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One of the random items that are very important in the packing list of any long term traveler is a headlamp. Find out why!

As a long term traveler I’ve always carried a headlamp and consider it one of the most essential items in my bag. I currently use this Petzl headlamp. If you’re a budget traveler, long term nomad, or round the world backpacker these are the:



5 Reasons Why You Need to Pack a Headlamp


Power Outages

 photo Power-Outages.jpg

As adventures nomads, our travels take us to exotic destinations all over the world. This also means a chance for power outages especially during rainy season when electricity can get cut. Never get caught in the dark without a headlamp.


Travel tip: Wrap your headlamp around a full water bottle facing inwards for an illuminating effect in a dark room!




 photo campinginthewilderness.jpg


This doesn’t apply to all long term travelers but some adventures will lead us to spend a night or two camping in the majestic wilderness. Keep your hands free and use a headlamp instead of a regular torch.




 photo headlampinhostels.jpg


Every penny saved is a penny spent traveling so many long term travelers like myself have modest budgets. Hostels are  great  to save cash and make new friends as a solo traveler or outgoing couple. Use a headlamp in your dorm when lights are out.


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Off the Beaten Path


 photo offthebeatenpath.jpg


What I love about backpackers and long term travelers is that we end up in beautiful off the beaten path locations but sometimes they’re a bit remote and electricity might be scarce. A headlamp is an essential backpacking tool.


Reading Light


 photo room-sharing.jpg


When I’m sharing a room with others a headlamp can allow you to read without disturbing others.


 Learn more about my travel headlamp of choice: the Petzl headlamp. And if you’re having difficulty deciding which one to get, take a look at this comparison between petzl vs black diamond.

What other reasons do you travel with a Headlamp?


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