disposable female urination device that works well for situations where you can’t carry a lot of things yet want an alternative restroom option. 

You can carry it in a purse and backpack, but also in your pocket, which makes it lighter than its plastic counterparts. These are individually wrapped and easy to use. Just stand there, ensure both ends of the funnel are open, position to your comfort level, and away you go! 

Wearers feel “they are so useful!!” for outdoor situations like a music festival, camping, hiking, and more!


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Pitch And Trek


Pitch And Trek


Users love Pitch And Trek’s wide mouth and reliable seal for keeping them free of spills, drips, and splashing. Its long, flexible neck is shaped for easy aim, and its silicone body can withstand years of use. 

It folds into a discreet pouch for easy storage. One reader says she can’t recommend it highly enough. “It’s perfect when you need to pee on safari or in any icky location. I always travel with this one!”


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The SHEWEE pee funnel has the distinction of being the first on the market. Introduced in 1999, to this day, it’s a highly popular female urination device Amazon sells. At just 100 grams, it’s lightweight but made from hard, polypropylene, which means it sheds liquid and won’t fold up on you at the most inopportune time. 

One reader swears by hers after a disastrous attempt at using a squat toilet: “I suck at it. I ended up in the ER from peeing on my feet so much!”







The Freshette female urination device comes with 6-inch retractable tubing and a design that contours to the female body. It’s easy to use in all conditions, is lightweight, and comes with a travel pouch that fits neatly into your pack or purse. 

Readers have been all over the world with it. One says, “I took mine on safari. I used it in unsanitary restrooms and the bush when there were no toilets.”

This FUD is also easy to clean and transport. Another reader says, “When I’m finished using it, I rinse out the parts and place them back in the baggie. When I get to my lodgings in the evening, I wash out everything, including the baggie, and dry it overnight.”


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How to Use a Female Urination Device

You don’t have to pull your pants down to use a FUD. Simply unzip or unbuckle them and move your underwear to the side or pull it down a bit. Then, place the device properly to make a tight seal.

When you start to pee, make sure to control your urine—too much will cause the funnel to overflow. When you’re done, rinse your FUD with whatever water you have on you, shake it dry, and place it back in its pouch. 

Peeing while standing takes practice. Leakage is something you’ll want to avoid will on the trail, so experiment with your FUD in the shower for the best fit. If one doesn’t work, try a different style—eventually, you’ll find something that suits your specific needs. 



What do you think is the best female urination device? Share and comment below!


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