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I hope your 2024 is going wonderfully! I’ve been in reflective mode lately, thinking back to some of the items I discovered last year that made my travels or everyday life that much better. As travel is such an integral part of my life, the majority of items I own are things that work just as well at home as they do on the go. So, here’s a round-up of my favorite products for 2023, and maybe you’ll find them useful too!


If you missed previous years’ round up, read this post for my top products from 2020 and 2021.


My Travel Must Haves




In El Salvador, lounging in my Brooklyn Heights Wide Leg Jumpsuit and Veja Sneakers!


Athleta Clothing – Top Pick of the Year!


As a busy mom, who’s increasingly getting more scattered and is desperate for a simplified getting ready routine, clothes need to be extra functional, easy to wear, and look good, too. Just because I’m in disarray doesn’t mean I want to look that way.

During July’s sales events, I ordered a range of Athleta clothing and it’s basically ALL I WORE.

We all know Athleta is an awesome brand for travel, and as I’ve come to learn, travel clothes are perfect for #momlife, too. Some of Athleta’s clothing feature fabric which is moisture-wicking, light, wrinkle-resistant, packable, and breathable – all of the features I appreciate as a traveler and as the mom of a toddler.




I also loved wearing the Brooklyn Romper everywhere! (Sold out, but look for restocking)


I am particularly in love with the Brooklyn Heights Wide Leg Jumpsuit and the Brooklyn Romper!!!! The Brooklyn romper is currently sold out (so sad!), but note that Athleta typically stocks up with new colors in the spring.

The styles are sophisticated, lightweight, and functional, too. I feel polished and ready for anything, even in the heat. I want to wear these everywhere to everything! Even when traveling in slightly cooler weather, I always add the black jumpsuit as my “just in case” item, and it’s always a winner on sunny days.


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The Cosmic Wide Leg Pants became a fave in 2023! (I don’t own this color, but you get the idea!)


Three other Athleta items I bought and loved wearing were the Venture Out Dress (it’s a skort!), the Cosmic Wide Leg Pants, and the super versatile Transcend Ruched Tank.

This has become my fave go-to tee and looks surprisingly elegant! The tee is sold out now, but I’m going to keep an eye out for more items in the same fabric. It’s awesome!

I’m 5’2” and ordered petite sizing for all items. I’m so pleased with the length of the pants. It’s the first time I can wear pants right out of the box without worrying about needing to hem them!

Fashion form and function don’t get better than this! Perfect for travel and every day, too.


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The ​Golden Goose Sneakers are lovely, and I can wear them with everything!


Comfortable White Sneakers


I purchased 3 new white sneaker styles last year that I shared in a previous newsletter; Nike Air Force One, ​Veja, and Golden Goose.

Surprisingly, my favorite was the Golden Goose, and the most disappointing was the popular Veja.

I hate to admit this, but the Veja shoes were so uncomfortable to stand in for long hours, and I really didn’t like the look of the purposely yellow-toned sole. However, I absolutely loved the ease of the velcro straps, so these became my day-to-day shoes because they were convenient.

The high-end Italian brand Golden Goose has a cult following and is most known for its pre-distressed look. I wanted a clean pair of sneakers I could wear with everything, and wow, these were lovely! The leather was supple yet firm, and the quality was clearly evident. They were flattering with a range of outfits and quickly became my go-to in-flight pair of shoes.

Shop more styles of Golden Goose and Veja Sneakers in Nordstrom!




Despite not wearing the Nike Air Force One Sneakers much in 2023, they’re really comfortable!


Despite being bright white and using them non-stop on my trip to San Diego, they didn’t get dirty, and when they eventually did show a little dirt, they cleaned easily with the Mr Clean Magic Eraser. The Vega brand looked worn so quickly and didn’t clean up quite as well.

Lastly, the shoes I wore the least were the Nike’s despite the fact that they were insanely COMFORTABLE – like a lovely cloud cushioning my entire foot – but the style didn’t work well with my outfits, so I hardly wore them. I can see why they’re so popular, though. The comfort was beyond amazing. So, if your personal style works with a Nike style of shoe, I highly recommend them for comfort!

Nike Air Force 1 is also available in Nordstrom!




The Monos Carry-On Plus is pictured at my beachfront ranch in El Salvador!


Monos Carry-On Suitcase


Last year, I prioritized my Away suitcase and loved it so much, but this year, I decided to give the brand Monos a try. Their Carry-On Plus quickly became my go-to carry-on in 2023!

Everyone always wants to know which is better, Away or Monos? (Check out our comparison review on these both here!)

I purposely purchased a different design from each brand so I could have a range of carry-on options so I can’t attest if one brand is better than the other. What I can say is that I’m happy with both brands overall, and I would gladly recommend Monos to anyone who wants to try it.


