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If you’ve ever wanted to visit a rainforest, the Amazon is the ultimate destination. Before you jump on the plane, find out what to wear in the Amazon rainforest.


What to Wear in the Amazon Rainforest

Written By: Sebrin Elms


The lush, Amazonian Rainforest is a major bucket list destination. There has long been a battle between Brazil and Peru as to which country has the best part of the Amazon. While all areas have unique features, many of my recommendations here are based on my experience in the rainforest near Iquitos in eastern Peru.

If you’re planning to take a trip to the great Amazon to see some wildlife and experience the jungle, read on to see which essentials you need to bring with you.


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Amazon Rainforest Clothing Style


Due to the style of adventurous travel in the Amazon, you’ll mostly want to bring versatile activewear for your travel capsule wardrobe. A majority of these items will need to cover you from head to toe to avoid bugs, animals, and the intensity of the sun.

So long as you bring layers and breathable fabrics that work in camp-style accommodations, you’ll be completely prepared!


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What to Wear in the Amazon Rainforest


No matter what time of year, the Amazon is consistently hot, rainy and humid. The rainforest really only has two seasons: wet and dry.  However, even the dry season isn’t completely rain-free. Expect spontaneous rainstorms midday that can clear up in as little as an hour.

This will impact your decisions for what to wear in the Amazon rainforest, so you’ll want to make sure you pack a few essentials.


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Zella Twisty Turn Tee




The kinds of shirts you’re going to need will vary greatly in the sleeve length, but not so much in color. Mosquitos are attracted to dark colors, which means you should pack white, yellow, or light pastel colors. Light colors will also keep you cooler in the sun. You’re also going to want to make sure you bring a lot of long sleeves to avoid getting bit by bugs.


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Comfort Trail Pants




It may be incredibly hot in the Amazon, but with all of those bugs, you’re not going to be wearing shorts very often. Bring a pair or two for bedtime and taking a dip in the Amazon River. Otherwise, make sure you’re wearing pants!

You’re also going to need to cover up from the bugs and rain. Long, loose-fitting pants are your best friend to hide from the mosquitos.


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The North Face Venture Jacket




Most of your outerwear is for protection more than keeping you warm. No matter what time of year, it’s incredibly hot and humid.

It rains almost 260+ days in the Amazon, so all you need is a single raincoat or shell to protect yourself from the spontaneous rain.


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Ahnu by Teva Montara Boot




Hiking is the name of the game in the rainforest. You’ll need a couple types of shoes: flip flops, hiking boots, and rain boots. You’ll really only use flip flops when you’re walking around your room or if you’re going from your lodge to the boat to the river.

Hiking boots are standard for almost any activity. But depending on the time of year, rain boots (or mucking boots) will keep your clothes protected and keep you from getting mud all over you during the rainy season.


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Amazon Rainforest Travel Essentials


Traveling in the jungle means you’re roughing it a lot more than usual. If you’re camping deep in the jungle, you’re not going to have convenient ATMs, grocery stores, or even power all of the time. Bring back-up batteries for your electronics and cameras if you need them.


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And make sure to protect yourself from the various elements with hats, an umbrella, and sunblock. Electronic or handmade fans will also help keep you cool in the unbearable heat.

There are a lot of bugs, sun and humidity in the Amazon, which means there are a few necessities. The strongest bug spray on the planet is an absolute necessity. These mosquitos are ruthless so if you can get some heavy-duty DEET, your skin will thank you.


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Amazon Rainforest Packing Don’ts


There is no reason whatsoever that you’ll need any fancy clothing. Heels, tight dresses, and even makeup is useless in this part of the world. Unless you’re traveling to other destinations that require these items, leave the party-wear at home.

You may think that tight clothing will keep the mosquitos away, but where there’s a blood-thirsty will, there’s a way. When I wore my tight thermal and yoga pants, I got eaten alive even though my skin was entirely covered. Make sure all of your clothing is loose, light in color, and long.


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Amazon Rainforest Luggage Tips


Due to the climate and terrain, you’re most likely going to want to bring a backpack instead of a hardshell or rolling suitcase.

Regardless of your body size, backpackers traveling light tend to stick to backpacks ranging from 35 to 50 Liters. You will most likely also be carrying a daypack and this usually varies in size from 15 Liters to 25 Liters. Your total space between these two should be 50L-65L to maintain a good balance.

When you first pick up a bag you might think that there’s no way you’ll be able to fit all your belongings inside. However, by using packing cubes and choosing your contents strategically, you’ll make it work.


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Amazon Rainforest Accommodations


Muyuna Lodge is an eco-friendly resort that hires locals within 3 hours of Iquitos by speedboat. It offers guided tours that start at a minimum of two nights, from trekking the jungle at night to drinking with local villages.

Puerto Maldonado is home to Inkaterra Reserva Amazonica, a much nicer lodge without having to sacrifice as much. Though the location doesn’t have as many wild animals as Iquitos, you can drive here from Cusco instead of flying.


Amazon Rainforest Transportation


For flights, we like booking through Travelocity or Cheapoair (whichever one’s cheapest). Although we prefer Travelocity because they have a 24 hour money back guarantee.

Getting to major Amazonian cities are usually only available by flight only a few times per day. Once in the city, there are tuk tuks and occasional cars available. But if you’re going deep into the jungle, speedboat is pretty much the only way to get around.


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What are your tips on what to wear in the Amazon Rainforest? Share in the comments below!


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