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I still like my Away The Carry On Suitcase, but Monos is also capturing my heart! With the Lo & Sons O.G. 2.0 pictured here too!


The particular Monos style I have is best for shorter trips if you’re traveling carry-on. For trips longer than a week or if you’re new to packing light, I would choose a larger carry-on without the laptop compartment because this eats into and limits the storage space for your belongings.

​I most recently used it on a quick week-long trip to San Diego. Watch my latest video to discover my thoughts on this carry-on.




I was impressed with the economically-friendly Target Signature Commuter Backpack!


Target Backpack


I’ve tested a range of backpacks over the years, and to my surprise, this budget-friendly option from Target has become my favorite personal item when traveling with my toddler. I checked one 25” suitcase for both of us and then brought this backpack plus a small carry-on for the flight.

I love how the design is streamlined and minimalist, although I wish it had more organizational pockets like the new Ikigai from Nomad Lane. However, more features and better quality come with a price, so this option is an awesome choice in the budget category for backpacks and personal items.




Got my eye on the Nomad Lane Ikigai Backpack for its great organizational features and sleek design!


I wanted a bit more space and flexibility on future trips so I ended up buying the larger size Signature Day Trip Backpack and tested it out on a short trip to visit my family in Los Angeles for the holidays.

Surprisingly, I prefer the smaller size. Because my primary reason to use this bag is as a shared personal item for my daughter and I, the spacious laptop compartment isn’t very helpful for me. However, if you’re looking for a budget-friendly laptop backpack, this is worth a try!

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I love theAllSaints Ridley Wool-Cashmere Blend Sweatersoo much, it’s become a go-to!


AllSaints Wool-Cashmere Sweater


I bought one on sale last in 2022 and loved it so much that I bought two more colors! These sweaters have become a staple in my everyday and travel wardrobe (sadly, now sold out).

It’s my perfect in-flight top paired with either my Anthropologie or Mother Denim jeans and a daily essential at home or on the road.

Because of the fabric, it doesn’t have to be washed frequently, and it can be worn repeatedly. Its generous design allows me to wear thermals underneath. It’s as comfortable as a sweatshirt, yet it’s elegant enough to always feel polished and put together. I wear this on repeat! Since mine is sold out, you can check out merino wool sweaters here, and cashmere sweaters here.




In El Salvador in my Mother Insider Crropped Jeans, Spanx Air Essentials Tee, and Veja Sneakers


And speaking of Mother denim, after a soul-destroying search purchasing jeans that were “ok” and “good enough”, I finally found THE most flattering, most comfortable jeans ever in Mother cropped jeans. I found this brand in 2022, and they’re still my faves. Their cropped jeans have a relaxed vibe, with a straight leg fit and a slight flare at the hem.

I’m 5′ 2″ so the ankle length fit me so well I don’t need to worry about hemming. And I also love the Hustler ankle bootcut jeans from Mother too! Their jeans are versatile enough to be worn with a jacket and ankle boots in London or with sandals and a tank at the beach!




These Koolaburra by UGG boots are sooo cozy!




In addition to my favorites, I also have some new finds that I thought I’d share. I haven’t owned these long enough to give you a full review, but they have the possibility of becoming my 2024 must haves. We’ll find out!

I am NOT a cold-weather girl, and even though I’ve tried countless slippers, they never seem to be as warm as my old Ugg boots. I wanted UGG warmth, but I didn’t want to shed out UGG cash. I discovered the Koolaburra by UGG brand at Macy’s and decided to give them a try – my feet are SOOOO HAPPY!

This winter will be warmer than years past.


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Going to try the Sorel Joan Now Chelsea Boots for a cold-weather pick!


Speaking of my old UGGs boots, it’s time for a new cold-weather style, so I decided to check out the popular Joan Now Pull-on Chelsea style by Sorel.

People rave that they’re comfortable to walk miles in Europe, and they’re weather-friendly waterproof with rugged soles – I thought these would be a good cold-weather winter boot choice.

You can also shop through Zappos, Nordstrom, or directly from their website!




Compass Rose Carryon Packing Cubes


How I Pack My New Finds


Whenever I’m shopping for new items, I always make sure they work for both my daily life and travel. And once I’m ready to road test a new pair of pants or a blouse, I always keep things organized with packing cubes in my suitcase.

We designed our own brand of slim packing cubes, with a unique color and numbering system, and I seriously use them myself! It makes it easy to remember where I’ve packed everything. See more in the video below.


Learn our packing hacks with packing cubes in this video!


I also put together a five-part YouTube series showing the different methods to use packing cubes for travel. Once I used this specific packing strategy, I discovered that packing cubes can also compress my belongings. This method has helped myself and many other women travel carry-on only!


What were your favorite travel products from last year? Share your picks in the comments!


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